Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Update 13

I am a little surprised when I check Holly's school grades - she has an A grade!!

There is a lot of amorous hugs going on between Red and Forrest - but they are not romantically attached yet.

Red tries to have a pillow fight with Holly - lol

We have kick off!!!!

Jazz's damn horse is running around in the back garden again!!

Red won't be doing that again in a hurry!!

Baby number eight is on the way

I made her tell Forrest about the pregnancy - just to see his reaction - lol

see the lip is going already!!

Not good!!

Can you tell he is not impressed!!

he has a grumble

Then a freak out!!

Painting 21

She receives another call from Jazz

$621 she got for this one

Its spring and it has started to snow again - but it didn't last for long

Holly's IF ghost is back out again.

She ages up to a teenager

Forrest is off to work

It's been years since I have seen him dressed like that!

Painting 22

Red wants a boy so she eats a few apples

She goes out to collect some things to sell

All the horses keep scratching on the garden, so I am finding onions and carrots scattered about

While she is out collecting Red gets a phone call from Jazz asking her on a date.

I think - what the hell!!
She is still romantically attached to Jazz -
she is not romantically attached to Forrest yet -
she is pregnant so what harm can it do.

So she meets Jazz at the bistro.

Jazz appears all dressed up in his formal clothes.

I am feeling bad again!!

SIX phoned her during the date

Jazz = "You see the woman behind me on the phone.  Does she look pregnant to you?"
Mixologist = "Yeah I'd say so!!"

Red is very brazen!!  She walks in from her date with Jazz and hugs Forrest amorously!!

Guilty conscience!!

Yes Forrest ... she smells of Jazz's aftershave ... I'll tell you!!

No harm done by the date

The winter gnome is chillaxing on the grass!!

Finally she broke the hot tub!!
Now what is she going to do with her time!?

The hot tub isn't the only thing that is broken!!
Forrest has just broken the taps neurotically twiddling them!!

I spot FIVE running down the road barefoot and in his sleep wear.  Strange as he didn't come from his own house opposite!!  I wander where he spent the night?!

He ran into the science facility - I'm guessing he was late for work.

Red wanted to fix the sink, but as yet she has not wanted to fix the hot tub - ha! ha!

The horses are really annoying me - there are six running around on the garden - the three wild ones and Jazz's three.

Ha!  That should stop them!!

Red gets a love letter and present in the post from Jazz

thanks for the plant Jazz!!

So much for the no wild life sign!!! 
The horses are still trampling the garden.
That is also Jazz's dog - I watched it go home.

She seems to have a habit of going into labour while she is doing the gardening!!

She opted to go to the hospital and I just left her to it - no babies in the house to worry about and Forrest is at the hospital working.

She came out with SEVEN a green fairy boy.

and Forrest ...

Came out with EIGHT a red human boy

Surprised by the twins!!

Yes THREE your Mother has just had two more babies!!

Forrest is not too sure about becoming a Daddy!!

Red kills me!!
The minute she puts that baby down she has plans for Forrest.

Holly inspects the new arrivals with disapproval!

Just look at that face!!

You might guess where Red dragged Forrest off too

No baby chimes this time.

After pulling evil faces at them she feeds both babies!!

Keep that up Holly,  and I might let you stay when you grow up!!

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