Thursday, 15 December 2016

Update 16

Like Red isn't already in enough trouble with Forrest!!!
She answers the door to an alien ....

and starts flirting with him!!

You are just starting to see the real Red - she was faithfuly to Jazz, but I knew it was never going to last!!  She generally flirts and automonously woohoo's with any man she can get her hands on.

Red and Forrest are not friends right now .... so they can't even sleep in the same bed!!
He will have the BETRAYED moodlet for two days and will be sulking!!

Holly gets up in the middle of the night to sort out crying NINE.

Forrest arrives a little after Holly

Holly = "You've done it again!!!  Now we have a third brat in the house!!"

I'm surprised when she goes outside and starts skating on the frozen pond.
It is spring - 2 days to summer - why is the weather still so bad?


Traits = Friendly - Neurotic
Favourites = Geek Rock = Veggie burgers - Orange

Red tries to hug Forrest ... he's not having any of it, obviously!!

I think she tried to apologize

which just has Forrest kicking off at her.

Red walk away you idiot!!!
You need to leave him to calm down - you aren't getting anywhere while he feels betrayed!!

The picture from the festival ground

I hope he isn't staring out of the window waiting and watching for Jazz ... lol

SEVEN and EIGHT are now using the potty chairs on their own.

Forrest makes a start on NINE's potty training

Red tries to jump him which just has him kicking off!!

She is making it worse by not leaving him alone - which I'm finding funny, even though I don't know how I'm going to get their relationship back to normal, that is now in the red.

She tries to flirt with him

Forrest = "Does this woman ever give up?!"

No she doesn't!! She's got no morals or conscience - all she wants is your body and your babies!!

After another kick off ....

He goes off sulkily to play chess

Red leaves him alone for all of five minutes

Then she joins him ... lol

she is going to drive him till they start fighting!!

she beats him!!
(which I doubt went down too well!!)

As soon as he moves Holly is on his back!!

Poor Leafy is getting his head pecked something cronic!!

And they are off!!!

That just about sums up his weekend.
He has his but kicked by a girl!!!

I send Forrest out so he can cool down, get some peace from the two head pecking women, and run out the end of his betrayal moodlet.

He went to the bookshop to buy a logic book which he rolled a wish to read - so he bought logic 2 and 3.  He played in the photo booth and won a teddy out of the arcade machine.

The alien is hanging around outside ...  Forrest walked past the ship ... thankfully he didn't get abducted.

Pictures from the photo booth.

 the silly ones always crack me up!!

Betrayed moodlet gone and a new day.
Red tries her luck again - this time he doesn't kick off ....

However, they are not even friends so they can't share a bed!!
L - O - L !!!!!!!!!

BUT ... Red doesn't give up!!
The shower will do instead!!

She has just had you again Leafy!!

NINE got an IF doll in the post ... it is now in Reds inventory with all the others!!

She finally gets round to teaching EIGHT how to walk

I spotted FOUR walking down the road
he is carrying a cute puppy

Oh boy ... there are a load of puppies all over our garden now

Lol ... well she is an animal lover!!

Red makes a start on teaching NINE to talk

Seriously!!??  Who let that dog in??!!

Nice new pink work uniform - because he is now a bed pan cleaner!!

The dog is following Holly around

That dog had better not start scratching up the furniture!!!

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