Thursday, 29 December 2016

Update 33

My game is having a silly fit again ... only loading half the store worlds and cc - so Apples hair and some of the clothes you might notice have changed!!

Atlas and Apple should just quit their jobs and paint for a living!!  They are churning out loads more paintings than Red is!!

Painting 45 is finally finished
$2727 for this one

Rian seems to live here more than at home ... he is always coming home with FOURTEEN

A painting of Apples that I have never seen before

EIGHTEEN and SEVENTEEN are pretty good friends

Rian looks a little star struck!!

Rian stayed over ... amusingly he was getting very tired and Red told him to go to bed - which he did.

The baby is coming

I spot Holly outside the hospital - she is now elderly

GREAT ... just Great!!

She has had two again!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

is a human boy

is a fairy girl

Thanks Forrest for the exta's!!!!  Not!!!

Apple, who is an extra himself, has two more unexpected full siblings.

Traits =Virtuoso - Excitable
Favourites =County - Dim Sum - White

Traits = Eccentric - Dsiciplined
Favourites = Root - Mac & Cheese - Lilac

FOURTEEN lives on the musical instruments if he isn't working out.

Both babies are crying .... there are plenty of people to see to their needs
but note Mom is no where to be seen as usual!!

as Basil and Catnip are extra's I didn't age them up straight away ... I've let them run their baby days.

Which has meant Apple and Atlas are doing most of it all as normal!!


He gained the Over Emotional trait


She gained the Good Sense of Humour trait

Red can not escape one thing .... she has to do all their training alone, because nobody else will be rolling the wishes to have them walking, talking and potty trained!!

Atlas however, seems a little taken by the new twins, even if they aren't his!

She teaches Basil to walk

and makes a start on his potty training

I don't know why I take half of these pictures!!

We have four birthdays in one night ....

THIRTEEN has her birthday and becomes a young adult

She gained the Party Animal trait

LTW = Super Popular

SEVENTEEN has her birthday

She gained the Artistic trait

EIGHTEEN has his birthday

He gains the Disciplined trait

FOURTEEN has his birthday and becomes a young adult

He gained the Natural Cook trait

LTW = Renaissance Sim

Red makes a start on teaching Catnip how to talk

cute pants!!

Im howling at SIXTEEN and EIGHTEEN ... she is trying to play the games consle and he is trying to work out - the television keeps getting switched from one to the other and they are both kicking off

THIRTEEN and FOURTEEN are graduating

I am laughing at the hair the game gave NINE again when he aged up ... girls hair again

NINE and ELEVEN are now mature adults

Forrest and all the Leaf Bee's are here too because Rian is also graduating today

I am a little concerned that Basil was put down and left outside alone while everyone went into the town hall for graduation ... Atlas has Catnip.

Lilly - Lime and Ice.
Red makes friends with Ice.

FOURTEEN was Class Valedictarian and deemed most likely to be a Rock Star

THIRTEEN apparently is the most likely to Hack into the Military Facility

Yes Forrest ... they belong to you!!

Atlas is being naughty!!
Amorously hugging TWELVE

It is just a good job Apple has gone home already and is not watching!!

I'm amused that Red now has a proud parent and proud grandparent moodlet.

Red teaches Catnip to walk

Hi Jazz

FIFTEEN trying her hand at playing the piano ... it didn't last long!!

Atlas is invited to TWELVE's party
even though she was not even there at her own party!!


Atlas finally decides to age up
(This should have happened two days ago but it didn't - he's been stuck like it and I didn't bother to try and fix it)

Ever felt like a goldfish in a bowl?!

The party was pretty boring - everyone kept yawning ... only SIX provided a little entertainment playing the drums. 

Atlas got bored and went home early ... cleaning up the washing must have been more interesting!!

Red is analysing the life fruit plant ... she is going to need a lot of these I think in the future - to make elixir or even ambrosia - to roll her life back.

Someone is having a midlife crisis!!

Firecracker shrimps ... those are going to be hot aren't they!!


Chattering teeth backfired on EIGHTEEN

I am seriously shocked ... Holly phoned EIGHTEEN for a date !!!!?????
How does she even know him?!

She is elderly and he's only a teenager ... lmao .... like I'm letting that happen!!!

SEVENTEEN has started invading the easels.

Painting 47
$2852 Red got for this mess

THIRTEEN doesn't seem to have a care in the world
she hasn't rolled a single wish since she gradulated!!

Once one fairy rolls a wish to cast an aura ... they all decide they want to do it.

Melvin is visiting today

That is the good thing about the gnome rather than having the graves in the garden .... they only visit one at a time, and moreso during the day time so they are not continuously waking everyone up all the time.

$13 for that ... neon turtle!

Apple has his birthday and becomes a mature adult

Two old men having a midlife crisis!! 
Which I am now not taking a blind bit of notice of!! Lol!!

Painting 48

I love the way that Red and Atlas are now totally blanking each other ... we only have her romantic attachment to Forrest to worry about with the next Baby Dad.

Cuddles from his big sister

Another painting (by Apple) that I have never seen before!!

Red is on a pumpkin carving hype again!!  I'm not sure why she always does this in summer?!

Catnip has a best friend .... Atlas!!

He seriously never leaves her alone!!

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