Monday, 31 July 2017

Update 174

The festival photo ... again taken in the dark lol

When I check on Red again ... I spot SEVENTY-EIGHT frozen solid

I drag Red away from Granite to unfreeze him
more for the fact I see they are kissing .... while I have been away from her and not watching, they have gone and got themselves romantically attached again GGGRRRRR

Lol ... SEVENTY-EIGHT pees himself as soon as he thaws out


BOTT is brave .... she picks up a stinky cat and tries to bath her.
It didn't happen - Mia scratched her and did a runner

Freddie has his one year anniversary working at the science fascility

Lol ... Fennel randomly decides to use his pyromaniac hidden trait - setting fire to a street art kit.
The funny part the household fund received $1,260 insurance ... nothing was damaged and the street art kit is still usable.

One minute Fennel is setting fires the next listening to the music box lol

He must be in a strange mood, because the next time I look at him he is on the computer doing Cyber woohoo ... I dread to think who with!!

W H A T !!!!!??????

We have another baby bump (GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)
Idiot me forgot to turn off auto try for baby AGAIN - so Red and Alpine have sneaked in another baby!!

The twin boys are having their birthday


He gained the Eco Friendly trait


He gained the Snob trait

Heath is making me laugh - because he doesnt have to eat, use the toilet or worry about his hygiene, he spends all the time he isn't at school or sleeping working on his LTW
Piano = 8 ... Bass = 5 ... Drums = 5

It looks like Alpine has forgiven her for flirting with Granite now they have another baby on the way.

BOTT finishes NINETY's potty training

I hate it when they let the paps in who ring the doorbell at night!!

Freddie seems very interested in Jason - they share a few traits, especially the Childish trait!!

Another perk of the hidden pyromaniac trait ..... they can turn any fruit into flame fruit

It looks like Heath isn't satisfied being both a plant and a vampire - he wants to try out being a fairy too - he asks Red for some fairy dust.

No guesses who she is talking to ................ Granite!!

The teens have a field trip to the cemetery
by the looks of it - the total number of children in their class is TWO

FIFTY-EIGHT is now a mature adult

and so is FIFTY-FIVE

Basils street art is still there

lmao ... a familiar sight for all cat owners
MIA finally decides to clean herself - after shes been stinking for two days

Anywhere there is music ... Travis is there!

I have to laugh ... Mia has cleaned herself now and it has taken Fennel two days to roll the wish to bath his cat!!  Now she is clean!!

She didn't want any of it - she scratched him

Then he tried again on free will and this time she let him bath her.

Freddie is at level 6 of his career
He is an Aquatic Eco-stystem Tweaker

Nadia phones Fennel for a date ...
this amuses me as he has not seen her or rolled a single wish about her, since Heath was born, even though they are romantically attached.

Fennel = "so when exactly are you going to pay your son any attention?!"

Forget talking .... they have better things to be doing!

This is Nadia's Mom .... Melisa

Granite and EIGHTY-THREE are watching the simfest

Granite still has pie on his face and Fennel is having fun in the photobooth with Nadia

BABY CHIMES ... so Fennel has another baby on the way
This one will have to stay with it's mom - and it should be all vampire!!

Calm down!!  Lol

While his parents are making him a brother or sister .... Heath has maxed his piano skill!!

Alpine teaches NINETY to walk ... we nearly forgot!

BOTT is being so lazy at the moment!!

I'm surprised to see Aniseed and Freddie getting on so well!

wait a minute while I just pick myself up off the floor - Red is actually hugging her son before he has grown up and left home!!


I guess its time to start with the ice statues again

After her second attempt

She finally makes a decent ice statue of Alpine