Sunday, 11 December 2016

Update 8

Jazz is entertaining everyone with his guitar playing

TWO gets caught by the fairy trap

It sent her to sleep

Cheer up - it might never happen!!

FOUR = "It already has ... The turtle has escaped!!"

A silly boy decided to play with it then put it in his pocket and he lost it!!

Jazz has lost the plot!!
He is taking a shower fully clothed!!

SIX is telling a ghost story

Jazz is faking being scared - he lives with vampires and ghosts in his TCE life!!

The fairy frolics is amusing, but half the time I can't see most of the sims

It is snowing and nobody has noticed yet.

See ... how can Jazz not burn spag bol at level 3 but Red does at level 6?!

$1013 she got for this one.

Everywhere around the house there are fairy traps ....

and FOUR is responsible for most of them!!

I've been in debug and bought a chest - to keep all the clutter in - so I can tidy up the place before Baby Dad 2 turns up.

SIX is still a sad boy wandering around the house at night alone while everyone else is sleeping

He always makes himself useful cleaning up dishes and mopping up puddles.

He is the first one to find the snow.

FOUR builds an igloo

That computer is ALWAYS broken!!

Painting 13

Evil Mother!!!

She is casting Tummy Twister on THREE

She might be okay now, but she won't be soon!!

What kind of Mother makes their kids intentionally sick??!!

Who needs drugs!!
I want whatever he is on!!

Yes SIX your brother is a little strange!!

$691 for this one

Anyone sitting on the toilet is getting a very wet backside!!

A fairy ice skating ... flying!!

Yes the garden pond is big enough to skate on!

Painting 14

I am surprised the igloo hasn't melted the amount of time Red and Jazz are spending in it!!

It is none stop!!

Holly is still here!
I just don't get to take many pictures of her yet, all she does is sleep and play with her IF doll

Don't go in there!!!!

I guess peeing yourself AGAIN is one way to react to seeing your daughter totally naked!!

Ha! They nearly had you!!
He was about to get in the shower when he spotted the miniture fairies buzzing about.

ONE has her birthday

ONE is now a young adult and has gained the Party Animal trait
her LTW is Magic Makeover.

Jazz is copping for all the fairy traps!
That got you!!

You drip!!

Jazz has maxed his guitar skill

SIX is the first one to build a snowman


ONE found the science machine - which helped her decide on a career.
She wants a career in science - so she now has a job next door at the science fascility.

She is never going to fall flat her face is she!!

ONE is making me laugh - she is now constantly out in the garden casting bloom on the plants that are dormant - so nothing is happening.

ONE's first day at work at the science lab

Woohoo ..... level 6  ... 😲

Since the snow came - they keep having snow days off - so they are hardly at school and all their grades are pretty poor.

SIX is out in the snow having fun on the swing

Watching the TV together

$1332 she got for this one

SIX has his birthday

hello Mr deer!

FIVE gained the Flirty trait.

I am spooked!!
He looks just like Jazz did when he was a teenager!!

FIVE is definitely a Daddy clone.

This guy doesn't give up does he!!

I would run mate!! ....
that deer is eyeing you up ... he must think you are another deer!!

Let's hope he's not feeling frisky for your sake!! 


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