Thursday, 22 December 2016

Update 24

ELEVEN wants to be a Professional Author ... so she starts writing her first book.

I am amused that the game has dressed TEN and ELEVEN in the same clothes ... quite fitting for twins.

Mr four star celebrity is now chauffeured around in a limo

He has finally had his promotion .... he is now a Neurosurgeon

EIGHT has also had a promotion - he is a Paramedic

NINE is also doing well at work - he is celebrating his promotion to Stage hand by taking a dip in the sea!!

Yes there are beaches in this world .... but this is the first time any of the sims have interacted with any of them.

Yes Winter is also here again!

He is going to freeze to death!!  lol

I'm not sure how ... but TEN is on painting level 5 already ... she's only painted 3 pictures!!
Unless she read the finger painting book when she was a toddler?!

We have lots of snow

I thought we had seen the last of Red's burnt offerings!!

She is the only sim I know with maxed cooking skill to STILL be burning food!!

Apple is now spending a lot of time working out.
I get a feeling I might know what career path he will chose - sport!

French Toast ... Forrests favourite!!

Yes I knew that would make him happy!!

So I get the first opportunity to play with her fairy summoning power.

And here comes FOUR!!


Four heads inside and joins Forrest to play chess.
Forrest being really the only one that he is friends with here at the moment.

Jazz doesn't want to get left out of the family get together .... he appears

I am glad that FOUR is sticking around ... I half expected him to go quickly

He hangs around a lot with EIGHT.

Jazz is taking pictures of everyone.

FOUR ... it is like he never left!!

Jazz and ELEVEN are very good friends already surprisingly

Red and Forrest .... seem to be enjoying the hot tub working again!

WHAT THE ......

Yes EIGHT .... I am as shocked as you are!!

One of them obviously decided to take advantage of the unromantic woohoo ... although they never quite got there - Jazz vanished before they managed it!!

FOUR amusingly is having a party tonight .... even though he is here Forrest and EIGHT got party invites.

He is not leaving because he is having way too much fun getting to know his half siblings I think!!

Seeing SEVEN reminds me ... when he got sacked from the police station ... he decided on a science career, so he has a job at the science fascility next door ... but probably not for much longer ... he is not going to his second job either ... I think this boy is destined to spend his life unemployed and bumming off his Dad!!

EIGHT and FOUR are now really good friends

FOUR and TEN fairy frolicing

Well that is a stupid place to build a snowman Red!!

FOUR actually stayed over night and missed his own party!!!   LMAO!!

Another sign Apple is destined for a sports career!!

FOUR and EIGHT having a snowball fight.

Feeding time at the zoo!!

FOUR left after eating ... I think to go to work.

Even Jazz turns up again for dinner - lol

Happy families ..... I am seriously going to miss Forrest and this batch of kids!!

Jazz makes himself useful and cleans up all the dishes

Oops!!  Jazz interrupts SEVEN on the toilet.

That will teach you to float through walls Jazz, instead of knocking on the bathroom door!!

NINE and TEN are entertaining Jazz with their music

I am amused when Jazz joins in

£217 that was worth - but I didn't sell it - it is now on the bathroom wall

We seem to have gained a second Winter gnome

EIGHT is now doing vaccination clinics
Why the cemetery keeps being used I don't know!!

He only got the same two patients as Forrest did ... FOUR and Holly

Why bother EIGHT!!
Yes she ripped his head off!!

EIGHT even got time to build half a snowman before one more patient appeared.

One of the paps that stalk him at home ... and of course he had to take a photo first!!

Not so loud!!  You will wake Jazz up!!

Mr World Renowned Surgeon has completed his Life Time Wish!!

celebrating in his usual way!!

Being very constructive

Jazz is back again

I'm glad he doesn't have the ability to pee himself anymore ... that is one thing I haven't missed.

Red = "No Jazz, this is not your bed anymore!!
Jazz = "But ..."
Forrest = "You heard her ... sling your hook!!"

Painting 32
Shame we didn't get a portrait of Jazz when he was still alive!!

Strangely both stressed out doctors wished for a trampoline at the same time

I think the sand pit is the reason why SEVEN is not going to work .... he is camped out here permanently, either that or sleeping!!

EIGHT is now wearing the blue uniform because he is a Medical Intern.

That's a picture I haven't seen before

Forrest is earning $2462 a day now being a World Renowned Sugeon.

EIGHT is now onto reading medical journals for work

Painting 33
Zebra painting for the third time

TWELVE and Apple come back from school for the last time.
They are both on A grades!!

I'm amused when I spot Jazz and ELEVEN in the background

EIGHT has reached the half way mark in his career - he is now a Resident!!

Oh Boy!!

Jazz you dirty old man!!

Now I'm panicking because I can hear BABY CHIMES going off and two lots of woohoo happening.
So which couple has just created a baby .... ELEVEN and Jazz or Red and Forrest (gulp!!)

I'm neurotically watching Red and ELEVEN to see which one is having a baby.

 Hysterically ... it is ELEVEN!!!

Red is having to fix the broken dishwasher already

Red is painting a portrait of Forrest ... I hope it's a good one!!

Shoot ... EIGHT has just had another promotion ... he is now a Trauma Surgeon!!

ELEVEN has grown a baby bump.

We will have to wait until this little one grows up and is running around the street no doubt before we will get to see how he turns out.

TWELVE is having her birthday and becoming a young adult.

TWELVE gained the Night Owl trait
LTW = Astronaut

Apple has his birthday and becomes a young adult

Apple gained the Disciplined trait
LTW = Master of the Arts

 Mr Muscles!!

Jazz = "Oh Boy ... now you know your time here is up don't you!!

Forrest =  "Shut up you stupid ghost!!"

Well this is the end unfortunately for Dad number two.

At least we have something to remember him by.

 Jazz = "I'll see you around Forrest .... probably when you come back to haunt us!!"

I am pretty heartbroken!!!
I really don't want to say goodbye to Forrest ... but unfortunately I've got too!!

(Sob!! Sob!!)

Now I have Baby Dad 3 dilema ... STILL not sure about who to use next ...


  1. Oh my Forest's time in the house was so entertaining. Especially in the beginning when him and Holly were taking care of the babies. It is always so funny to watch the faces of sims that hate children.

    I can't believe that Forest wanted to marry her?! He should know that wouldn't change her. Oh and I cannot believe that Jazz got one of Red's kids pregnant. I guess since he can't have Red anymore one of her new offspring will do, lol.

    1. Yes I really enjoyed Forrest's time! (it kind of killed Atlas's time for me :()
      Forrest has always been one of my favourites - but now - I've fallen in love with him!!
      This is kind of educating for me - most of the sims that i'll be using I've only seen glimpses of - they are basically photo shoot models for my chapters - playing them wishacy and watching them on free will is very entertaining for me! I guess you will understand this more than most.