Sunday, 25 December 2016

Update 29

It amuses me that Atlas gets the double bed and Red is kicked out of her bedroom and now is constantly sleeping in with her kids.

FOURTEEN is up at 2am in the morning rattling around the house on his own

I think FOURTEEN might have ambitions of being like Dad
he wanted a toy oven and baking sale stand

Not that this will probably ever be used ... lol

Two burnt muffins.

Atlas wanted to let SIXTEEN play on a rider ... even though we don't have any
so I had to buy some!!

Something else to distract the twins away from their homework!!

Baby is coming!!

I am thinking while I am watching her .... have twins this time, it will do me a favour ... then I don't have to worry about Atlas and Red's relationship being totally broken!!

SEVENTEEN is a brown fairy girl


She has not finished!!

EIGHTEEN is a brown fairy boy

That is Atlas's six children done already!!

You can sulk and kick off at Red all you like now Atlas ... I don't care any more ... he! he!

I'm amused with this painting not only have I not seen it before ... but this is the second time Atlas has painted this, but the first version did not have a bike.

Apple is chatting on the computer with someone .... but I never managed to work out who.

THIRTEEN is a Diva
She is constantly complimenting herself  (drama queen!!)

Red finally gets round to finishing painting 39

Red is getting stir crazy - so I sent her to the grocery store to sell the fruit and veg she has in her inventory.

She bumps into SEVEN, chatted and they went into the photo booth together.

another one Red doesn't paint


Traits = Neurotic - Loves the Cold
Favourites = Chinese - Lobster - Yellow


Traits = Perceptive - Athletic
Favourites = Root - Potato & Truffle Torte - Yellow

The learning to talk and potty training starts

The picture of  happiness  misery!!

While Atlas and Reds relationship is getting worse
Atlas and Apple are becoming the best of friends

Red gets to teach EIGHTEEN how to walk

FOURTEEN went home with Rian after school

SEVEN amused me, he stood watching and waiting for FOURTEEN to finish his homework

Rian is forgotten - FOURTEEN spends the rest of his time there with SEVEN

Fairy frolics

Yes EIGHT .... he's another half brother!!!

By the time FOURTEEN went home, he is best of friends with SEVEN

Playing Tag

Finally I see ELEVEN with her son!!

Hello Forrest!!

Atlas has had a promotion - he is now a Line Cook (Level 5)

Apple is now a Minor Leaguer (level 4)

Oh right!!
How does Apple get to jump into bed with Atlas?!

She's analysing the death plant harvestable ... TOO LATE!!!
The plant has died over the winter ... so she is not getting any death flowers from that!!

Oh yeah ... the photo with SEVEN from the photo booth

SEVENTEEN and EIGHTEEN are now both potty trained

Forrest is now an elderly man

I have to say ... these two have seriously shocked me!!!
It does not seem like they are ever going to make friends .... they are continuously not nice to each other when they interact and they are verging on enemies!!

THIRTEEN and FOURTEEN are playing a console game

The little diva is always complaining about something

Red = "Yawn!!  If you say so!!"

Red gets a phone call from ELEVEN
wanting to know if her kid can play with Red's kids

I think all ELEVEN wants is Grandma to babysit ... Rian appeared but ELEVEN didn't!!

Would you say Rians skin colour is more pink than red??!!

FIFTEEN has her birthday

she gains the Friendly trait

SIXTEEN has her birthday

she gains the Shy trait

Awwww ... we have a an eccentric, outdoor hating shy one ... SIXTEEN is going to be a character!!


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