Friday, 23 December 2016

Update 26

This was very hard for me ...
Forrest and his six children have moved out and into their new house.

They are now living in the house right opposite Red''s house, and next door to Jazz's six children.

One of these days I'll get to show you the insides of those houses lol

Jazz is asleep on the couch - probably enjoying the sudden peace and quiet.

$2411 Red earned from the third zebra painting.

The clean up begins before baby Dad number three arrives.

Apple is not a lot of help because he is already snoring his head off, and doesn't seem bothered that his Dad and six siblings have now moved out.

We gained a second laundry gnome from the washing.

Red is chilling out and building a snowman.

Apple graduates.

He was the Class Valedictarian
and deemed the most likely to get married.

I swerved going to the town hall, not wanting to see Forrest and the other kids so soon there.

Apple decided he wanted a sports career like I predicted, so he now has a job at the stadium.
So he will need to work on his athletic skill, as well as his painting and guitar skills to complete his LTW.

Atlas has arrived.


Traits = Family Orientated - Natural Cook - Excitable - Hopeless Romantic - Artistic
Favourites = Pop - Ceviche - White
LTW = Celebrity 5 Star Chef

Now I'm in trouble .... LMAO

I have to admit that I have never really paid any attention to Atlas's traits until he landed on the front garden.  I only remembered that he had the natural cook trait and maxed cooking skill, because he is a chef in TCE and I've had to set them to take photographs for chapters.

Atlas and Red are so compatible ... it is frightening me.
Both with Aries star sign and shared Artistic, Hopeless Romantic and Family Oriented traits.  The HR & FO traits will make him just as baby obsessed as Red ... so the woohoo is going to be totally none stop once it starts!!

Atlas heads straight for the sandpit.

(I've learned that the sandpit is an artistic activity ... so that is why Red spends so much time here)

Yeah I expected the heart farts!!
Their friendship bars shoot up to half way straight away, because of how compatible they are.

I think Artistic might also be Atlas's predominant trait, so we might see a hell of a lot of painting from the two of them in his time ... and we have Apple who paints a lot (rolls eyes)

Apple is working on his Athletic skill for work.

I spot Forrest over by the town hall building a snow man.

I forgot to mention - Red and Forrests autonomous woohoo count 45 ... nowhere near Jazz's 75!!

The flirting between Atlas and Red starts straight away

Atlas is very cute - don't you think!

Building a snowman together

The first night he spends in a single bed.

I absolutely love his odd eyes!!

While everyone is sleeping Jazz is out the front building an igloo

He wakes Atlas up going into the bedroom

Hot chilli for breakfast ... its been ages since she cooked it, not since she set fire to the kitchen.

Yes I know she has blown your head ... and not just with her cooking!!  Lol

Seriously Red!!!!  Or is this Jazz's doing?!

Just don't watch Atlas!!

The minute that Atlas and Red become romantically attached ... this is stopping, because unromantic woohoo is going to be changed to romantic only!!

This is going to be carnage otherwise, because Atlas being bisexual could start jumping on Apple ...and Jazz is just going to keep causing trouble by the looks of it.

It is just a good job there were no baby chimes or Grimmie would have been collecting Red!!

I feel like I'm having a little deja vu here!! Jazz and Red in an igloo!!

that takes their woohoo count to 76

Atlas goes to find Apple and starts skating with him ... I'm nervous this could all go pear shaped for me!!

Apple is also Hopeless Romantic and Artistic, and Atlas is bisexual .... I'm an idiot for having Atlas as baby Dad three without checking his traits properly!!

Spinning together didn't go too well

Heart farts!!

Just walk away Apple ... you are not gay!!!!

Thankfully not long after it starts heading in the right direction.
Atlas is the one doing all the flirting and chacing Red around - lol.

Seriously Maps ... you have been spending too much time with Mace!!

Atlas starts the woohoo

Go Atlas ... 1st time!!
Try for baby ... lmao  (but that is what F.O. sims tend to do)


Painting 35

We get a surprise visitor!!
FOUR is at the front door and ringing the doorbell.

Apple answers the door.

FOUR is actually Apples boss at work ... which is good for him, if they make friends!!

Now that the first baby has been created ... Atlas can get the job he wants ... A job at the bistro.

Yes FOUR .... your Mother has another bloke!!

Red is now friends with two of her thirteen children ... FOUR and Apple!

Sign baby 13 is on the way

From here it's constant messing about with Atlas and Red

Oops ... let's hope Forrest and none of the Leaf bee's spot what Red is up to!!

FOUR seems to have taken root!!
He stays the night even though he wasn't asked to.
He even slept in the bed he always used to sleep in.

I can't believe how often Jazz is here.
If his grave was on the garden, we wouldn't see him half as much!!

Every time I lose them and can't hear woohoo going on ... I find them here!!

Atlas is off to his first day at work.

Strangely TWELVE is his boss ??!!  She left this house only days ago having a job at the military base (because she wants to be an astronaut)  I don't know how she ended up at the Bistro!? 

hello TWO and FIVE

Baby bump.

I am amused when she announces the pregnancy to Jazz!!

I hope he doesn't think it's his - lol

Talking about his baby ... according to the family tree ... ELEVEN has had a little red boy called RIAN

FOUR also has a feel of her baby bump.

Fairy Frolics

FOUR has hung around all day.

The dishwasher is broken more than the computer.

Brotherly hugs.

Atlas is back from work

no guessing where they are going!!

She announces the pregnancy to Atlas

Yeah ... he's happy!!

They are already giving me a headache

The 30 minute satisfied moodlet has not ran out yet ... and they are off again!!

out of curiosity ... I checked the woohoo skill
how long has he been here  (2 days) ... 10 times already

I'm glad I have Apple in the house or this might get very boring and repetitive ... painting, sleeping and woohoo is their life!!

As you can see FOUR is still here .... he is rattling around the house like he still lives here.

He spends a second night sleeping in his old bed without being asked to stay over.

I get the feeling he is trying to tell me that he wants to come home ... and if I get a wish or the opportunity comes up I probably will let him move back in.

Red's maxed cooking certificate that she has been carrying around for ages.

Forrest sent her a love letter and the pot plant as a gift in the post

Show off!!

Why try to cook - when there are perfectly good pancakes on the side?

Lol - he doesn't eat his own burnt waffles - he gets the pancakes anyway!!

FOUR amuses me building another igloo

FOUR left just after Apple went to work

Painting 36

$1928 she earned for this one

Jazz and Red's friendship is starting to work it's way back up again.

Seriously not again!!!
It is Jazz starting the woohoo

Their woohoo count 77.

(I'm not sad by the way and counting how many times they do it autonomously ... the karma simtra skill logs - tells me!!)

Apples work outfit is changing his hair ... ggggrrrr

Just what you need when you come home from a hard days work ... a ghost frightening the life out of you.

Apple becoming good friends with his half brother FOUR - helped get him a promotion.
Atlas also had a promotion, he is now a Spice Runner.

Cremated lobster!!

adding herbs to it, is not going to save it!!

Atlas tries to kick it up a notch ... that didn't help it either

Very wise ... get something properly cooked out of the fridge instead!!

Atlas wanted to read a pregnancy book ... bless him

FOUR phoned ... their horse has had foals
Yes I can see ... three of them!!

I think Atlas is excited about this coming baby - he wont leave her baby bump alone!!

Shy kiss!!
Atlas makes the romantic connection

woohoo now set to romantic only ... and it will have to stay like that from now on ...or Jazz is going to wreck everything, however it is not going to stop him from flirting with Red ... ggggrrrrr.

They both want to get married ... and I'm half tempted to let them.

I am waiting for Apple to kick off because Red is still romantically connected to Forrest.
But he doesn't ... maybe he hasn't noticed yet.

The baby is coming
Red opts to go to the hospital.

 And here we go again!!!!  TWINS!!

I seriously don't understand why she keeps having twins without fertility treatment!!  I have always had this problem with Red - on my old pc I thought it was because she was glitched - but even with fresh copies of her and a new pc she keeps spitting out two or more.  I am beginning to think it might be something to do with the Family Orientated trait.

NO Atlas!!  That is not how you hold a baby!!

can you tell ... he is new to this ... lmao!!


THIRTEEN ... is a human girl

Traits = Disciplined - Good
Favourites = Darkwave - Veggie burger - Black

FOURTEEN ... is a fairy boy

Traits = Athletic - Heavy Sleeper
Favourites = Egyptian - Potato & Truffle Torte - Pink

I can't wait to see what these two look like.


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