Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Update 21

NINE is for the most part camped out in the activity room, but he is still doing quite a lot of housework.  He has now moved off the drums and onto the bass.
He rolled the LTW of One Sim Band - so I locked it in.

TEN has her birthday

She gained the Excitable trait

ELEVEN has her birthday

She gained the Bookworm trait.

Forrest = "Yay!!  Two less brats in the house!!"

The first thing TEN did was pick up a guitar and start putting her virtuoso trait to good use.

ELEVEN tries to skip school - but doesn't get away with it.  She is grounded but I doubt that will bother her much, it gives her more time to watch television.

Red suddenly starts crying and at first I can't work out why.

Jazz's time has ran out and he has been collected by Grimmie!!

So I went to the Cemetery and managed the dead - so that I could get Jazz's grave out.

I built an empty cemetery on purpose - so as her men and children die away - I can fill the cemetery with their graves.

He looks happy!!

ELEVEN being a couch potato, since becoming a teenager is now constantly camped out in front of the television.

I will get round to upgrading that computer to unbreakable one of these days!!

TWELVE has her birthday

She gained the Eco Friendly trait

APPLE has his birthday

He gained the Athletic trait

I'm watching Forrest and Red watch the stars when I notice ....

A ghost gnome on the garden.
I'm a little confused because the only thing that has died on this lot is the iguana ... I thought you only got them for sims dying!!

but you know what this means 😝  .... the cemetery ghosts will come to visit ... lol ... there is only one gravestone in the cemetery ... Jazz's!!

They can not get any privacy outside ... the paps are watching and photographing them.

Painting 28
Red wanted to paint a portrait of EIGHT

Ha ha!!  that ghost gnome has just basically told me that that plant is going to be a death flower plant!!  They always hover around death plants.

We now have empty cots and seven full beds ... which means Forrest's time with us is quickly running out!!

I don't worry about Red fixing electrical things now, she is at level 8 Handiness skill, but I'm still waiting for her to wish to upgrade something - so I can sort out that computer to unbreakable!!

Amusingly, ONLY Forrest got an invite to SIX's birthday party, but he was at work at party time, so he couldn't go, which I really wanted to do for a nosey.

This got me thinking ... if he's having a birthday party ... he's aging up to mature adult (gulp)

I spotted FIVE out on the road .... FIVE and SIX being the only none fairy children of Jazz's.

FIVE is already a mature adult!!  😨

$2343 she could have sold the portrait of EIGHT for, but it has been hung on the wall instead.

We have a money tree .... easy money

EIGHT appears to be a bookworm, even though he does not have that trait!

Forrest are you seriously putting that grilled cheese sandwich back into the fridge after someone has bitten a chunk out of it?!

TWELVE wanted a fairy tale about princes and princesses

she got a lesson in logic instead

EIGHT has his birthday and becomes a young adult.

He gained the Bookworm trait (strangely it was automatically game given)
LTW = World Renowned Surgeon

SEVEN has his birthday and becomes a young adult

He gained the Vehicle Enthusiast trait  (that was automatically game given too?!)
LTW = Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

Forrest also has his birthday.
He becomes a mature adult.

and we can see how he is going to celebrate his birthday!!

I'm expecting him, being neurotic, to have a midlife crisis, but there is no signs of it yet.
I'm glad to see he is working on his logic skill!!

and here comes Jazz for a visit!!

Jazz =  "woohoo, I'm home!!"

Hello Mr Alien!!

Jazz chats to one of the Paps.

No ELEVEN didn't pass out at the sight of the ghost ... she fell asleep, probably too lazy to go to bed.

it's that T-shirt again!

Jazz going into his old bedroom has Forrest jumping off the bed.

Forrest = "Hell!!  Am I ever going to get rid of you!!??"

Jazz = "Nope!!"

You can laugh Jazz - I'm predicting trouble - lol!!

Forrest = "Just go back to your grave and leave us alone!!"

Jazz = "Eeeeerrrrr ... Nope!!"

They have some kind of argument

While Forrest and Jazz are arguing Red gets up and goes to use the toilet.

Jazz = "This was my bed first, and I AM going to sleep in it!!"

Good night Jazz

Now the turtle has died.
I'm not sure if it is because of old age or neglect (hides under a chair ... but I am playing wishacy)

Anyone would think Forrest is broken hearted!!

Turtle forgotten!!

I thought Jazz had gone back to the cemetery, but he appeared again to talk to Red before he did vanish.

I fenced off the whole garden, except for a small patch out the front, to stop the Paps from annoying me ... constantly yelling at the back door to be let in.

I feel like I'm having deja vu!!
When EIGHT goes to apply for a job at the hospital, he gets hit with the scary screen.
(just like Forrest did)

SEVEN and EIGHT graduate

Forrest was doing an emergency call out at the hospital and missed the opportunity to go to graduation.  He arrived late and sat out on the bench reading his logic book

I am amused when I see one of the benches outside the town hall is fairy trapped.  I presume it is one Jazz's fairy children that have done it, because I see them over here quite often.

Diplom tossing.

EIGHT apparently is the most likely to take over the world.

and SEVEN ... is the most likely to get electrocuted  (LOL)

Red has coffee breath from eating coffee beans lol

NINE and TEN are filling up the house constantly with music.

APPLE has found the easel

Hours later Forrest is STILL sat outside the town hall reading!!
He managed to get his logic to level 9

EIGHT goes out of his way to speak to Emily one of the regular paps.

Heart farts .... this could be interesting!!

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