Friday, 2 December 2016

Update 5

Baby FIVE is coming

So that is where she has been hiding the washing!! lol

The stupid mare decided to have the baby in the hospital and I was not quick enough to cancel it.  Thankfully I managed to stop Jazz from going with her, so he could stay home with the kids.

FIVE is a boy

No fairy sparkles - so this one is human like Dad.

Male sims seriously have no consideration!!
She has just given birth for Berry's sake!!

(No baby chimes)


Traits = Perceptive - Friendly
Favourites = Root - Crepes - Turquoise

No wings!!
(As sad as it sounds FIVE will be the first of her children to be collected by Grimmy - because he will be the first one to reach old age, as he won't have the extended life like his brother and sisters will have being fairies.)

Suddenly I think Dad has a favourite - his own little pink clone!

He rolls the wishes to teach him to talk and potty train him - which he has not really done for the others!

FOUR is thinking ... huh!  He never paid me this much attention!!

TWO and THREE go off for their first day at school

Painting 7

FIVE didn't get an IF either!!  I am seriously loving this!!

Baby chimes.
So that's Jazz's job done!  Six babies produced.

The three girls are doing their homework as soon as they get in from school.

Two of the girls are playing fairy frolics.

Seriously Red you are a BAD Mother!!!!

Casting hot head on her daughter!!

Evil woman!!

THREE  "I'll get you back you evil fairy!!"

The poor thing is now singed!!

Shame Red didn't burn!!

THREE goes to bed still singed.

Jazz is getting love letters and presents in the post from Sara .. lol

Now we have two little boys awake all night while everyone else is sleeping.

Doesn't four look happy now!

Painting 8

THREE still has not found the shower or bath yet, and still walking around singed.

Red is teaching FIVE to walk

While THREE is breaking the computer

and she goes off to school Singed.
(in reality this would have social services on Red's back!)

Red doing a bit more of FIVE's potty training

Jazz has had another promotion - he is now a Lyracist.
As he has two days off work - Red makes the most of getting out of the house to collect things to sell and grow.

as well as get sidetracked - dancing outside the spa

She won't be able to do much gardening soon because of the season - the plants will soon be dormant.

Baby SIX is on the way

And this is the thing I most love about Jazz!!

He does this in the rainbow files, I thought maybe he was glitched but a new copy of him is doing exactly the same thing here too - so it must be his trait combination.

He holds himself because he is desperate for the toilet.

He doesn't go to the toilet - he starts doing something else instead.

Which he has to stop doing because he needs to hold himself again

Yes and the inevitable happens!!

Wherever Jazz is ... there are always puddles of pee!!

Seriously Dad??!!
The girls watch Jazz pee himself!!

ONE wanted a chess table and a telescope
(The three girls all have an A grade at school.)

$62 she got for this one
Its a good job Jazz is earning plenty of money - because Red would be broke by now!!

Wow!!  Red is actually attending to one of her children's needs!!

I must be mad letting her have this machine - I had to get it because she keeps rolling the wish to grow a forbidden fruit!
She is going to be wishing for DNA - clone babies, sim plant babies ... HUH!!!


Red finally gets round to repairing the computer .. without electrocuting herself.

TWO is taking a joy ride.

Jazz has his birthday and now becomes a mature adult.

Red still has 78 days before she reaches his age (the perks of being a fairy!)

Jazz is now having a mid life crisis.

Painting 9

STILL FIVE is not completely potty trained - he seems to be taking forever!!

Baby SIX is coming

If you are wandering what the green is - its the aura of creativity

SIX is a little red boy with no fairy wings


Traits = Slob - Neurotic
Favourites = Songwriter - Tip Top Tofu Steak - Spiceberry


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