Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Update 23

Jazz is entertaining SEVEN with his guitar playing

That is an interesting one!!  EIGHT sleeping with Red
I guess Forrest is on the couch tonight!!

Busy working on improving their work performance

The gnomes are having a powow

NINE graduates

with the usual family trip to the town hall

Five of Red's first six kids are hanging around together outside the town hall - only TWO is missing

NINE apparently is most likely to become a Rock Star

Of course - Forrest heads straight over to talk to THREE, while Red blanks all of her last batch of children and goes straight home.

Interesting Glitch!!
EIGHT playing in the sandpit .... not

The sandpit has started to become one of Red's hangouts, annoyingly!!

TEN is a slob, and she does not even get put off by a fly infested stinking dish ... she still picks it up and licks the dish out!!

Brotherly hugs

Painting 29   (I think)

$44 for TEN's house picture

Playing happy families at the weekend

Happily painting together again

He might be pleased that his daughter is doing something constructive, but he is more pleased with himself ..... Forrest has maxed his Logic skill

$2975 she got for this one

and Apple got $15 for this one

It is not often in wishacy that you see the family virtually all eating at the same time.

TWELVE has her birthday

she gained the Vegetarian trait

Apple has his birthday

He gains the Hopeless Romantic trait

It's not often I see the fairy pranks with this family

EIGHT is doing well at work.
SEVEN however, never seems to get to his job at the police station ... his work bar is in the red.

Forrest has to hold another free clinic  in the cemetery again.

Jazz's lonely grave

He only has two patients to treat this time.
Four and Holly.

He is bored standing around waiting for the next patient - but none come.

Homework club

Forrests promotions are being held up a little ... graduation and spooky day have him taking time off when he should be working and when nothing is happening he is on a day off anyway.

Forrest got a freebie dishwasher for just being a celebrity - which will come in handy

Painting 30 (on the left)
Apple rolled a LTW = Master of the Arts ... so it is now locked in.

Nine is now working at the music theatre

Forrest's Logic Certificate

$47 Apple earned for this one

NINE is a maniac with his instrument skills
guitar = 9 ... Piano = 7 ... Drums = 7 ... Bass = 6

SEVEN has had the sack from work - because he only actually managed to turn up ONCE!!!

He must be taking his frustration out on the gnomes!!

It's your own fault .. idiot!!

Red finally decides she wants to fix the hot tub
(this has been broken since Holly broke it!!)

It took them all of two minutes to make use of it!!

Red casts Gold and Toad on TEN!!

So for the next 6 hours she is vomiting fairy gold!!

$70 a coin you get for selling the fairy gold

Forrest got a text off THREE

was it insulting or a secret admirer text ??!!
whichever it was, he didn't look too impressed about it!!

ELEVEN has her birthday and becomes a young adult

She gained the Photographic Eye trait
LTW = Professional Author

TEN is still too busy vomiting gold to have her birthday ... lol

Finally TEN becomes a young adult

She gained the Over Emotional trait
LTW = Hit Movie Composer

I don't know about you .... but I think both of those girls are gorgeous!!

I love taking pictures through the mirror ... I'm surprised this is the first one you are seeing.

They only have another 7 days together ... sadly!!

TEN now has a job at the music theatre like NINE.

I decided to spend some of Red's reward points - maybe stupidly!!
I bought her the Queen of Fae reward - as I've never used it before I wanted to see what it did.

Now she has little fairies flying around her head a lot of the time - lol

One good thing she can do now ... summon any fairy in the world to her instantly ... this might come in handy for the future!!

TEN and ELEVEN graduate

SEVEN's romantic interest is also graduating today

ELEVEN is most likely to write a best selling Novel

TEN is most likely to become a Rock Star

Now I think I know now why SEVEN was deemed the most likely to become electrocuted - because his life is a bit of a mess right now!!  He is a walking disaster - his second job is already going downhill like his first!!

Strange behaviour from Red - hugging one of her kids!!

I am glad that SEVEN and Sharron actually spoke to each other!

Not that much happened other than him giving her the ability to fly and an amorous hug ... then she did a runner.

Forrest woohoo level 4

TEN's painting are getting really good

EIGHT is always getting date phone calls!!  I've just cancels a few off and not bothered to take him on them.
This time it is Emily ... he meets her outside the school

A bit of flirting

Ghost story

He rolled a wish to invite a sim over ... so he did

The date didn't go anywhere romantic ...

just a dance and then bed separately

NINE discovering there are no empty beds.

Emily is sleeping in his bed

So poor NINE had to sleep on the couch!!

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