Friday, 16 December 2016

Update 17

It amuses me that Forrest stands watching the toddlers and pulls faces.

Screaming kids!!  Where is Holly when I need her!!

Red is fairy repairing the computer

But it didn't work - the damn thing is still broken!!

Sign baby 10 is on the way

There relationship is slowly getting back to normal - they are sleeping in the same bed again and their friendship is going back up.

Baby bump

You would never know only a few days ago they were kicking off!!

Red sleeps through the squealing baby monitor - I swear she does it on purpose!!

I decided to try and cheer Holly up by fulfilling some of her wishes.
She wants to catch, birds and other small animals.

She found a Macaw

an iguana and a spotted turtle

Is that a smile on her face?!

She puts the turtle away in the tank.

The bird gets a new home

No ... she is still pulling faces!!

and the iguana gets a new tank

Red finally fixes the computer the normal way

The gardening is a lot quicker to do when Red uses bloom, it instantly sorts out the plant without taking time to water and weed.

Holly is talking to plants - but not helping to weed or water!

Whoopie cushion!!
That one has been there for ages - that is the last of the teenage pranks in the house (until SEVEN and EIGHT grow up - lol)

SEVEN is spending a lot of time watching the television

He doesn't look amused by the bird, then he rolls the wish to teach it to talk.

$2136 she got for the completed Zebra painting - I forgot to take a picture of it completed.

Holly playing with her bird.

lol - I just noticed Red and Forrest in the background

LMAO!!  Forrest wants to get married!!

Sorry love, that is not happening!!

Just when we get peace and harmony back ....

Jazz is ringing the doorbell!!

I hope everyone will ignore it ... but Forrest has to be an idiot and respond to the doorbell ringing.

And he invited Jazz in .... for a genius he can be pretty silly sometimes!!

Yes Jazz ... she has had a load more kids

I notice Jazz brought one of the puppies with him.

Well you did invite him in Forrest!!

Red puts on a show (I'm rolling my eyes)

Jazz gets upset

I expect him to kick off, but he doesn't

Lol, the puppy starts scratching up the furniture

Finally Jazz gets to spend some time with his daughter ... I wander if Holly is the reason why he came round?

There is a bit of agro between Forrest and Jazz but not much

Jazz never made it to being a Rock Star - his career stuck on the Lead guitarist that he was when he left this house.  He is showing as retired now - which is confusing when I know he is one of the food merchants at the festival ground.

I get this horrible feeling .... I hope he hasn't come here to die on me!!

I had that happen quite often in my Swan wishacy ... older generations coming round and expiring of old age while they are visiting, like they did it intentionally!!

I checked him and he has a while left yet - but not long.

Woohoo in the shower!!

Just rub it in Jazz's face, why don't you!!

SEVEN has his birthday

and so does EIGHT

SEVEN gained the Supernatural Fan trait.

EIGHT gained the Bot Fan trait

Forrest and Jazz are having a kick off, I don't know why


EIGHT is scared of the little puppy growling at him - which sounded more like a mouse squeaking lol.

Don't wish for a dog .... because you won't be getting one!!

I am really glad that Red is behaving herself and not messing about with Jazz!!!  I could do without another couple of days of Forrest kicking off!!

EIGHT tries to gossip with his Dad

Leafy you make me sad!!

Red picks her moments!!

The baby is coming!!

TEN is a fairy girl

Hang on, she hasn't finished!!

What is with the multiple births??!!!  She does not have fertility treatment.

Twin girls.

ELEVEN is a human girl

Jazz is reading EIGHT a bedtime story

Freak out!!  LOL!!
Yes Forrest there are two of them!!

No rest for the wicked!!

Forrest = "How the hell does she sleep through the racket?"

She's faking it!!  She'll get up in a moment  and start painting, after she knows you are sorting out the babies!!

I don't understand why he puts them on the floor - stares at them, then picks them up again and does the totally wrong thing with them.  If they need feeding he changes nappies - lol  So I have to sit watching him do this two or three times before he does what the baby needs and stops crying.



I thought at first that the girls might be identical - because of them having identical colouring, but they aren't.  EIGHT has Forrest's ears and shape face and SEVEN doesn't.

He pulls faces at the two girls ...

then sits down and plays with ELEVEN

Fighting over the seesaw - lol  Forrest wants a go!!

He is rolling potty training wishes again - so I keep him busy.

We have lost the bird already .... LOL!!

It has flown off .... I think!!
Holly is not bothering with the 3 animals that she has - Red and Forrest are filling up their food - so she wont be getting any more!!

Red starts teaching TEN to talk ... while Forrest potty trains ELEVEN

Well I'll be blown!!
Forrest rolled the wish to teach both the girls to talk!!  Lol ... I think he is getting the hang of the Daddy thing!!

SEVEN and EIGHT are playing on their playground

Grrrrrrrr.  More IF's in the post!!

NINE has to fight to get to a potty chair.

SEVEN is a good boy!!

Painting 25

Nine is watching a lot of television

Playing on the seesaw with EIGHT

For someone who dislikes children - he is not turning out to be too bad a Dad!!

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