Friday, 23 December 2016

Update 25 (Just a note)

Now that Forrest's time is over ... I thought I would show you the children that he has in TCE

Fudge - Mint and Bayleaf

Bayleaf is on my baby dad list - so he will take his turn eventually

Jazz has never had any children, so I had none to show you.


I've been scratching my head ... trying to decide who to use as Baby Dad 3.

Sunny Shine was the next on my list, but I have been debating over even using him at all in this challenge  ... Sunny is not one that I am looking forward to at all!!

I eventually decided not to use him - because if there is any baby Dad that is going to make me lose interest in playing this ... it will be Sunny!!

Sunny Sun Shine

It is not that I don't like Sunny .... but, Sunny and Red and Sunny already have 8 children together in TCE ... well 7  (Scarlet is not actually Sunny's child!)

So I thought I would show you the children that they already have together  ....

They were all born in game on free will out of the active household ... without any of my interference whatsoever.

Six of the children are 3 sets of twins. (she has a history of constantly having twins!!)
Crimson & Cherry
Carmine & Maize
Strawberry & Honey
Only Saffron and Scarlet were single children
Carmine and Maize are actually identical twins all but their eye colour.

I didn't want to see another six children come from them - more than likely there would have been too similar or duplicates of the ones they have already got.

Like I said in the introduction I wanted to use first the original boys who helped to kick off TCE.  Sunny now ruled out, which means either Mango and Alpine should be coming next, but after Forrest (Mango having the same career path and Alpine being green) it would have been too repetitive, so they will have to wait a while.  I have a lot of brown sims in my list, so to keep it varied colour and career wise - I am going to use one of my brown skinned sims.

Soooooooooooo .... Baby Dad number three is going to be Saffron's boyfriend .... Atlas Maps.

Just a note.
Unlike all the other baby Dads ... I am not starting with a fresh copy of Atlas.
I will be starting with a library copy of him - so he will be starting with maxed cooking, but no other skills.  He also has a bisexual gender preference ... so he might be a little unpredictable.

Why I am doing this is because he is a little unique in a way ...  story wise in TCE ... behind those brown contacts of his he is hiding a secret ... which I want to keep in this challenge, moreso because I am testing something out.  I have never had any children with him before and I want to see what eye colour comes out in his babies ... brown, blue or orange.  I think I already know it is going to be brown - but I'm trying just out of curiosity.

So don't freak out or think you are going mad when you see his eyes keep changing ... they are meant to be that way.  You will only see his brown eyes with his everyday wear and work uniform ... all the rest of the time he will have blue and orange odd eyes.


Onto Baby Dad number 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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