Thursday, 29 December 2016

Update 34

$1628 she got for the pig painting

Red randomly finds the alchemy station

Jazz is here again

A hot headed ghost

Jazz is just hovering in the bedroom.
Is he staring at the photograph of himself and Red??

FOURTEEN is still being a busy bee, he's now helping with the garden, so I find it strange that he has not rolled any career wishes yet.

THIRTEEN is spending a lot of time in the hot tub doing nothing .... she is definitely not rolling any career wishes

She starts to roll some decent wishes!!

She wants to improve her alchemy skill .... create 15 elixir and create a skill booster. 

The skill booster made .... I'm going to be crafty with the other 14 elixir that she wants to create.  She will have to max the skill so she learns all the elixirs ... then she can make some useful ones!!

imagine me grumbling right now!!
Those damn carved pumpkins are everywhere again!!

FIFTEEN is getting into trouble for whoopie cushions

me and my best mate ... lol

EIGHTEEN decides in the middle of a workout that he wants to become a Superstar Athlete

SEVENTEEN's paintings are getting better

SIXTEEN has her birthday and becomes a young adult

She gains the Couch Potato trait

LTW = Swimming in Cash

Well she is going to need a rich bloke or sponge off Dad for the rest of her life, because she isn't doing a lot being Shy and a couch potato - I doubt she will hardly ever leave the house.

FIFTEEN has her birthday and becomes a young adult

She gained the Brave trait
LTW = Leader of Free World

FIFTEEN is the only one out of the first four to grow up to young adult, to actually roll a career wish straight away.

She wants a political career, so she gets a job at the town hall.

I'm not sure who this belongs to ... Atlas probably by how much was earned from it

The money trees have started dropping seeds

Analysing the seed, so she can make another on the science machine, when her level is high enough

She has planted a life fruit plant seed, indoors.
At least she will have something growing during the winter.
It's annoying me that she has not rolled a wish yet to get any more indoor planters!!

Red only has 19 days left before she becomes a mature adult .... so I think it is about time I rolled her age back, just in case I forget!

I buy the young again potion with her lifetime reward points - it cost 70 points

so she now has 150 days before she becomes a mature adult

amusingly she is now younger than all of her young adult children!!

FIFTEEN and SIXTEEN graduate

FIFTEEN is most likely to upset others ... lol

SIXTEEN is most likely never to leave the house

lmao ... I have said that myself!!

Painting 49

$1678 for this picture

(Glitch)  How not to paint!!

Jazz is here today

a chat ....

and friendly hugs ....

before a nap

While I'm watching Apple and Atlas in the sandpit ... there is a pop up ....

FIVE Bee is getting old and won't live forever.  Now might be a good time to pay FIVE a visit.

I would if Red rolls the wish too, but she doesn't (pout)

I spot FOUR and TWO over the road reading books outside the town hall
It seems like ages since I have seen either of them.

SIXTEEN is making the most of her couch potato trait .... at least she is watching the cooking channel.

Today Jazz is in a flirty mood

and a mischievous mood ... scaring EIGHTEEN.

Telling a ghost, a ghost story is quite amusing!!

Swatting up on her alchemy skill

$402 for Atlas's picture

Basil has his birthday

He gained the Over Emotional trait

Catnip has her birthday

She gains the Good Sense of Humour trait

EIGHTEEN is getting himself into trouble for keep setting pranks on the computer

I've had to extend the bedroom and add a couple more beds now that the twins have aged up

I need my head kicking for adding double beds.
Atlas and Apple comically decided to give one of the new beds a work out!!

They woke everyone up and shoo'd everyone out of the room to do it ... lmao

After disturbing everyone's peace .... they went and did it again in their own bed anyway!!

EIGHTEEN has found the science machine

Red went along to the cemetery and got out FIVE's grave.
So it now sits next to Jazz's grave

Caramel is in the cemetery.
Red decides to play a fairy trick on her.

Luckily she finds it funny

EIGHTEEN is helping out in the garden randomly, clearing away the dead plants

Another painting of Apples

FIVE's ghost is sitting in the hot tub

Atlas has achieved his LTW
He is now a 5 Star Chef

As a reward he gets a posh fridge.

I love this fridge!!
It gives everyone a good moodlet when they are in the room with it that lasts for 3 hours - the food never goes bad - and it even improves the quality of the meals going into it!!

Sorry Atlas, but you are not taking that fridge with you when you leave!!

Basil gets a random hug off Red

Red is on her way to reading Catnip a bedtime story when she is distracted by FIVE.

Catnip = "Hello ... you have forgotten my bedtime story!!"

Atlas got a celebrity gift from the manufacturers.  A new hot tub.
It is bigger and better than the one they have so the old one is sold and replaced by the new one.

Basil cooking his own food ... bless him!

They are obviously enjoying the new hot tub more than the other one

Apple had a party invite from Holly.
I sent him but there was nobody home - she was at the park working?!

I sent him there, as he was out for nothing anyway, and he did a bit of Apple bobbing with THREE.

THREE won!!
Sulky Apple took himself off home!

Red wants to learn a new recipe ... so she reads one of the books she is carrying around with her still.
She only has the green books left to read ... some of them take hours!!

FIVE's ghost is here again

I thought SIX would have joined him in the spirit world by now, but he hasn't yet.

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