Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Update 32

I like FOURTEEN ... he is the only one who continuously is doing something constructive - he has notched up quite a lot of skill levels ... unlike the rest of his siblings who have mostly only scratched their logic skill.

Like now, he is autonomously working out with Apple and Atlas.  Atlas is only doing it because of the four hour celebrity workout opportunity

Red went to the hospital to do a celebrity opportunity ... Entertaining the sick children.

Forrest comes out of the hospital ... I am not sure why because amusingly he now has a job at the Stadium, I noticed he is one of Apples team mates at work.

Forrest and EIGHT still seem to be attached at the hip!

I guessed she would make a beeline for him once she came out of the hospital!!

Forrest is killing me - he is constantly sending her love letters and gifts in the mail.

SIXTEEN has her birthday

she gained the Ambitious trait

FIFTEEN has her birthday

she gained the Charismatic trait

Painting 45


Atlas and Apple have both had promotions
Atlas is now an executive Chef and Apple is a Starter

Red is not really doing too much painting ... it is Atlas and Apple who are doing most of it.

FOURTEEN being his normal busy bee constructive self ....

while his siblings are playing!

Only SIXTEEN is doing something constructive - she wants to learn the writing skill

I am not too sure that Atlas and Apple are really into their romantic relationship .... while I see them together a lot, they are not interacting romantically very much.

SEVENTEEN randomly fishing

FOURTEEN is amusing me ... he always cooks his own food, even when there is good food on the side for him to eat.  It is rare for me to see him getting left overs from the fridge

I spotted Rian over the road all grown up to a teenager

All of the kids are at school, Atlas and Apple are at work, so Red is rattling round the house alone. She wants to meet someone new, so she goes off to the festival ground.

FIVE ... is the spitting image of Jazz!!

LOL!!  Every time Red leaves the house she bumps into Forrest!!


They just can't leave it alone can they!!

They are planning to woohoo ... but I am wandering where?!

Yeah ... I forgot that llama box thing is a place they can use!

Woohoo count 57 ... lol

Red chats with FOUR

Grabs something interesting out of the arcade machine (lol)

and meets a few new people

hello Lilly
(I am thinking at the moment that one of her brothers - Prelude or Mulberry will be Dad number 4)

Yes ... she got lucky and got a ghost gnome out of the arcade machine.

That's an interesting place to read EIGHTEEN a bedtime story!!

Atlas has given away his bed space!!

It's about time someone did something about the laundry!!
I'm sick of the flies!!

I spot a protest going on outside the town hall
Trust Lime Soda to be in the middle of it lol

Protesting against unicorns??  I haven't seen one in this world yet

and along comes SEVEN, too late as usual when everyone else is leaving.

Only FOURTEEN and SIXTEEN went to prom ... THIRTEEN and FIFTEEN didn't bother to go autonomously.

SIXTEEN was prom Queen

and FOURTEEN was Prom King

Red has maxed her Handiness skill

I see what is coming before he sits down

Scary monster!!

S E R I O U S L Y !!??
Where the hell did that come from??!!

No baby chimes when her and Forrest were in the llama box, I haven't seen her vomiting
So this baby bump was a total shock to me!!

It can only be Forrests ... I hope!!

Painting 46

Rian has come home with FOURTEEN after school, but he hung out with his Grandma instead - lol

I could quite happily strangle you myself right now Leafy!!  Giving me even more extra babies!!

$604 for this painting

and look who's back .... Jazz!!

Friendly hugs

Atlas has had a promotion ... he is now a Chef de Cuisine
Just one promotion away from his LTW!!

I wander if Rian realizes his Dad is stood right behind him?!

Yeah ... it didn't take long for them to start messing about again

It looks like we are now playing musical beds!

lol ... autographs

I'm not sure how Atlas has managed to become a 5 star celebrity ... but he has!!!

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