Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Update 12

Our first six baby bee's have flown the nest - just another 96 to go!!

As you can see, Jazz and his six children, have moved into a house over the road ... so we will be able to watch them from here!!  he! he!

TWO amused me, she has finally got a job.  I watched her spin into her work clothes and she jumped into a car ... she is now one of the food merchants at the festival ground.

There is only Red and Holly in the house now.  Even though Holly is actually Jazz's child technically, I have decided to keep all the extra's until they become young adults, or until I need the space then I will  kick them out.

Holly and Red are having a few hours of none wishacy, while they tidy the house up before Baby Dad 2 arrives, Forrest.  Red is cleaning the house and sorting the garden, while Holly gets to do tonnes of washing until all the washing piles are gone and the laundry baskets empty.

It did not take Jazz long to start phoning Red.  Making me feel really guilty for moving him out!!

Red don't drown yourself!!  You will soon forget about Jazz when you get a new man to play with!!

Painting 20 is started before painting 19 has been finished.

Forrest has just arrived!!

Forrest = "This house is RED, I can't live in it!!  I hate the colour red, and don't think I'm riding the red town bike or creating any brats either!!"

That is what you think!!

 Autonomous Try for Baby turned back on!!  😛

Forrest Leaf

Traits = Genius - Disciplined - Neat - Neurotic - Dislikes Children
Favourites = Indie - French Toast - Aqua (blue)
LTW = World Renown Surgeon

Forrest is one of my favourites from TCE - funnily he was originally created just to be an extra, but he manage to worm his way into being one of the main characters.
His trait combination, is very amusing, I've often just sat and watched him on free will in my rainbow files, because he does some strange things .... I am expecting him to be very entertaining!!
Oh and he is fondly known as Leafy - so you might see me calling him that from time to time.

Forrest = "Yaaaaawn!!  You are boring me already!!"

Well I never expected the heart farts!!
Even though they have the same star sign, Airies, they have clashing traits - Family Oriented and Dislikes Children ... so I'm expecting that to cause trouble between them, as Red is driven by her Family Orientated trait.

Forrest is neurotically staring out of the window - probably wishing he could escape!!

Forrest = "I swear I've just seen Jazzberry Charm going into the house over the road!"

That's because you did!!

First night - he crashes in one of the single beds.

Forrest gets up and takes one look at Holly and freaks out!!

Forrest "Why is there a teenage plant in the bedroom??"

I think they look very Christmasy together being red and green ... 
he! he!  they will be making us some christmas babies for christmas!!

Red tries a bit of flirting.

Forrest does a runner and goes off to read a book.

I spot SIX, THREE, FOUR and ONE jumping into a car over the road

I am glad they are doing things together and talking, because their friendship is building up quite nicely.

I spy Jazz over the road through the window

Don't you just love Neurotic Neat sims!!

After he had been round the whole house, cleaning everything that did not even need cleaning - he started on the beds.

That bed is made already.

but he unmakes it ...

Just to remake it again to his liking!!

He went round all seven beds to unmake and remake them.

He finds the Chemistry station.
He loves white coats - lol

Holly is being pretty anti social - she hasn't spoken to Red probably ever or Forrest since he arrived.  She spends all of her free time in the hot tub ... let's hope it breaks soon, then we might get some action out of her!!

Oops!!  Someone is looking a little singed.

He keeps reading the same book - he doesn't keep it in his inventory either - he puts it away in the book case every time then gets it back out.

I'm surprised he went to bed singed.

There is only so much water a plant can take!!  Holly gets out of the hot tub and does something different for a change!!

She chats to FIVE on the computer.

Yes we know you don't like children - but what you don't know is you are getting six of them!!

Red is planning to cast chattering teeth on Forrest.

Don't fall for it Leafy!!

Well he is a genius - he saw that coming!!

It's Red's teeth that are chattering instead!!

I'm glad they are laughing about it - I need them to become better friends not fall out!!

Red tries a bit of flirting

But it didn't come to anything, he ran off again to watch TV.
I'm not getting him a job until he has created the first baby!!  Otherwise, at the pace it is going, it will take weeks to happen with Forrest spending all day out of the house working.

$1297 she got for this one

Red's fun bar is very low ... so I know she will start autonomously trying to jump Forrest soon.

More heart farts!!  I'm not sure why?!  But I'm not complaining.
Day three Red ... you are seriously slacking!!

Her first attempt at jumping him - epic fail!!
He is having none of it!!

Quite a bit of talking ....

a bit of flirting ...

then she goes in for the kill .... gotcha!!

Holly is back from school and crashes out on the couch.


Haaaaaaaaa! Leafy she got you first time!!!

They go outside to have a water balloon fight

Holly watches them from her usual place  - she still has not interacted with them.

That's a strange one - he comes in from outside and spins into his sleep wear to cook?!

I'm amused when Forrest sleeps in Reds bed, not his normal single bed.

I've noticed Jazz and the kids have three horses now on the garden - wearing a saddle means they have pet horses!!

Sign baby seven is on the way!!

Glitch!!  Red has overshot the toilet!!

by a mile!!!

Now he has created the first baby, he sorts out his job at the hospital that he wants.

Although he got a little more than he bargained for when he turned on the computer ... the scary screen.

Surprisingly Holly comes over to talk to Forrest for the first time - I'm not sure if she was gloating about him falling for her prank?!

Mmmmm that is what I was afraid of - they both have the disliking children trait.

Holly just starts kicking off at Forrest for no reason

I can't see Holly EVER having a relationship - she kicks off at EVERYONE for no reason, nobody can get near her - she takes the grumpy trait way too far!!  I have seriously never had a gumpy sim this bad before!!

Red buts in to break up their arguing
She is on the woohoo train.

She has opted for try for baby - which is amusing - when she already has a belly full of baby!!

I'm not sure Forrest knows what's hit him!!
He is getting Satisfied experience from good woohoo moodlets - because Red is level 7
While Red is getting bad woohoo with him being a beginner ... LOL!!

Forrest is working on his Logic skill which he needs to build up for work.

Red got a phone call off Jazz - their horse has just given birth do you want to adopt one rubbish!!

Yes I can see!!  Those horses are annoying me, they keep running all over Reds garden!!

I'm amused when Forrest cleans up TWO's graffiti off the grass

Forrest there is more in the house, if you want to clean that off too!!

Oh right ... it's okay to sleep together and make babies - but not to use the bathroom together

because they are only woohooing via the mod - they are not yet romantically connected.

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