Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Update 11

Red = "When did you grow up??"

FOUR = "I've been growning up all my life, but you wouldn't know because this is the first time you've spoken to me since I was a toddler!!

THREE's guitar playing has everyone dancing.

I'm not sure why I took this picture

Painting 17

I am amused she is painting exactly the same painting again

Oh Stop Jazz!!

You are starting to make me really sad!!
Making me feel bad will not keep you here unfortunately!!

FIVE and Holly are outside skating together

He will be wishing to be a ballet dancer next - lol

AND Here she comes!!!
Exactly what annoys me about IF dolls since Into the Future!!
The IF doll is still in Hollys inventory - so we have a human ghost form now running around the place, because we are not getting the doll out!!

While Holly is skating the stupid human ghost IF is running around on the ice.

I don't want FIVE to leave - he repairs things on free will

He is also upgrading a few things too - which he rolls wishes to do.

10 hours later - the stupid thing is still running around the ice - even though Holly is now in bed.

Double vision!!

$1674 she got for the second orange painting

I was beginning to think the Aliens didn't visit this world!!!!
Unusually, this is the first time I've seen an alien.  I'm pretty shocked because I normally get constant abductions!!

Painting 18

Fairy repairs

We rarely see FOUR - He is constantly outside in the snow, because he loves the cold.  He spends most of his time skating.

Seriously STOP!!!
The first time she does something useful, it is something ridiculously stupid!!
She has no handiness skill, so why is she even trying to repair the computer?!

It sparked or banged and she backed away.  Thankfully!!
The last thing I need now is having to create another child to replace her with.

£1017 she got for this one.

Yes we know you are a flirt!!

Red has found the alchemy station

FIVE has his birthday and is now a young adult

FIVE gained the Dare Devil trait


Holly has her birthday and becomes a teenager

She gained the Animal Lover trait

It is always unusual to see Red having a conversation with one of her children!!

Red ... that is not Jazz!!  lol

I nearly had heartfailure when I saw the heart farts!!
At first I thought Red and Five were having a mental moment ....

.... but FIVES heart farts are for the mascot outside!!

The picture of happiness

Painting 19

Seriously FIVE .... Don't you start!!
I know you have inherited your Dads face - but please not his bad habits!!

There is hardly any difference in them

A day in the life of Holly!!

Whoopie cushion prank - caught by FIVE

Second attempt - again caught by FIVE

Third attempt - caught by THREE

Fourth attempt

Caught by FOUR

Computer prank

Caught by Jazz

She must be grounded for life now!!

Holly = "There are too many damn adults in this house!!"

She is never happy!!

Another day at work - but no where near that promotion (pout)

The gnomes are not sticking together strangely

Now Spring is here Red can start gardening again.
The snow just vanished over night in an instance - it shocked me.

FOUR trying to play the guitar.
A sign the snow has gone, he is now constantly inside.

SIX has his birthday and becomes a young adult

He gained the Adventurous trait
LTW = Jack of All Trades

SIX rolled a wish straight away for a Law Enforcement Career - so he now has a job at the police station.

Sorry Jazz ... your time is over !!
All six of your children are now young adults.
Its time for you to move out 😖

I thought I would tell you ... Jazz and Red woohoo'ed autonomously 75 times!! 
and he has left the house with woohoo level 7

I am going to miss him ... but definitely not his pee puddles!!

Bye Jazz  😭


  1. Aww, bye Jazz-Pee-Berry, lol

    75 woohoo's do not shock me in the least. What does shock me is how much Jazz seemed to care for Red. He has gone mental not being a Vamp.

    1. Yeah this is the first time I have played with him properly since the boarding school days.
      How attached they were really shocked me - I never expected it.