Monday, 12 December 2016

Update 9

Jazz is wearing his work uniform ... he seems to have ground to a hault with his promotions - I'm not sure he is going to make Rock Star before he leaves now.

FOUR. like ONE, is also trying to make the plants grow with bloom, but it's not happening ... they are frozen!!

Painting 15

Cute slippers!!

Five is always very busy, and he is giving Red a break from the repairs, because the minute something breaks, he is rolling the wish to repair it.

FOUR is making the most of his Athletic trait
(I think I can guess what career he might wish for)

When Jazz's time is over and I tell you how many times they have done automonous woohoo - I think you might just be shocked (LOL!!)  My ears are constantly ringing with the music!

Holly's IF doll is called Peaches
so she has a female doll

I am a little surprised by how attached Red and Jazz are to each other!!
Kicking him out is going to be painful!!

Snow Angel

That is a pretty stupid place to build an igloo - right in front of the front door.
But I guess I can't blame them for building another one!!  Jazz and Red are constantly in the other one, the kids don't get a look in.

TWO, THREE, FOUR and FIVE get to go to prom

Yes Jazz - you broke it!!

This had me howling - the second woohoo finished Jazz dives off the bed to pee himself!!

Prom is over.

THREE got herself a male romantic interest and a prom queen crown

TWO got herself a male romantic interest

FOUR was prom King

FIVE came home in a police car after breaking curfew

That won't impress Jazz much!

He is relegated to the sofa!

Holly is doing something other than playing with her doll.

Even though I can't afford to lose Red, which will mean - game over.  I can not let FIVE attempt to repair the broken electrical items - his handiness skill is too low.

Now I have to watch her like a hawk - because if she tries to do anything else involving electricity and it goes wrong while she is singed - Grimmie will be coming!

Seriously Jazz!!

They like it dirty!!  lol

Painting will keep her out of trouble - I just hope she finds the shower soon!!

I swear all the fairies are avoiding the traps, because it only seems to be the non fairies that are falling for them!!

I'm sorry .... but he's cracking me up!!
JazzPEEberry strikes yet again!!

Hollywood - would you seriously still use him in an ISBI??

$2123 for this one

FOUR has found the science machine.

THREE has her birthday

THREE gained the Viruoso trait
Her LTW = One Sim Band

TWO has her birthday

TWO gained the Genius trait
LTW = Street Credible.

Half of Jazz's children are now young adults.

Watching the stars in the snow!!
Those two are getting wet buts!!

I am watching out for yellow snow!! 😝

We have our first magical gnome appear in the house - it has been a long time coming!!

Future performer maybe??!!

Woohoo!!  Finally ... edible food!!

I can't wait for her handiness skill to be high enough to upgrade this computer to unbreakable - it seems to be broken every day!!

I am very surprised how THREE turned out - when she was a toddler I thought she would be just like Jazz, but she has actually turned out to be more like Red.

FIVE is really cute, he is quickly growing into my favourite of the six children.

THREE really surprised me, I thought she would roll the wish for a music career, but she didn't ... she wants a career in education instead.
So she now has a job at the school.

Family outing for Graduation.

Holly gets hair with her outdoor clothing - lol

ONE - TWO and THREE are graduating today

ONE - is most likely to write a best selling novel
(this made me laugh when she has no writing skill!!  She might read one, but I doubt she will ever write one!!)

TWO is most popular
I dont agree with that one either!! 

Oh look there is SIX - that is one quiet boy!!

THREE is most likely to be a Rock Star
this one is stupid too seeing as she has only just gained the virtuoso skill has has no guitar skill whatsoever!

FIVE put Holly down in the snow, so Red gets the job of taking her home.

Sibling bonding.

Holly has her birthday

Holly gained the Party Animal trait

SIX is a wierd child - all he ever seems to do is Ice skate, play on the computer and sleep.

There is no losing Holly with those flower trails - is there!!

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