Friday, 6 January 2017

Update 47

Both Ice and Prelude are broken hearted at the moment ... but it's not like it's not their own faults!!

Basil is teaching Brook to walk.

Red has just pulled a ghost gnome out of the arcade machine.

So the visiting ghosts will be back!!

TWENTY-TWO is busy working out

I spotted him eating a life fruit out of the bedroom ... lol ... so now he has added a day to his lifespan.
I might have to stop growing them in there if the kids are eating them!!

TWENTY-THREE does nothing but painting

Painting 64
$821 she earned for this one

There is a turtle crawling around the garden.
I sold the tank so he will have to stay there unless someone picks him up.

I can see TWENTY-THREE wanting to become a professional painter .... he will never have to leave the house then, with him hating the outdoors!!

I like TWENTY-ONE he is always busy doing something

We have had no new gnomes for a while, other than the ghost gnome.

TWENTY-THREE is constantly in trouble at the moment.
First he keeps getting shouted at by everyone for his bad grades .. D halfway in the red.

Now he's getting caught for pranking the sink

Can you tell that the kids are not happy about what is going on between Ice and Prelude!!

Basil finishes Brooks potty training.

They are kind of talking, but not much and not for long.

I'm surprised that Forrest is the first ghost to appear.

Of course it doesn't take Red long to find him!!

They sit and chat while they watch the television together

Brook watching TV with Nanny and Granddad ... lol

TWENTY-ONE has his birthday

He gained the Athletic trait
LTW = Physical Perfection

Lol Forrest!!

Red tries to hug Forrest ... and even though their romantic connection is still intact, he is still hacked off with her!!

TWENTY-ONE casts Hot Head on Ice

Oh great!!  It looks like Forrest might have forgiven her!

DON'T THINK FOR ONE MINUTE you are making any more spares because you can't!!

I'm not really sure what Red is thinking right now, watching them messing about.

Someone has just had a dose of INNER BEAUTY!!

That face is just too funny!!!

and I'm not the only one who thinks so!!!

Brook is watching way too much television!!

TWENTY-ONE Graduates.

Oh I spot a nasty jig spot!!  (the blue oval shape on the floor)  Which I've now deleted.

TWENTY-ONE graduates with the highest honours
and is the most popular

Talk about a close up!!
That picture is taking up the centre pages of the news paper tomorrow!!

TWENTY-ONE wants a sports career - so he is now working at the stadium

Red wants to throw an elixir at Basil

(he! he!  Ive been waiting for this!!)

Red got a Fae elixir from the elixir store ... so somebody is now a fairy!!

Instead of having 19 days before he ages up to mature adult - he now has 126 days.

Basil looks happy about becoming a fairy!!

I couldn't live with those huge pink wings, so he's had a make over!!

Catnip has been quiet for a while ... doing nothing but cleaning and child minding as usual.

Painting 65

Red has different bed partners now most nights

ELEVEN has come to visit

She woke everyone up coming into the bedroom and having hysterics at Preludes face!!

He's having a laugh back ... he's happy to see her suffer, being a ghost!!

Seriously Ice .... keep away from that boy!!

TWENTY-THREE will soon be getting a complex
EVERYONE is constantly shouting at him now ... his school grades again!!
It doesn't help that he never does his homework and is always trying to skip school!!
Don't they realise the poor thing hates going outside!!

Ice suddenly doesn't leave TWENTY-ONE alone .... I wander why!?
She is stalking him!!

Basil amuses me, he has been carrying around drums, guitar, bass and portable piano since he was a teen and rolled his LTW ... this is the first time I've actually seen him get one of them out.


I sent NINETEEN on a celebrity opportunity - presenting a cheque at the school.
She slept on the bench instead

TWENTY-THREE ... NOT doing his homework again!!
He has a D grade completely red now ... while TWENTY-TWO has an A grade and got on the honour roll.

Red is making a batch of elixir .... vial of bliss .... because she now is going through a fad of wanting to throw them at everyone.

TWENTY-FOUR has his birthday

He gained the Social Butterfly trait (game given)

Cranberry has his birthday

He gains the Vehicle Enthusiast trait (game given)

Renaissance Sim

Prelude finally gets his face back

Scare me and I'll get you back!!

Basil is invited to EIGHTEEN'S house party

I am a little surprised to see Lime is elderly!!

EIGHT is still going!!

SIXTEEN looks like she is now a mature adult.

It ended up more of a garden party rather than a house party.

Everyone outside listening to ONE playing the guitar.

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