Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Update 31

Apple is starting to get lonely I think .... he is starting to roll romance wishes

$1657 for this one

Apple wants his first kiss.
As most of the women in this town are his half siblings .... I decided to throw a few female sims into town for him, that he might take an interest in.

Keeping it TCE related - Ice, (blue) Lilly, (white) Lime (green) and Caramel (brown) are now in town.

She obviously takes after her Dad, but not as much as I thought she was going to.

Atlas puts EIGHTEEN on the rider

This is sooooo cute!!

he does not want to get off
look at the lip!!

he is not Daddies friend any more!!  lol

Another surprise visitor
Holly is ringing the doorbell.

Atlas answers the door.
You can see Holly is now a mature adult.

I find it strange ... when THIRTEEN and FIFTEEN go out to her before she gets a chance to go into the house.

THIRTEEN attacks her, accusing her of being a Diva

Then FIFTEEN does exactly the same

Then Red joins in ... lmao ... it is funny seeing Holly on the recieving end for a change!!

Heart farts .. lol

SIXTEEN is a pain ... she is always starving ...
so I'm having to use the call to meal option (so she eats) to stop social services from removing her and the rest of the kids from the house!!
(I would hate right now to have to replace them all!!)

Apple and Holly (strangely) are now really good friends.
Apple is the only person I have NEVER seen her be nasty to!!

See she can smile!!

Goofy grins!!
Apple you are an idiot if you go there!!

Atlas looks like he is feeling sorry for himself!!

Yes Red ... that's exactly what I was thinking!!

Red randomly rolled a wish to win a prize from the arcade machine.
So I sent her - hoping she might win a ghost gnome

but she got a scary teddy instead

TWELVE phones Atlas for a chat

How excited is he?!

or are TWELVE and Atlas plotting to get rid of Red - he has rolled the wish to see her ghost remember!!

Both Atlas and Red want to visit the festival ground - so I sent them together so I could get the picture of them together for the wall.

I spot  SIX ... he is now elderly like FIVE

They split up, both of them go searching for eggs.

I spot that Lilly and Caramel are now food merchants.

I would be amused if Forrest and Caramel found each other in this file!!  They attacked themselves together in my TCE files.  She is the mother of his 3 children that I showed you in update 25,

Atlas has managed to get himself up to being a 4 star celebrity.

Atlas got fed up of egg hunting and decided to dance instead

I was amused when Red joined him.
SIX also had a little jig.

He starts flirting with her

I'm not sure I like this ... them staying not good friends is better for me with the next baby Dad!

They play the horseshoe game together

TWO and ONE are also playing

Atlas managed to find a Fancy egg

and Red bought home our 7th spring gnome

I need to stop taking pictures when the room is in darkness!!

I wander what THIRTEEN is doing!!
She was over clocking the computer .... I forgot she now has the Computer Wizz trait

Atlas got an award in the mail.
Spring Dance King

EIGHT and Forrest rocking like old men ... lol
It kills me how these two are always together!!

Mmm I wander if the kissing booth counts as a first kiss??
I never got to find out - the girl or booth was glitched (annoyingly) and Apple couldn't get near the booth to get his kiss.

Forrest and Apple fighting over an egg.

I planned to send him to buy food off Lilly (her being artistic as well) but he ran off to work and I never got the chance.

THIRTEEN has finally started doing her homework!!

This is really creepy!!!
FIFTEEN is sleeping with her eyes open.

SIXTEEN being shy spends a lot of time on her own.

EIGHTEEN has his birthday

he gained the Dare Devil trait

SEVENTEEN has her birthday

She gained the Easily Impressed trait

Playing tag together.

you will have to run faster Atlas if you are going to catch that fairy!!

Atlas hugs his kids a lot

They don't talk they text!!

Red wants to send Atlas a text.

Then he wants to sent Red a text back

Crazy pair!!!


I'm doing a circle - checking on each child - when I get to Apple .............

I don't even know who started it or how

Well that's blown my hopes for Apple!!

It looks like he will now be moving out with Atlas and the kids!!


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