Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Update 30

Red is invited to EIGHT's pool party.

This always amuses me when they don't have a pool ... or even a hot tub!!

I'm a little shocked to see FIVE is now elderly

I've already seen Forrest aged up but EIGHT ... (gulp) is definitely now a mature adult

TWO and ELEVEN are having a tiff!

SIX will soon becoming elderly like FIVE.

Well that didn't take her long .... to find Forrest!!

I am not bothered about what they get up to ... they are still romantically connected
and Atlas won't care - lol!!

just as long as they don't get creating any more babies!!
no guesses where they ended up  (woohoo 46 with Forrest)

LMAO ... Look at her face ... is that what Forrest does for her!!

Forrest went to bed and she spent the rest of the night playing the bass

I laugh at Jazz waking the girls up ... then I realise it is not Jazz!!

It is Melvin Clagg ... one of the paps that used to hang around outside

so I learn something new - I thought the graves had to be out in the cemetery for the ghosts to visit - but obviously not - Melvins grave is in the mausoleum still.

This now seems to becoming a regular thing, Apple and Atlas sharing a bed.

Tickles from Dad

$555 Apple got for his picture

$106 Atlas got for his

I am highy amused by a love letter Red received from Forrest =

"Hey cutie.  Here is a little something I made while I was thinking of you."
Oh it looks like there is a photograph in here of ... WHOA!!

LMAO ... I dread to think what the photograph was of!!

SIXTEEN spends a lot of time on the computer chatting to people
I guess it is easier that way being shy.

bad cc (cough) which comes with her outdoor wear

that's better!

Atlas is now a Pastry Chef

Their relationship is hardly moving, its not often I see them interacting with each other.

Where the hell did that come from Atlas?!

Red goes ballistic at him

I'd love to know where his head is at ... they are barely out of the red with their relationship ... it seems to be one step forward then two steps back.

Can you tell we have no neat sims in the house!!

Apple is quiet at the moment - just skating and painting

Painting 42

Feed me!!

Oversight ...somehow we missed teaching SEVENTEEN to walk

This is supposed to be a portrait of Atlas!!

I've been wandering for a while what has happened to Jazz ... it has been ages since I've seen his ghost visiting.  Then I find out why ... The ghost gnome has died!!

So we won't be seeing Jazz any more, not unless we get a new gnome or move his grave onto the garden (pout)

THIRTEEN never does her homework ... she's always got better things to do ... playing!!

Rian is here again because of another phone call from ELEVEN asking if her sim child can play with Reds.  ELEVEN doesn't come with him again either.

Okay, Atlas, where did that come from??

He even tried flirting with Red, but she just shrugged and walked off

Atlas gets a date phone call from TWELVE.
I've kind of been expecting it because they are best friends, and he has rolled the wish to date and invite TWEVE over, so I accepted the date .... it would actually do me a favour for Atlas and Red not to become romantically attached again!!

They met on the beach.

Lol ... how many bunches of flowers does Atlas need?!

The date was great .... but they are not romantically attached

I am still laughing at all the flowers she gave him.

Thirteen tried to skip school.
She is already on a C grade - never doing her homework.

Atlas tries flirting with Red again ... it is unlike her not to flirt back!!

Pulling faces is as far as it goes

Painting 43
$3021 for this one

Painting 44


FOURTEEN and FIFTEEN are both now A grades at school

THIRTEEN has her birthday

She gained the Computer Wizz trait

FOURTEEN has his birthday

He gained the Virtuoso trait

FOURTEEN jumps on the drums straight away

Atlas keeps bringing food home with him from work.
I got it out without thinking at first.

I panicked a little when the kids started eating it, not remembering, if Angel cake takes days off their age because of the life fruit in it ... luckily it doesn't!!!!