Saturday, 17 December 2016

Update 18

SEVEN you are brave eating that chilli!!

Fire breathing fairy!

EIGHT is busy making lots of racket.

during the middle of the night

and waking his brother and sisters up!!

Forrest is now a paramedic

Red gets a love letter and gift in the post ... from the alien!!

Okay, so maybe we haven't lost the bird!!
It was in Reds inventory all along - lol

Red makes a start on teaching TEN to walk

I got Holly to plant some of the seeds she has in her inventory, but it didn't tempt her into doing any more gardening!!  I have to say she is the strangest plant sim I've ever played with.

Well, I'm an idiot ... TEN is walking while NINE is still crawling

Don't even think about it Holly!!

WTF!!  How is the sink even on fire.

(It took me hours of bugging myself over it to realise why ... the fire breathing from the hot chilli!!  Red obviously set fire to the sink after eating it.)

Forrest to the rescue!!  (Thankfully!!)

Fires are the thing I hate most about playing wishacy - if none of the sims react on free will - the house burns down and generally take a few or all of the sims with it.  I've played over 30 generations of legacy wishacy and lost a hell of a lot of sims this way.

Forrest the carpet is on fire still!!

Lol @ Holly

Yay!!  Red has joined the pee club!!

Forrest = "Don't come near me, you stink of pee!!"

She finally gets round to teaching NINE how to walk

Forrest is out on the see saw again with SEVEN

and Potty training the girls

No baby chimes ... I'm starting to get a little concerned ... its taking a while for baby 12 to be created.  Especially as Red more times than not opts for try for baby.

Alien visits in the night
I SERIOUSLY can not believe that I have had no abductions yet!!

Suddenly we have two spring gnomes

Forrest is constantly on the go now with work and flying up with promotions.
He is now a Medical Intern.

Woohoo level 2 ... that is why he is smiling

SEVEN held up the school bus while he did his homework before he got onto it to go to school.

I checked the boys school grades.
SEVEN - grade C
EIGHT - grade A

I really don't know why Holly wished to collect these animals if she never goes near them again.

Red teaches ELEVEN to walk

Gnome invation.

Well at least he did his homework as soon as he got home from school today, even if he sat in a potty chair overflow puddle to do it!!

So I'm an IDIOT!!!!
Baby 12 is not coming because Holly is taking up the 8th space in the house (I am so used to having the mod set for up to 24 sims in the house - I didn't think about it now being set for only the normal game 8!!  I've now got it set for 10 sims - so we have room for extras.

After watching Holly constantly shooing the two boys out of the living room (interrupting them from doing their homework) and attacking them like she attacks adults - I decided it was time she flew the nest too!!

So I built her a small house over on the other side of town - with bed space for any more extra's that I might get.

Bye Holly.

You can see what she thinks of her new house!!

She is now employed ... as a food merchant at the festival ground.
(I don't think TWO does that job any more)

Im a little annoyed and confused.  I spot SEVEN first then the twins playing with IF's .... I check Reds inventory and see they have all gone and  ALL of the children now have one.  Either she has handed them all out, or the game did it while I was sorting out Holly's house.

So I got rid of the IF dolls completely - shift/ctrl - click - object delete!!

Its a shame because I used to love IF dolls - until the game started doing stupid things with them after 'Into the Future' and I've had IF dolls totally corrupt a file since.

$2444 she got for this one

Forrest has had ANOTHER promotion!!
He is now a Resident (level 5)

I noticed with Forrest latest promotion SEVEN and EIGHT both rolled a LTW - to be World Renowned Surgeons ... which is Forrests LTW.
I locked it in for only one of the boys - EIGHT .... I will wait for SEVEN to roll a different one.

The boys are now helping to take care of the animals.

The spring gnomes are multiplying ... we now have three!!

cute puppies playing in the middle of the road.


There is plenty of clean dry floor in the house - but both boys have found a puddle to sit in - lol

Forrest has to start reading medical journals for work

NINE has his birthday

He gained the Neat trait.

NINE is a cute boy ... he feed both of his sisters.

Someone clean the carpet!!  It is still fire damaged!!

I have only just realized - NINE is Neurotic and Neat like Forrest.

Red has got a suntan!!

We have a burgler during the night

I'm amused Forrest suddenly gets the POSITIVELY ORGASMIC moodlet pop up.
So now I just have to work out which one is turning his head .... the police woman or the burgler!!

She is nosey!!
How embarrassing tho ... she has to see all that dirty stinking washing!!

The police woman starts chatting to Red ... for hours!!!!

I am wandering if while she is chatting away, she has forgotten the burgler, stood out on the pavement.  It would teach her if the burgler did a runner

SEVEN got caught skipping school.

Painting 26

Turtle is going for a swim!  lol

(The stupidest things amuse me sometimes!)

Seriously Jazz needs to control his dogs!!  One of them is yapping at the back door.

Mmmmm talk of the devil!
Jazz sent her a text.
Then she rolls a wish to send one to him

I spot three of Reds kids down by the book store so I go for a nose.


Now I know what FIVE is doing ... there is a sauna and hot tub outside the Spa, between the book and grocery stores.  He must be spending all his time there in his swim wear - that is why he is bare foot all the time.

SEVEN didn't come home after school ... I found him still outside school talking to ONE.

New work uniform

Reading his daily medical journal

The girls happily playing

NINE spends a lot of his time staring out of the window ....

cleaning and tidying the house ....

and twiddling the taps!!

Now look what you've done, broken the sink!!  That will teach you to mess!!

Another baby making attempt, started by Red


Red is getting stir crazy, so while Forrest is sleeping I send her out to collect a few things.

She has found the science machine.

Oh no!!  Red has got another forbidden fruit seed!!
It will have to stay in her inventory until she wishes to plant it.

Forrest is off to work on an emergency call out during the middle of the night.

He worked from 3am - 6am ... went home ... then back to work at 9am - 6pm
I am hardly seeing him much these days.

This has to be the strangest thing I've seen Red do yet!!

She carried ELEVEN outside and put her down right by the plant, almost like she was giving her a lesson on how to bloom plants!!

which is absolutely no use to ELEVEN not being a fairy!!

Heaving ...

$1036 she got for this one.

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