Monday, 19 December 2016

Update 20

Forrest and EIGHT are now attached at the hip - he is even neglecting Red a little!!

EIGHT is definitely the golden child and Daddies new best friend!!

Forrest had to find and talk to TWO to get some information from her (via the work Opportunities)  Which took a while because she is a celebrity and Forrest had to impress her before she would speak to him

by the time he managed to get the information out of her that he needed  he had become a 2 star celebrity himself ..... so now I have Paps and public disgraces to look forward to!

However the day wasn't completely bad, when he finished work he got a promotion - so he is now a Gene Therapist (level 7) so he is earning about $1,000 a day.

and here comes the first public disgrace!!
Sleeping with an Ocult!!!
He is going to get this now every time they woohoo!!

I lost EIGHT and found him over the road watching FOUR busking.

They don't even know each other - but know they are half brother and sister - hugs.

SEVEN decides to play a fairy prank on Forrest

Not impressed!!

Why try to prank the sink when your Dad is stood right by you

parents have eyes in the back of their heads!!

Now SEVEN is just being stupid - doing it while Forrest is still stood watching him

Yes you got yourself grounded!!

and put into time out!

$2536 she got for this one

I give up!!  She is growing them in the garden and carving them as quick as she harvests them!!

Forrest in his new Gene Therapist work outfit.

Red teaches Apple to talk

and walk

You be careful Red ... you almost look like a Mother!!

Interacting with her children is not normal!!

NINE is making me sad ... he is not being a child, just a scivy for everyone constantly cleaning up the mess!!

Forrest starts on Apples potty training

SEVEN and EIGHT go to prom

Another pair of IF's for me to delete

Pillow fighting with TEN

NINE has his birthday

You know why Forrest is so happy ... one less child to annoy him

NINE gained the Virtuoso trait

Now that Forrest is a 3 star celebrity we have paparazzi constantly crawling all over the garden.

Most of the children have a celebrity star because they are all friends with Forrest and each other - ironically Red is not yet a celebrity as she is only friends with Forrest.

The boys are back from prom.

EIGHT was prom king

SEVEN got himself a romantic interest called Sharron

Now my game is doing silly things again - chosing when it does and doesn't load store worlds and custom CC ...... ggggggrrrr
so it has replaced the baby monitors with pot plant - lol not that it matters because I don't really need the baby monitors any more.

Something (probably one of Jazz's dogs) has been scratching up the planter

Aww Forrest is helping Red in the garden - he's cleaning away the dead plants.

I extended the activity room and added a drum kit - guitar - piano and bass to distract NINE (with his virtuoso trait) from constantly neurotic cleaning and it worked!!

He now lives on the drums instead

The trouble is now everyone is so distracted by the drums being played - the toddlers are left to scream the house down.

They will soon need a boat - that's been flooding all day

$1084 she got for this one

The last of TWELVE's potty training

All the teenage boys are slowly being drawn in by the musical instruments.

SEVEN's guitar playing must be bad according to Forrest reaction.

Creepy Pap taking photo's of the girls doing their homework

There is a vast difference between Forrests bunch of kids to Jazz's kids!!  Forrests kids get on a lot better, there are hardly any fairy pranks being played or traps being set, their grades are better too.  Red and Forrest are not so active in the woohoo department, but one thing that doesn't change - Red is not friends with any of her kids - lol

Another picture for the wall

Red has now maxed gardening as well as painting.

Painting 28

Yes, NINE is still on the drums

$1938 she got for this one.

This is Sharron, SEVEN's romantic interest

He wanted to go on a date with her - so he met her outside the spa.
It did not go down too well, she only stayed for a short time then did a runner.

This is obviously where Red's first six kids hang out a lot of the time.
SEVEN hung around - did some dancing and chatted to TWO and SIX.

ELEVEN manages to prize NINE away from the drums for a bedtime story
although I don't think she is too impressed with a lesson in logic.

Forrest got a celebrity opportunity - to work out for 4 hours.

He has the weekend off work after having another promotion.
He is now an Infectious Disease Researcher.
Level 8 - just two more promotions to reach his LTW!!

Do you like his T-shirt?!
(Only Boolprop members will understand this.)

I didn't even realise EIGHT was still out and had not come back from school!!
I can't imagine what he has been doing all night - or why he even ended up at the science facility!!

Out after curfew so he gets a ride home (NEXT DOOR) in a police car

Oh dear ... his golden child is in trouble!!

Grounded - for the weekend, what a bummer!!
Not that they go out much.

Not bad for a first attempt at cooking

I have to laugh when I see them both sat together reading logic books
Forrest is on logic 3 and EIGHT on logic 2

EIGHT is probably sucking up to Dad to get let off his grounding

Red wants to learn more recipies ... now she can cook without burning everything.
So she goes off to the bookstore, and buys them all (cough)
Well she does have another 88 plus children and 15 men to cook for in the future!!

She bumps into Holly coming out of the Grocery store.

LOL - there is no nice hello or I miss you  ......
just her usual kicking off

Red cast ... GOLD and TOAD on Holly
.... seriously a waste on Holly - especially if she starts vomiting gold!!

SEVEN is on his way to work.
He wanted to get himself a part time job
So he is a receptionist at the spa.

EIGHT is definitely trying to suck up.  Washing dishes and doing the laundry.
He cleaned up all the dirty clothes piles and put on a wash ... good boy now the house looks tidy again!!
NINE has been seriously slacking - he's still sat on the drums.

Ha!  Red let him off his grounding!!
So his sucking up worked!!

TEN has found the easel
I put another one in the activity room - with TEN and APPLE having the artistic trait

Red casts Gold and Toad on one of the paps on the garden.
Well at least if if he starts vomiting gold - she can pick it up!!

Awwww the iguana died.

Seriously .... crying for hours!!

NINE is distracted by one of the Paps outside
Heart farts - they are both Neurotic 

Lol!!  He invites her in ...

She had heart farts for Forrest too.

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