Friday, 9 December 2016

Update 6

SIX is wandering where his wings are!!
Like his brother FIVE, he is not a fairy.

Red makes a start on teaching him how to talk

FOUR has his birthday

he gains the Star Quality trait

ONE has her birthday

She gains the Can't Stand Art trait.

ONE and Red are going to clash a lot with their conflicting art traits.

Now the fun starts - we have a teenager in the house

Go away!!  No she is not going to Uni, and I don't want you teaching anyone your annoying cheerleader chant!!

We now have four of the children's beds filled.

FOUR is Neurotic - so he spends a lot of time looking out of the window

FIVE is finally potty trained, although he doesn't look too pleased about it.

$283 she got for this one

Red teaches SIX to walk
(I've noticed he is a lighter shade of red than Red)

THREE is giving FOUR fairy dust - which is amusing, because he has plenty of his own!!

Seriously NOT impressed when I spotted SIX has an IF doll!!!

He did not keep it long enough to make friends with it .... I confiscated it
 (I'm so nasty!!)

Jazz has had another promotion - he is now a Back up Singer

So the children got a playground from his promotion bonus.

Now that Red has a lot more spare time on her hands she is making the most of it.

some of the time!!

Not sure why I took this photo lol

ONE's first attempt at cooking

Yeah - burnt offerings!

ONE is always reading to the todders, it must be a bookworm thing.

Painting 10

FOUR wants to learn the fishing skill - so I provided him with a  pond  lake in the garden.

I am hoping it will be big enough for them to skate on in the winter

$87 she got for this one

Jazz is stressing over his wrinkles

the cracks on his face are from his time as a vampire - I just haven't bothered removing them

He pee's himself this time because the toilet is broken and he can't use it - lol
Never use Jazz in an ISBI - how often he pee's himself, he will kill it!!

ONE finally finds the telescope, she was a child when she wished for it.

Sisterly love

Jazz is helping with SIX's potty training

Jazz got a games console in the post as a present!!  That will come in handy.

I bet they are wandering why they are not creating any more babies (he! he!)

THREE has her birthday

She gained the Loves Heat trait

(She looks like her Mom)

TWO has her birthday
(She aged up okay this time)

TWO gained the Avant Garde trait

(I am not sure who TWO looks like)

Oh boy, she has done it already.
She now has a forbidden fruit seed.

She plants it - I am praying its a fruit and not a plant baby.
but no doubt we are about to get our first extra baby.

Finally Red cooks something that is not burned
but it is hot chilli - so it will be burning mouths!!

Painting 11

Jazz is having a mad spring clean - well nobody else is going to do it!!

Finally - half decent money
$533 for this one
That apparently was a brilliant painting - lol

Taking care of her next  baby plant

Jazz is at work so the teenagers get to look after the toddlers

While Red is outside with FOUR playing on the see saw

FIVE has his birthday

He gained the Angler trait.

He looks like he is going to be a Daddy clone.

3 teens - 2 children and 1 toddler
Jazz's time with us is getting closer to coming to an end.


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