Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Update 22

Red and Apple have become painting buddies.

Slow dancing

and broken toes!

Jazz is back again.

Jazz = "Hey boy!!  You know what your Mother is going to do soon don't you!!"
EIGHT = "No what?"

Jazz =  "When the youngest becomes an adult, she will kick you all out with Forrest, move in another bloke and have another load of kids!!"
EIGHT =  "She wouldn't ... she loves Dad!!"
Jazz = "She loved / still loves me, but it didn't stop her!!  That's exactly what she did to me, and she will do it your Dad too!!  Don't say I didn't warn you!!"

EIGHT is amusingly chatting with Holly on the computer

Back in his bed.

Oops now the bird has died!!

Seriously EA ...... children play this game!!!!

SEVEN wants to hang out with one of his school friends Donny.
They have a fight and he goes home.
Seven doesn't seem to have a lot of luck with his meet ups!!

Gardening by candle flame fruit light

After his mate storms off, he has a giggle with Emily

TEN now lives in the activity room with NINE

Red wants to mix an elixir
But it was only the one and no more wishes rolled  (pout)

When she is a witch she lives on on the alchemy station

Forrest has surprised me since his birthday, he suddenly seem quite relaxed, when I thought it would be the total opposite - there is no midlife crisis - he must be happy with his lot

I forgot about this.
I really wished EA had fixed the eating face pictures!!

I'm saying nothing!!

Forrest has to hold a free clinic for work.  This time it is in the cemetery.

The first two patients to arrive are ONE and THREE.

Three is tired of waiting I think!

THREE finally gets her turn

Forrest = "You need a nose job .... you look too much like your Mother!!"

any excuse to have a grope!!

I am HIGHLY amused when Jazz's ghost shows up!!  Especially when he is not supposed to be out during the day time.

Jazz = "I haven't been feeling myself lately Doc, what's wrong with me."

Forrest = "No pulse or heartbeat!"

Forrest = "Pupils fixed and dialaged"

Forrest = "No reflex movement"

Jazz = "So, what's up with me Doc?"
Forrest = "Any idiot can tell you ... you are dead mate!!"

FOUR is next

Forrest = "Follow the pen."

he kicks FOUR very hard in the shins while he is watching the pen

Forrest = "Use your legs more!!  Walk instead of flying everywhere, then your ankles and knees wouldn't feel so stiff!!"

He's not a model ... he's a doctor!!

seriously have you seen the size of that pill!!

Forrest = "Next time you photograph me, it will be your camera going down the back of your throat, and it will hurt a lot more than that pill did!!"

Clinic over!

Forrest makes a beeline for THREE

Watch out ONE!!

Isn't it funny how much time Forrest gets to socialise with Reds kids - and she doesn't bother!!

Now this should be hysterical!
Holly phones EIGHT for a date!!

Off he goes to the festival ground - but before he gets there she calls the date off as she is tied up with something .... work obviously.

She suddenly acts like she is dying and says she wished there was a doctor around.  LOL

EIGHT to the rescue

hysterical when he is still only a bed pan cleaner!!

She gets to eat a big pill too!!

I nearly fall off my chair ... Holly is ACTUALLY SMILING at EIGHT!!!!

But you know it was not going to last long!!  Out comes her viscous tongue!!

Just walk away EIGHT!!

APPLE earned $36 for his picture ... bless!!

While Red earned $3164 for this one.

Red is reading a few of those new recipie books that are weighing her down.

TEN has invaded Reds easel.

Mr Chilled out is playing chess with himself

The game gave these everyday clothes to TWELVE.
She seriously goes to school wearing nothing but that!!

SEVEN and EIGHT both get the celebrity opportunity to work out for 4 hours.

Forrest joins them because he still has not completed his four hours yet.

Nice to see Red is making friends with Apple, as they will be stuck together for a lot longer than the other six of Forrests children.

TEN and NINE's musical instrument skills are flying up the levels

but NINE is still taking time out to do the housework

Jazz is here a hell of a lot ... day and night

I would love to know what he is complaining about

Red starts flirting with Jazz.
It's just a good job Forrest has ran out on an emergency at the hospital and doesn't get to see it!!

Jazz is spending a lot of time with ELEVEN watching television or playing console games.

I'm very nervous when I see Jazz and Red together ... although since he died and became a ghost, I notice their romantic connection is not there any more

Jazz taking pictures of Forrest getting into bed ... amusing and a little creepy!

NINE has his birthday and becomes a young adult

I had to show you what the game dressed him in LOL girls hair?!

NINE gained the Perfectionist trait

Jazz is making himself right at home - cooking, eating and washing up!!

It's quite nice to have him around again!!

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