Friday, 30 December 2016

Update 36

There is a mean looking purple man standing on the garden!!

Prelude Orchid

Virtuoso - Family Orientated - Dare Devil - Evil - Diva
Egyptians - Sushi - Green
Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

I need my head kicking .... because Prelude is a character when he is left to free will!!  He will either love or hate, there is generally no in between, he will stir up lots of trouble and he loves to fight and often will .... lets just hope Red doesn't pee him off!!   But he is a very good Dad!!

He is happy, being evil, he loves to see other sims suffer ... and ghosts he finds funny!!

and off he goes ... you will see loads of this.

Jazz is so embarrassed he vanishes.

Prelude doesn't look too happy about the heart farting!!

she goes straight in with a flirt

Prelude "Back off bike, I know where you've been remember!!"

Wrong life Prelude!!

Music while you garden!

He wants a music career, but that will have to wait until the first baby is created.

Giving him a guitar helps to keep him out of trouble and helps to build up every ones friendship levels while they are watching him, besides he needs to work on his guitar skill for his job, when he gets it.

At the moment everything is going well with Prelude and the twins at least.

but, it doesn't last long

Catnip is the first one to get a scare

It's pay back time!!

Needless to say ... Catnip and Prelude have got off on the wrong foot ... their friendship takes a nose dive into the red!!

Red is back in her own bed finally

and Prelude spends the first night in a single bed

Prelude always cracks me up with all the strange faces he pulls all the time.

Paintings 51 - 52 and 53
she is making the most of having all four easels to herself!

Strangely Prelude wants to pillow fight with Red.

Finding out they are both Family Orientated .....

Suddenly turns them both stupid!!

They start flirting with each other.

Now because woohoo is set to romantic only .... they will have to make the romantic connection themselves first - or I am having to watch their wishes carefully so I can jump on them.

Way to kill the moment ... eating dirt!!

FIVE is here today

Watching stars

The twins still have not done any of their homework!!

Prelude is jammin with a ghost


Catnip has her birthday

She gains the Neat trait

 Basil has his birthday

He gains the Angler trait

yeah and his Dad's hair!

Basil runs off straight into the music room and jumps on the bass
While Catnip jumps straight into cleaning the house .. lol

More flirting.

They spend a lot of time together just messing about

another night sleeping apart and just when I think this is going to take forever ...

Prelude rolls a first kiss wish .... so Red jump on it 😝

and she's off ....


well that didn't take as long as I thought!!

Basil now eats sleeps and lives in the music room

Catnip wants to hang out with Atlas, so she pops next door.

Unfortunately Atlas is not home, there is only FOURTEEN home and he leaves as soon as she walks through the front door - so she will have to try again another time.

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