Monday, 12 December 2016

Update 10

I have had to add an extra bed for Holly.
I am hoping we don't get too many extra babies along the way.

SIX has his birthday

SIX gained the Supernatural Sceptic trait

He is like TWO I really don't know who he looks like.

How they are not freezing to death is beyond me!!

This family has always been way too organized - all now sleeping through the night together and at the right time - which is not normal for wishacy!!

SIX now sleeps in the igloo all the time - I'm not sure he likes sleeping in a houseful of supernatural creatures that he does not believe in ... even if they are his family!

I hope that washes off!!  Vandal!!
Go and do something useful ... get yourself a job!!

Since graduation - she has not rolled any work related wishes, so she is still unemployed.

She thinks its good ..... I don't!!

THREE casts chattering teeth on SIX

I'm surprised he laughed - but then I didn't really know how he would react - he is supposed to be a sceptic, which is going to be very hard when he lives in a house full of fairies!!

A laundry gnome has appeared in the washing.

For the six children - trying to talk to one of their parents is never a good idea!!


Well you did walk into your parents bedroom while they were making a racket!!

Now everyone is embarrassed!!  lol

FIVE is busy repairing again
He rolls a Life Time Wish = Creature Robot Builder ... so I lock it in.

Painting 16

FOUR gives Holly some fairy dust and is playfully pestering her.  Maybe he is trying to sweeten her up so she doesn't yell at him.  She is constantly grumpy with everyone and friends with nobody except FIVE - everyone else is red in her friends list!! 

And off she blows!!  She is a very prickly plant - her name suits her!!
Yes walking away is the wisest thing to do FOUR!!!!!

The joys of playing wishacy.
The piles of washing are building up and nobody is cleaning them up.

THREE picks up a musical instrument for the first time - lol

I told you SIX is a strange child ... why would a supernaturally sceptical person wish for an alchemy stations????!!!!!

Well he did and he got one!!

Maybe he wants a potion to make himself one - that is the only way he will believe it!!

We can see where your brains are Jazz ... they are definitely not in your head!!

Yes it would taste nasty ... its gone off!!  Can you not see the green stench?!

But he eats it anyway, he doesn't have time to cook something else, he has better things to do with his time .....

... dragging Red back off into the bedroom!!

SIX is the first one, other than Red, to go anywhere near the easel.

TWO had a date phone call - so I accepted it. 
She has nothing better to do - she still has not rolled any job wishes and neither of the girls who gained romantic interests at prom have rolled any wishes to interact with them.

When she got to the festival ground I was surprised to find it was another woman.

FIVE wanted to go to the winter festival - so I sent him along with TWO

He is not too good at snow boarding yet

He spends most of his time falling on his backside!!

Finally he gets it

Look closely at the woohoo hearts flying out of the igloo!!

Nosey me went to look .... I was highly amused when I saw who came out of the igloo

TWO's date!!

followed by TWO!!

I forgot I have autonomous un-romantic woohoo still turned on - so yeah, if the mood takes them - it doesn't matter who they are jumping - anyone is game!

She is her mother's daughter alright - doesn't miss an opportunity to jump someone!!
Strutting through the festival ground wearing only her underwear, making a show of herself!!

I'm not surprised FIVE is not amuzed!!  Red and Jazz are now invading their new igloo!!

Seriously ONE that is not going to end well.

ONE walks off after Holly has kicked off at her.  Then poor FIVE gets it for just walking into the room!!

Man this girl has anger issues!!  She is a right miserable trout!!

I think grumpy and dislking children is not a good combination of traits!!
I've noticed that disliking children also includes teens - so until FOUR, FIVE and SIX become adults - she is never going to be happy!!
(which makes me very nervous about baby Dad number 2 - Forrest has the disliking children trait!!)

TWO is back off her date, she now has two romantic interests, so I dread to think about what she has been up to, and what I missed ... I should have stayed with her and watched!!

Red wants to learn a new recipie.

Mushroom omlets are now on the breakfast menu!

TWO is watching the cooking channel - I hoped it might spur her into wanting a cooking career - but no!!

FINALLY - the three boys get to go to school - because today was not a snow day!!

I think I might have to change the seasons (I have them set to 14 days each)  So they have hardly been to school during their child and teenage years - which has not done a lot for their grades - which are all C's.

FOUR has his birthday and becomes a young adult

FOUR gained the Loves the Cold trait
LTW = Superstar Athlete

He rolled a wish for an athletic career straight away - so he now has a job at the stadium.

FIVE wants to improve his handiness skill

Its graduation time.
FOUR is graduating.

I am glad that I thought to strategically place the town hall opposite Red's house - She is going to be attending a lot of graduations with her family, and it is always a nightmare event!!

I laugh - FOUR hangs around after graduation, he sits reading a book.
Another graduate (and one of his school friends) interrupts him and just attacks him for no reason.

We have heart farts between them and I wander if it isn't some kind of romantic tiff!!
You are gay and I'm not situation - lol

You must have a death wish FIVE!!

Holly doesn't know how to have fun and you are about to get your head bitten off for even trying!!

Me and my ONLY friend!!

I wandered where the winter gnome had got too, I haven't seen him since he moved out of the bathroom - I guess he has been buried in the snow.

Do I spy a smile on Holly's face?!  Music + Party Animal = smile
Maybe I should give her a stereo!!

Holly builds a snowman that I have never seen before!!

A tragic clown snowman!!

That is a first for me!!

This is the first time I've seen anyone pillow fighting.

I am shocked!!  Holly starting a pillow fight with SIX - her way of beating him up I guess!!

$1846 she got for this one

Now THREE and FIVE are also pillow fighting

Seriously they need to give it a rest!!

Holly is catching butterflies

She rolls a Life Time Wish ... she wants to be Zoologist

I guess that figures ... she doesn't like people - she has to like something - so Animals will do.

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