Saturday, 24 December 2016

Update 28

Atlas is at work, so Red gets to potty train FIFTEEN


Red gets a phone call from Forrest and chats with him

Jazz has broken the hot tub!!

Apple has had a promotion ... he is now a Toddler Sports Couch

They come home to four screaming toddler who need feeding
(because Red was outside ignoring them while she was chatting with Forrest!)

Atlas has also had a promotion - he is now a Vegetable Slicer

Jazz and Apple are jamming together

There is no rest for Atlas and Apple with four toddlers

It is spring again ... and we've acquired another spring gnome

Atlas teaches SIXTEEN to talk and Red teaches FIFTEEN

I'm loving all the painting, because both Atlas and Apple are painting pictures that Red doesn't usually paint - so I'm getting to see a lot of new ones.

Apple is now at level 7 painting skill

Atlas teaches SIXTEEN to walk

and Red teaches FIFTEEN to walk

FIFTEEN and SIXTEEN have already learned all their skills

Apple is invited to TEN's party

I'm amused that, to start with, there are actually more of the Charm Bees there and none of the Leaf Bees, other than TEN who's party it is.


ONE is also there ... and TEN is looking after RIAN

I still have not seen ELEVEN with her son!!

THREE and Holly are upstairs ... so all 7 of Jazz's children are there (8 including Rian)

Apple says hello to Holly.
Heart farts and shockingly they chatted and she did not have a go at him!!

Apple spends the rest of the night playing his guitar
(which helped to build up his friendship levels with all the half siblings that stood watching him)

and slowly all the Leaf Bees start to come home

Over the road it's pretty quiet

Jazz cleans up the kitchen ... bless him

 BABY CHIMES coming from the shower!!

After Atlas goes to work, Red chats with someone on the computer .... it took me a while to work out it was Forrest!!  (because she found out he is single ... lol)

Painting 40

Baby vomit!


When Atlas gets back from work .... he starts attacking her

Accusing her of cheating!!

I'm seriously confused - Jazz hasn't been here today ... so since when did chatting with someone on the computer count as cheating?!  Seriously that is the only thing she has done.

And I thought Forrest was bad ... Atlas is constantly going off on one!!

Chill out Maps!!
She only chatted with Forrest on the computer for berry's sake!!

 By the time Atlas has finished ripping shreds out of her ... their relationship is right down in the red now ... they now dislike each other

Red is relegated to a single bed!! 

Sulking and crying!!

Baby bump.

The 2 day betrayed moodlet has not run out yet .... but at least Red has left him alone to sulk, unlike she did with Forrest.

She does however, announce the pregnancy

Atlas looks happy for a moment ... then ....

He starts kicking off again

Atlas =  "Is it even mine??!!"

just walk away Red ... he wants to see your ghost ... LMAO!!!!

$1688 she got for the pink rabbit painting

Another quick visit

Red is outside chatting with Jazz and TWO wanders onto the garden

Red announces the pregancy ... then TWO leaves

and this is why and how she keeps getting into even more trouble than she is already in!!
Jazz and Red's relationship is now creeping up very quickly!
Jazz is creasing me up ... he is not letting go is he!!

Paiting 41

FOURTEEN has his birthday

he gains the Loves to Swim trait

THIRTEEN wouldn't age up, but did eventually after a reset

she gained the Diva trait

Atlas is still sulking and spends the night talking to ELEVEN on the computer
weirdly while he is talking to ELEVEN he rolls the wish to date TWELVE!!

Red's second night sleeping in a single bed

I spotted RIAN and Forrest over the road so I went for a nose.

THIRTEEN and FOURTEEN off for their first day at school

Atlas has a day off work, but him and Red avoid each other.

Yes we know Atlas!!

$3115 for this painting

Another painting I've never seen before

Neither of the twins did their homework when they came home from school.
FOURTEEN wanted a bedtime story and went straight to sleep

Eerrr Atlas, isn't he a bit too young to be learning about the ins and outs of pregnancy?!

While THIRTEEN played outside with Apple

The weather is better, so Red can start gardening again (until the frost comes!)

SIXTEEN is a little performer

Apple is having to do a lot of bedtime stories

Apple gets a phone call off Holly!!

Atlas decides (just as the betrayed moodlet ran out) that he wants to be just friends with Red.
Red seems very narked with Atlas breaking off their romantic connection.

He tries to feel the baby bump and she goes mad at him

and off they go again ... kicking off at each other!!

This is getting seriously stupid ..... SIX spring gnomes now we have!!

We've suddenly gained another two spring gnomes.

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