Saturday, 31 December 2016

Update 37

Prelude and Basil are always jamming together.
They both have reached level 5 with their guitar skill

Basil got her with his prank.

I spy a ghost floating past the window

Its Jazz again today

I love the way when the woohoo starts, they start sharing a bed

As everyone is asleep, I watch Jazz going off up the road for a wander.  He floated around the street for a while before he wandered in the direction of Atlas's house.

This game cracks me up sometimes!!!
Jazz has a car in his inventory and goes driving off into town

Sign baby NINETEEN is coming

Catnip has still not yet got a single skill level ... probably because she is too busy constantly cleaning!!

NINE is preludes boss at work.  He rolls a wish to impress him - so he phones him - not that it made a lot of difference lol.

Catnip is cracking me up ... she is cracking the whip, and constantly telling Prelude to clean up.
The funny thing is, he is doing as he is told too!!

but he always gets her back after, by scaring her half to death!!

She needs to take a chill pill, the second Prelude is out of that bed, she is there making it ... the house is imaculate!!

I don't think that washing machine broke all the time that Atlas was here ... because it hardly got used.  Catnip has killed it with her obsessive cleaning!!

These two have totally gone now ... they hardly leave each other alone!!

Catnip is setting fairy traps all over the house ... I wouldn't be surprised if she is not setting them all for Prelude, they have a love to hate relationship going on at the moment.

Prelude has already had a yellow hair dye from the shower, after both Red and Basil had used it before him.

Red wants to become good friends with someone.  So I guessed, who better than Prelude's sister - so I invited Lilly round.

Isn't that amusing .... you have to greet your own sister, to get her on your friends list to even know she exists!!

Baby bump.

As Prelude and Lilly are attached as siblings on the family tree ... I am hoping that I might get some white eyes and hair appear in Red and Preludes children, but I am not sure the genetics will work that way.

Prelude is obviously happy about the coming baby

Another Artistic sim making a beeline for the sandpit.
Red did manage to become good friends with Lilly during her visit.

SEVENTEEN is having a party.
Only Red was invited, but as Prelude wanted to crash a part, he went too.

There was only SEVEN, THREE and Rian there besides Atlas's kids.

Red hung around with SIXTEEN and SEVENTEEN

Prelude and Rian made friends

Rian is showing on the friends list as a werewolf ... but because of his black eyes, I can't see it.  I don't have full moon turned on, so I haven't seen any evidence of him being a werewolf yet.  (maybe I need to turn it on)

Hugs for Grandma.

Prelude has quickly become a four star celebrity.

another boring and uneventful party!!

It amuses me that the twins are continuing to sleep in the same bed together

We have a burglar in the middle of the night

Its a good job the policewoman got to the burglar first, or Prelude would probably have punched his head in!!

It looks like Catnip has not only been busy cleaning, there are fairy traps everywhere!!

Basil decides to join in and sets a trap on the computer.

I'm shocked when I see Holly's ghost sat on the couch watching TV.
I hadn't even realised that she had died

I did not really expect it yet - because SIX is still alive on the family tree!!
He is taking his time - he is still here.

Prelude having a good laugh at the ghost in the hot tub

It was nice of Holly to bring her stereo with her!!

so they can have a dance.

LOL!!  Holly broke the hot tube (again!!)

I wish she would make up her mind and stick to one and finish it.  She keeps doing bits of each here and there.

Red is getting stir crazy.
The twins are at school and Prelude is at work - so I send her to the grave yard to get out Holly's grave.

SEVEN is there on his soap box ranting ... about death (gulp)

I always get nervous when I see sims ranting ... especially if it is about death
He needs to pack it in or Grimmy might just come and collect him!!!

I am surprized by having to get two graves out
Holly's and SIX's .... finally his time has ran out.

I'm not sure where all this hugging of her kids, has suddenly come from that Red keeps doing!!

Aawwww how cute!!
SEVEN is mourning at his Dad's grave ... he obviously hasn't taken Forrest dying too well!!

Basil rolls a LTW ... One Sim Band .... which is now locked in

I think he will achieve this one easily as the four instrument skills are the only ones he has so far

Prelude has had a promotion, he is now a Stage Hand

$2987 she got for this one

Fire breathing monster .... not that you have seen much of his evil side yet!

Prelude = woohoo level 2 ... lol

I hate how the outdoor clothes keep changing hair .... and the nail varnish instead of gloves ... since when did nail varnish keep your hands warm??

$689 she got for this one

It looks like Holly has left her radio behind!!

Prelude and Catnip are constantly having little tiffs ... they don't like each other very much!!

Finally she gets around to finishing this painting
this has been here since SEVENTEEN and EIGHTEEN were teens!!

$717 for this one

Painting 54

The baby is coming

She tried to go to the hospital but I cancelled it
If you are wandering why she suddenly has a change of clothes.

NINETEEN is a fairy girl

Yes, and you guessed it!!

TWENTY is a human girl

yet another set of twins!!

and here comes trouble .... probably!!

Forrest's ghost is here!!

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