Sunday, 11 December 2016

Update 7

I just thought I'd say ...
I am not responsible for any of the clothes that the children are wearing, I am just leaving them in the clothes the game gives them, so if they look awful - shoot EA!!

Red has an eternally faithful Reputation!!
I don't think that has ever happened with her before ... but it is not going to last!!

Forbidden fruit seeds take too long to grow!!

She now can't do anything with the garden - Winter has arrived and everything is now dormant.
I'm waiting for her to wish to buy indoor plant containers - so she can indoor garden instead.

Painting 11

FOUR is trying to discover a potion.

I think the fairies are cruel playing there fairy tricks on their none fairy siblings!!
FIVE and SIX have no way of retaliating!!

FOUR is now a little singed!!

Singed ... just like Reds cooking .... is it me ... it is not normal for someone with level 6 cooking skill to STILL be burning food, is it!!??

Jazz wants some fairy dust

So he can fly ....

FOUR is up in the middle of the night - he still has not found the shower

$397 she got for this one.

Red wants to upgrade something - so the sink is getting upgraded to self cleaning.

TWO is attacking the lawn with a spray can.

Talking to the plant is never a good sign that it is just going to be a fruit!!

Yes Red, it is a turtle!!

She picked it up while she was out picking up collectables to sell.
She wanted to buy an aquarium, so I guess we now have a pet!!

Jazz is a popular guy ... phone is constantly ringing.
Dates and female workmates phoning for a chat.
He is not going to have a problem getting a life, I don't think, after Red boots him out (cringe)

TWO is actually a very annoying sim.  She is critiquing everything repeatedly!!

Well you did it!!

Bad parenting!!  Would you let your child go to bed in that state??!!

ONE is pretty quiet most of the time, either reading or sitting in the hot tub.

Painting 12

Jazz is now a Lead Guitarist (he is at level 8) .... nearly a Rock Star
He only actually works 3 days a week now

I don't know how SIX is sleeping while Jazz is playing his guitar!!

ONE's attempt at trying to discover a potion didn't go down too well!!

This amused me!!
The singed fairy club!!

We have our first extra baby!!

Meet Holly.
She is a a plant girl - and she will be a female clone of Jazz seeing as he pulled her up.
(which is why he did it instead of Red - we will be seeing enough of her offspring)


Traits - Grumpy - Dislikes Children -
Favourites - Kids - Potato & Truffle Torte - Pink

I love plant babies -
They don't need feeding, they don't need nappy changes, as they never use the toilet.
All they need is sleep and social interaction

and of course the flower trails they leave everywhere are quite cute

Red teaches Holly to talk

Seriously his phone is getting on my nerves!!

(It is pretty funny - I play my game with earphones in - and the only thing that my hubby ever hears from my game is the phone ringing -  and every time he yells ... answer your phone!!)

Red makes a start on teaching Holly to walk
but something Jazz does interrupts her and she stops.

I'm saying nothing!!

I'm renaming  him ... Jazz-pee-berry Charm

ONE has been to school singed like FOUR did

Red gets round to finishing teaching Holly how to walk

After THREE days FOUR finally finds the shower!!

I was beginning to forget what he looked like!!

TWO is probably critisising Holly's xylophone playing!!
(can you tell she annoys me - cough!!)

SIX has his birthday

he gained the Computer Whizz trait

he is a cutie!!

THREE is stamping in the background because TWO is yet again clogging up the bathroom critiquing the pot plant for the hundredth time - she constantly has everyone yelling around the bathroom ... this is why she annoys me so much!!

FOUR has his birthday

FOUR gained the Athletic trait

SIX gets his first bedtime story

OH NO!!!  Who let that IF doll into the house!!

That is all the childrens beds filled ...
the first batch of six bees cooked that will soon be ready to fly the nest - I just need them to hurry up and grow up!!

Mysteriously during the night the tap sprung a leak.

Miserable madam!!
If you had a shower you would feel a whole lot better!!

Oops!!  After being caught trying to set a fairy trap on the sink, she is spotted trying to set the scary screen on the computer!!

Now she's in trouble ... grounded

and time out!!
The joys of being a teenager!!

Now it is THREE's turn to get into trouble!!
No one can sets the whoopie cushion trap without Jazz spotting it!!

At the boarding school in his TCE life - he was the king of the whoopie cushion - every possible place he could find he set that trap!!

Jazz even has eyes in the back of his head and he has to stop kissing Red because they saw something!!

Yes THREE has been caught trying again with the whoopie cushion

You know why he's so angry don't you, they were just planning a trip to the bedroom for woohoo!!
Off Red scurries, I guess he will join her there in a moment - after he's answered his phone to one of his stalkers.

FOUR has managed to fairy trap the sofa without either of their parents noticing!!  Obviously he is a lot more sneakier than the girls!!

I think ONE is sucking up doing jobs around the house to try and get herself ungrounded.
Yes she finally found the shower!!

Jazz is also psychic and sees through walls!! 
He was in the bedroom with Red ... he's never moved so quick!!

Yes, she has been caught red handed!!

Time out and grounded!!
Boy am I going to have some fun when ONE and THREE try to go to school tomorrow!!

Not impressed with myself one little bit!!
I am too busy laughing at and watching the girls antics ... I forgot about the IF doll Holly has.

Now she has made friends with the doll ..  she is going to have to keep it
(Sob!!  Sob!!)

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