Friday, 30 December 2016

Update 35

The last new recipe she learned ... Angel cake

SEVENTEEN has started to hog the easels with half finished paintings

Oh ............... someone is suddenly heartbroken!!

Forrest has died.

 Now she is going to milk it, and Atlas is struggling to keep a straight face!

Painting 48

Yes she has new outdoor clothes

EIGHTEEN has his birthday and becomes a young adult

he gain the Perfectionist trait
LTW = Superstar Athlete

he is cute!!
I hate that I am not going to see much of him now he is grown up, because it is moving out time!!

SEVENTEEN has her birthday and becomes a young adult

She gained the Workoholic trait
LTW = Magic Makeover

So, that is Atlas's six children all grown up to young adult

I don't move them out straight away ... I need to run out Red's broken hearted moodlet before baby Dad number four moves in.

That T Shirt pops up again

EIGHTEEN now works at the stadium with Apple

FOURTEEN finally gets his head into gear and decides he wants a music career, so he has a job at the stadium.

Flying Catnip.

Snivel, snivel ..... I have two days of this to look forward to


EIGHTEEN is most likely to become a sports star

I see SIX coming out of the Charm house.

He should have gone before Forrest and a few days after FIVE, he is definitely living on over time!!

SEVENTEEN is most Artistic ... lol

Random hugs for baby Forrest lol

There is a new house next door

The house that Atlas and his six children have moved into .... and Apple.

Red and Atlas's autonomous woohoo count ... 21
(I expected Atlas to beat Jazz!! and he probably would have done if they had not fallen out!)

You might be surprised that the household fund is $335,715 after moving out Atlas's batch of bees.

It is clean up time for Red.

Smile .... you are going to turn the milk sour!!

Basil and Catnip are yet to go to school - with a holiday day, the weekend and a graduation day off, which have all kept them from actually getting a day at school.

Now she is crying on Jazz's shoulder.

The twins go off to their first day at school

I have to say ... Forrest has been robbed!!!

He achieved his Lifetime Wish .... so he should have one of the tall graves.

A stupid place to stand reading a book!!

Learning new recipies, there are not many left now

Neither of the twins did their homework when they got back from school.

They would rather play instead

Red gets a phone call from NINE.
It's not often any of her kids phone her!!

Painting 50

An alien visits ... I'm a little confused as to why I have had no abductions yet, I usually got a lot, as well as meteors dropping on the house.

$1139 she got for this one

Doing a little more alchemy research to build up her skill.

These two are amusing me ... neither of them have a single skill showing yet!!!

Jazz is back today

Jazz keeps doing this, just hovering here in the bedroom .... I swear he is staring at that picture of himself!!

They seriously need to stop doing this!!

Red's heartbroken moodlet has now finally ran out ... so it is time to move on.

In walks Daddy number four!!

Prelude .... he is definitely going to shake the house up!!  (lol)



  1. I thought Atlas and Red were going to be so different then they turned out. They seemed made for each other. I wonder if being HO and FO make you react more forcefully to a betrayal? Atlas got so put off by Red talking to Forest.

    Once that happened though I knew he would end up with Apple somehow. I could just feel it! 13 is so gorgeous! I was disappointed by her adult hair though because it doesn't suit her lovely face.

    I just about spit out my drink when I saw that Red went into labor that last time. I think I must have scrolled past the part where you said she was pregnant with Forest's baby from doing it at the lama station.

    On to Prelude...I can't wait to see how this goes!

  2. Oh and I was also wondering if you are seeing different paintings because their traits may influence what they choose to paint. Not sure that is true but it's just a guess.