Thursday, 15 December 2016

Update 15

Screaming toddlers is not something that I had when it was Jazz's  time
SEVEN and EIGHT are constantly screaming the house down.

Red goes no where near them - Holly and Forrest are doing it all - unhappily!!

SEVEN keeps going into the bedroom and setting off the monitor, demanding attention - so I had to switch it off.

Red makes a start on teaching EIGHT to talk

I am actually really surprised that Forrest is rolling the wishes to potty train the twins - so, as he wants to do it, he is getting to do it!!

Red ... Forrest has not long done that!!  lol

I can see a pattern forming - every time Forrest is around the kids - he de-stresses himself with woohoo lol  But he never opts for risky or try for baby - its always just woohoo.

Yes she's there again!!

$590 she got for this one

Painting 23

Sign baby nine is on the way

Let's hope she doesn't fart!!

If only he knew why that toilet is clogged up and dirty!!
He has suddenly taken an interest in fixing things

Red tries to move their relationship up to romantic I think.
She does a dip kiss on him.

Seriously Leafy??!!
He kicks off!!

Forrest = "You could have dropped me, you stupid woman!!"

I seriously don't know why he reacted like that.
The damage is done ... they are now romantically attached and he stops complaining lol

I'm going to throw that computer out!!!  I am sick of it breaking!!

Well you broke it!!

Holly finally finds the garden .... being a plant sim they tend to be in the garden a lot - but not Holly!!

Holly again playing "Mommy"

We have a baby bump!

I forgot about this - Red mastered the Art skill ages ago - I just forgot to get it out

Red finishes teaching EIGHT to talk

Then she finishes his potty training

A stressful day at work - Forrest walks in demanding woohoo!!

Forrest is reading a pregnancy book, but not because he wants to, he has to for work.

It is snowing AGAIN!!

I spot we have our third gnome - a spring one

Painting 24 started before 23 is finished

Holly has her birthday and becomes a young adult

She gained the SLOB trait!!
Oh boy, is she one unfortunate sim trait wise!!

She gets a phone call from FOUR - but he only wanted to know if she wanted to adopt a puppy!!  Lol!!

Red is not friends with any of her first six children - she has the slightest bit of green on all of their friends bars.

Yes I would be very cautious about eating that too!!

Told you!!

So cute ... but  I wander if he has realised he has another baby coming yet?

Holly randamly goes out to talk to a pap standing on the pavement outside
Heart farts!!!!

He tries to gossip with her ... and you see her reaction..
She goes back inside and that was the end of that encounter!!  lol

Wake up the baby monitor is squealing!!!!

Lol ... only Forrest reacts.


am I nasty ... while I sat watching her electricute herself I thought  ...
have another go, then it will save me kicking you out!! (cringe)
but she didn't ... she went straight off to the shower.

Just another one of Holly's random attacks!!

Holly is graduating - I was quick and crossed off them going to the town hall

As Forrest got the day off to attend the graduation - I didn't let the day go to waste - he wanted to go to the festival ground, so I left Holly looking after the twins while Red and Forrest went out.

They had their family portrait taken
(to go next to Jazz's - I'm going to try and get one with each baby dad to go on the wall)

Forrest is wandering around searching for eggs

Red interrupts him and kisses him
It wasn't till after they start kissing that I spot the pink guy in the food stand!!

Oops!!  It's an elderly Jazz

Which reminds me I need to get working on life fruit or some kind of potion to keep Red a young adult.  She does have a much longer life span, being a fairy - but she is not going to stay young forever!!

He comes over and starts kicking off at her ... accusing her of cheating
Well they are still romantically attached.

Forrest = "Please tell me it isn't true?!"

Red = "Don't be silly, like I'd be interested in an old man!!  He is off his head"

I must say they are being very insensitive!!

Awww poor Jazz!!

I'm watching Forrest again searching for eggs.

I THINK Red is sat in the rocking chair, where I expected she would stay.

but she isn't!!
She has sneaked off to see Jazz and I didn't realise.

Forrest flies across the festival ground ..... to accuse Red of cheating!!

(so I imagine she has been kissing or messing about with Jazz)

Forrest = "Off his head ... yeah right!!  Once a bike always a bike!!"
Jazz = "Yeah you've got it!!"

Forrest kicks off not only at Red but Jazz too

Awww ... I know it's not nice being cheated on!!

Now you know how Granite and Caramel felt when you did it to them!!

It amused me that they both went and bought food off Jazz after their kick off - not that Forrest ate his he was too busy snivelling.

You can smile Jazz!!
You've left me with a right mess - lol
boy do I wish I had let them go to Holly's graduation instead of sending them to the festival ground now!!

They go home - which they do separately - Forrest rides his bike and Red catches a taxi.

As soon as Red walks through the door ... The baby is coming

Forrest goes to bed and leaves her to it.

Baby NINE is a human boy.

another boy, when she wants a girl!!


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