Saturday, 24 December 2016

Update 27



Miffed his eye are brown ... I hoped we would see one of the odd eye colours, but doubted it.

The good thing about Family Orientated sims - they roll the wishes for walking, talking and potty training.  So with both Atlas and Red rolling them, their children are going to be taught their skills super quickly!!

Atlas teaches THIRTEEN to walk

while Red teaches FOURTEEN to talk

and the potty training begins.

but one thing never changes ... Red suddenly becomes deaf to the crying toddlers.
So Dad and Apple are getting to do everything else!!

Apple is showing off on the trampoline.


Apple is really good with the twins!!

Atlas teaches THIRTEEN to talk

and Red teaches FOURTEEN to walk

Apple wants to meet someone new ... so I used his wish creatively
I sent him over the road to have a nose and meet his new nephew.

He got to talk to his Dad.

This is RIAN
ELEVEN and Jazz's child

I can't work out if his skin is red or pink or somewhere in between.

SEVEN was downstairs playing on the piano

I am very surprised that SEVEN is wearing his work uniform ... so he can't have had the sack from the science facility yet.

Apple spoke to his twin sister TWELVE

That is a little creepy Leafy!!!
He's staring out the window ... at Red's house opposite
he must be pining!!

Apple feeds Rian before he goes home

$132 they earned for Atlas's painting

Atlas finishes off the twins potty training

He decides he wants to build 5 snowmen

I'm amused when Jazz comes along to help him

I wander if we got the reaper one because of Jazz?!

Jazz actually helps Atlas build three of the snowmen.

I spot TWELVE over the road taking Rian out.
I haven't seen ELEVEN with her son yet!!

Jazz gets distracted from the snowman building and plays up one of the annoying Paps.

Then he's in the house taking photo's of Apple working out ... lol

I wander if it is possible to get into his phone (using mods) to see if there are actually pictures in his phone?

$32 for Apples bird painting

We have a baby bump

These IF's keep coming and I keep deleting them (evil me!!)

Atlas finally finishes building the 5 snowmen ..... and the point of that was ...???!!!!

£52 for Apples painting

There is too much painting going on .. I have totally lost the plot with it

Apple got an outdoor grill for being a celebrity
Red tested it out, in the snow!

One minute Atlas is painting here

The next he is there!!
I've sold the turtle tank and put another easel in it's place to keep them happy

Apples painting is getting better
$274 he earned for that one

I lost Apple and amusingly found him over the road, outside the Charm Bee's house .... feeding their foals!!

DON'T start getting any idea's Apple .... you won't be getting a horse!!

We have new woohoo levels ...
Atlas = 2 .... Red = 9

Another of Atlas's paintings

Painting 38

$1751 for this one

The dishwasher is being upgraded to unbreakable

FOURTEEN looking cute

What is with all this visiting lately?!

Now THREE is ringing the door bell.

Red lets her in and feeds her

THREE has heart farts for Atlas as soon as he walks through the door.

Atlas goes straight over to talk to her ... more heart farts.
She had the same effect on Forrest too!!

Apple cadging some fairy dust - lol
THREE didn't hang around for long.

Apple is hogging two of the easels, as well as the one in the activity room, leaving half finished paintings everywhere!

I could have me a painting factory with the three of them - nobody needs to work now the money that is coming just from the paintings I'm selling!!

Baby is coming.

Hysterical ... Red goes to the hospital to have the baby ... riding her bike!!!

I am saying nothing ..... Twins again!!!!

Forrest, don't look up ... just keep on reading your book and you won't get hurt!!!

FIFTEEN ... is a human girl

SIXTEEN .... is also a human girl


Traits = Insane - Excitable
Favourites = Chinese - Porcini Risotto - Aqua


Traits = Hates the Outdoors - Eccentric
Favourites = Kids - Dim Sum - Lime


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