Sunday, 18 December 2016

Update 19

Yep!!  Projectile vomiting.
A sign baby 12 is on the way

(Cough)  Red is talking to Jazz on the computer.

Forrest is sleeping when everyone else is awake because he doesn't start work till late, and he keeps having emergency call outs during the night.

EIGHT is a little swat!!  A grade at school and always doing something constructive - like reading logic book.

TEN has gone for a wander ... I can't work out why the toddlers are doing this, going out and sitting on the pavement then going back inside - it's strange!!

Baby bump.
(Sad to think, Forrest has done his job - now his last baby is on the way)

Lol SEVEN you are not getting EIGHTS attention - he's busy!!

The girls playing

His long work hours not only have him stressed out - he's also sleeping at strange times.  So he's up in the middle of the night - playing on the swings lol

Another promotion!!  Forrest is now a Trauma Surgeon.
He now has 2 days off work - so we might get to see more of him.
Reading another medical journal

One of Jazz's dogs is on the garden, NINE has just mopped up his pee puddle (LMAO!!)

The dog has fleas ....

and now NINE also has fleas!!

I sent him to take a shower to get rid of them - so he didn't infest the house and everyone in it!!

Hello SIX!!

Forrest and EIGHT are best friends!!  He spends more time with EIGHT than anyone else

I think EIGHT is my favourite so far out of this batch of little bee's

I wandered how long it would be before we saw EIGHT in his bot form.


Double trouble probably.

SEVEN has his birthday

He gains the Handy trait

EIGHT has his birthday

He gains the Genius trait
(which I gave him on purpose to help with his LTW)

We have a right pair here!!  (I guess it is their shared Genius trait)
They are studying together ... I would love to know what.

NINE is destined to be a maid, butler or make someone a good housewife!!  He is neurotically cleaning constantly - he does nothing else!!

Gross!!  Toilet water splash!!
That's a fairy trap, but I don't know who set it.

A strange thing to be doing in Summer. carving pumpkins, when she has been carrying those pumpkins around since last Autum!!

Very grown up Leafy!!

Forrest and EIGHT are playing chess together, and more importantly working on their logic skill, which they both need to do for their LTW.

The baby starts coming ...

Just as the girls are having their birthday

TWELVE is a fairy girl

She hasn't finished
ANOTHER set of twins ... this is not supposed to be happening.

Amused that Forrest and EIGHT are totally oblivious to the babies arriving even though Red is making a racket and all the kids have had a scream around her!!

The human boy is their 7th child and an extra ... so he will be getting a name not a number, and like Holly he will not be adding to the baby count (pout)

TEN gained the Artistic trait

ELEVEN gained the Angler trait

EIGHT is having his head pecked by NINE, TEN and ELEVEN for a bedtime story

Painting 27 (on the right)

Now this little one is giving me a headache.  He is an extra, and I'm not sure what to do with him, keep him here longer like Holly or move him out with the rest ... I guess I'll have to see how it goes.


Traits = Loves Outdoors - Eccentric
Favourites = Hip Hop - Sushi - Violet

She has the same strange brown eye colouring like SEVEN


Traits = Loves the Heat - Artistic
Favourites = French - Tri Tip Tofu Steak - Turquoise

I nearly called him rhubarb .... but decided to call him Apple instead.

He is the only one with Forrests green eyes.

Another round of potty training ...

teaching TWELVE how to talk
(from a distance glitch!)

and walking

Homework club.

I've confiscated her pumpkins, because she is annoying me now!!  Even though it now is Autumn, they are everywhere!!

Forrest has to take time out from work to hold a vaccination clinic ... at the festival ground.
When he turns up - three of Reds kids are waiting.

FIVE gets vaccinated first

Heart farts for THREE

More heart farts!!
Calm down Forrest!!
I think he's in love ... lol

You might have discovered you share the Disciplined trait ... but wait until you find out she has the Family Oriented trait ... you won't like her so much then!


He is the Pap that Holly had heart farts for - he has the disliking children trait too

This guy screams the place down like a baby.

Who is he freaking at I wander ... Jazz or Holly? ... probably both!!

Does a plant really need vaccinating?!

Look at Forrest's face .... I swear he hurts Jazz on purpose

Jazz must think so too, because he attacks Forrest

bitch slap!!

SIX saves the day by being there for a vaccination, otherwise I think they might have had a punch up.

They have clashing traits - Neat and Slob

Those two are never going to be friends!!

ONE appeared but she wouldn't let him vaccinate her.  
She looks narked with him I don't know why.

A great way to release stress!!
Smash a pumpkin!!

At least he cleaned up the mess!!



  1. LOL at this so much . But oh my gosh SEVEN and EIGHT are freaking gorgeous. I don't know if I asked you this yet but are they available for download? because holy moly they would make some dang beautiful babies. You are right Forrest has made the best looking babies yet.
    Seriously I love this. I am so happy I found this and it inspired me to do my own because man oh man it is fun. I miss my babies, being on holiday and away from them, I can't play them.

    1. I am glad that you are enjoying it!!

      If you look on the right hand side underneath the labels - I am putting all of the children in the DOWNLOADS box when they reach young adult in my game. I will be adding SEVEN to ELEVEN there over the next few days - as they have all reached young adult now.

      I am going to hate ending Forrests time - I wish I could keep him longer and make a load more babies with him, but I'll have to do that in another file.