Friday, 27 January 2017

Update 75

Bay is heart farting TWENTY-THREE as soon as he walks through the door.
I guess I should have expected that .... he is a game made gay sim ...

runs off to straighten him out by changing his gender preference.(cough)

Bay you can forget that!!
In this life you are STRAIGHT not gay!!!!

Red makes a beeline for him ... which is a good start!!

Two lots of heart farts and Bay has been hit by the orgasmic moodlet.
They share two traits = Over emotional and Artistic, which they are quick to notice.

Prelude is visiting.

They are making friends pretty quickly.

How ironic is that!!
I haven't seen her for ages and Caramel, Bay's Mother, chooses to visit today!!

Basil and Bay are getting to know each other.
They share two traits in common too ... Genius and Over Emotional, but that doesn't really matter because they are half brothers.

Hi Bay .... he is so cute!!

Bay totally shocks me with the wishes he starts rolling .....
He wants to learn the bot building skill and be a bot builder .... where the hell did that come from??!!

I was expecting him to want a sports career .... that has totally thrown me!

Now that the snow has gone you can see the ice sculptures outside a lot better.

Bay wanted a juice tennis table ... he sees it and starts shouting his disapproval!!

What is wrong with it?!  You wanted it!!!

Maybe the colour doesn't suit him!!

Who cares ... Red has come to flirt with him.

Water fight

He walks off, heading to the television to work out, but he doesn't get very far .... she stops him just to pull silly faces.

More flirting

Poor Phoenix is being totally neglected ... company wise

Phoenix = "Do as I say, or I'll get my Daddy to come and get you!!"

I wander how Grimmie feels about his son being a fairy?!

He does get to work out eventually

I presumed that Athletic is his strongest trait because in my rainbow files I only ever see him working out .... but this is already starting to prove me wrong!!

but he doesn't work out for long, because he is distracted by Basil's guitar playing

Bay seriously is a fidget ... and I can't stop watching him.

I'm beginning to think he might be glitched.  He is doing things for only a short time ... he doesn't complete his task before he moves onto something else.  He doesn't even sleep properly, he just had a quarter of a sleep then got up again.??!!

A game of table tennis that did not last very long

 Now he is onto painting, which he does for a very short time .... then he is off to maul Red, who has just this second woken up.

Red is stir crazy and now that the snow has gone and I can actually see the graves ..... we take a well needed trip to the graveyard.

She has five graves to get out.

Mango - TWENTY-TWO - TWENTY-FOUR and Cranberry

Like Forrest, Mango has been robbed too .... he achieved his LTW and only got a medium grave!!

and Brooks' grave sits in front of Forrest's grave (being his Granddaughter)

We still have Rocky's police car ....
I should really have put it in his inventory before he left but I didn't think!!

Bay is a busy sim ... he is all over the place, rolling wishes like a maniac and wandering around on free will jumping from one thing to the next .... I can't keep up with him and he seems to be using his traits equally which is unusual..

I have reset him a few times, but he is still the same ... so I guess it is just the way he is!!

Sitting on a whoopie cushion has Red rolling a couple of wishes that I like!!
She wants to date and kiss Bay!!

Phoenix is keeping himself amused reading a book.

Bay doesn't get to play chess for long - Red interrupts him for an amorous hug

We waste no time acting on Red's kiss wish.

No complaining from Bay!!

It was that good right!!??

Bay you crack me up!!

and away she goes!!

No baby chimes this time ... because STUPID me forgot to turn try for baby back on.
(hides under a chair!!)

Well hello Forrest .... it has been a while since we have seen you!!

Forrest is visiting with Brook

TWENTY-THREE has also come out to play

Forrest has me laughing .... he is on the water slide squealing and laughing quite loudly, because he is obviously having fun and enjoying himself.

TWENTY-THREE and Brook are watching the television.

And I'm watching the ghosts because all Red and Bay are doing now is jumping in and out of bed!!

This is the fourth time!!

Crosby Little Dog is also here, I didn't see him until he floated out of the counter.

Don''t just stand in the middle of the bed Brook and act all embarrassed .... lol

I've heard of wanting a ring side seat ... but that is ridiculous!!

Fourth time lucky!!

How sad is that really ....
Basil gets to talk to his daughters old age ghost, while he is still a young adult fairy himself.

These two have gone totally cuckoo!!
I'm shocked .... probably because I've only ever seen him being gay, and Red hardly leaves him alone for a second which is baffling me a little.

For once Red is not paying Forrest any attention.

I wouldn't look too happy to see her Forrest!!
Wait until you find out she has moved onto mauling your boy!!

Basil is defacing the grass again

Playing ping juice together ... Bay loses which has him storming off.

Bay needs the bot machine to clear up some of his wishes

(I've had to drag the activity room out to fit it in)

but the bot builder has other uses, as they are quick to discover!

The boy needs a hug ... Basil is the only one taking care of Phoenix

Baby bump.

I want to try and catch everyone from here as young adults, so Bay is getting his ice sculpture done.

PMSL .... Bay couldn't even stay still long enough to stand there the whole time, like everyone else has, he wanders off to do something else!!

I can see it is Bay .... just!!

Now Bay is in Athletic mode .....

Mr Half a Job I'm going to start calling him ....
 he rolls a wish to work out for four hours .... he does nearly 1 hour then wanders off to do something else!!

I feel bad that Phoenix is virtually always on his own unless Basil is putting him to bed or giving him a bottle.  Bay hasn't been anywhere near the boy yet ... which makes me think he might not be good Dad material.

Lilly is skinny dipping in the hot tub

Bay doen't notice ... because he has cucumber on his eyes!!

This cracked me up watching him do this!!
Forrest had a thing for cleaning up floor art ... although Bay doesn't have the neat trait, so I don't know why he is doing it!!

Another gnome grave

Lilly and Brook are having quite a natter.

We finally get round to getting Bay the job he wants ... a self employed Bot Builder.

I dragged my feet a little, hoping he would roll another career wish, but he hasn't.
I don't like the idea of him having a stay at home job, because he is way too distracting for me, and the way they have been going at it up to now .... Red will never leave him alone and neither of them will ever get anything done.  Besides this town is not really set up for it, which I have to change.

So I've had to make a few building changes to the consignment / elixir store and add the bot emporium stuff, so that Bay can actually do his job.

Bay took a trip there to see what he could buy ... nanites, processors and trait chips which will all come in handy.

I checked the bot on sale ... looking for good trait chips, but he doesn't have any.
(I have bought bots, pinch the good chips then sell the bot again, it is easier than collecting all the parts to make them sometimes.)

THIRTY is the consignment merchant

Straight away he rolls a wish to make a bot .... but that will have to wait a little, he needs to build up his bot skill, or he won't be able to make any of the trait chips.

Basil has decided he wants to improve his athletic skill as well as max his cooking skill.
I think he wants to fill the whole bedroom wall with maxed certificates - lol - and he will the way he is going!!

Outside .....

Leo the pap is expiring

Obviously everyone comes out the house .... including Phoenix amusingly!!

I guess these times will be the only time he gets to see his Daddy!!

This amused me ... Phoenix hovering, laughing and clapping

Then he takes himself back off inside.

Bye Grimmie
Don't say hello to your son then!!

But he doesn't care, because he is used to being neglected by his parents!!
No doubt when he is grown up, he will get to talk to him.

all she wants to do is make them ... forget the rest!!

Basil seems to be on hyper rails constantly!!

He doesn't walk anywhere now, he flies everywhere

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