Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Update 14

Forrest is really miserable right now - bless him!!
His dislikes children moodlet is permanently there, dragging him down.
I'm now expecting Holly to turn into the devils child - she's grumpy enough without the babies in the house dragging her down more!!

Jazz rings her at least twice a day
Strangely she has not rolled any wishes about him - and I think she has totally forgotten about her first six children!!

I haven't aged SEVEN and EIGHT up straight away - just to see what the two disliking children sims do - I know Red will ignore the babies crying, she always does - I just want to see if they do.

and just so Forrest and Holly hear the crying babies ...

I have planted baby monitors in their bedrooms  (he! he!)

Holly is the first one to react to the crying babies - she didn't even grumble surprisingly!!

Red just got up and started painting - completely ignoring the crying.  I swear she only wants to make them and then thinks that is her job done!!

Forrest takes a while longer to react to the crying

he makes the bed and has a freak out first.

Then the pantamine begins ... lol

He snuggles SEVEN then puts him on the floor ... why?!
While Holly is having a screaming fit!!

Then Forrest does the same with EIGHT ... he ends up on the floor too

Holly has another screaming fit while Forrest has a think.

Yay ... yes Forrest EIGHT needs his nappy changed!!

How Red can ignore what is going on behind her is beyond me
Babies crying and Holly and Forrest are both freaking out quite loudly lol

Off she blows!!
Holly takes her frustration out on Forrest!!

She just attacked him for no reason

Forrest is all stressed out ... so he goes after Red ....

for Woohoo.
But he will never opt for try for baby or even risky with his traits - so all the baby making is down to Red

Entertainment over - I age the twins up

Human boy

Traits = Excitable - Friendly
Favourites = Chinese - Spaghetti - Irish Green

Fairy boy

Traits = Good - Loves the Heat
Favourites = Darkwave - Vegitarian Salmon - Spice Brown

I don't know where his stray brown eyes have come from - default probably

Forrest = "Yes can I help you?"

Holly = "It was nice and peaceful around here until you and your brats turned up!!  I hate you!!"

Ironically, Holly is the one spending the most time with the twins.

They are both so cute!!

Holly set that trap especially for Forrest I think - because Red used the taps just before he did and the trap didn't go off.

He gets so stressed over everything!!

He had hardly got out of the bathroom when Holly started attacking him again

This time he fights back


Forrest you can't go fighting with a teenager!!!

Forrest =  "That's it ... YOU ARE GROUNDED!!"

and after all that, he remembers he's the adult ....
grounds her and puts her in time out!!

"Forrest = "Ewwwwww a brat!!"

Forrest = "Get rid of that plant, before I go and buy some weed killer!!"

Yeah flirting is Reds way of not having to say anything!!
But really EIGHT doesn't need a ring side seat to your smut!!

Look what arrived in the post -
they are safely tucked away in Reds inventory away from the twins!!

Still lots of amorous hugs - but it is not going any future, other than autonomous woohoo

Forrest wanted a dart board

Which causes another argument with Holly and Forrest.
She wants a go but he ignores her

Holly goes to the couch after a yelling fit at not getting a go on the dart board and tries to plant a whoopie cushion


Someone is in time out again!!

Red makes a start on teaching SEVEN to walk

EIGHT's screaming finally gets Forrests attention

He puts him to bed - when he didn't need sleep - he needed feeding!!

I'm glad I've got one with pointed ears finally

he has 3 kids in TCE and none of them got his ears

Red = "Put the kid to bed ... we have better things to be doing!!"

Notice who's on the dart board lol

She is on a mission ... and we get BABY CHIMES!!

The dartboard has now replaced the hot tub (which is still broken) she now spends all her time here.  Forrest hasn't been able to get near it since.


She got you again!!

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