Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Update 108

Baby Dad ten is ..........


Traits = Party Animal - Athletic - Artistic - Neat - Family Orientated.
Favourites = Electronica - Lobster Thermador - Brown
LTW= Superstar Athlete

This one is going to be a little strange for me.
Mace is one half of a gay couple from TCE that I am very addicted and obsessed with!!
Mace has a very strong and vivid character in my head and 5 traits don't even show the half of him, and he won't be acting in this anything like his character would in my head.

Mace has a daughter, who I planned to move in with him, for a few reasons - she is a child and I haven't seen her grow up yet, also when she is grown up, she might turn out to be girlfriend material for either Basil or Phoenix (hopefully!!).   However, as it turns out with Aniseed and his baby coming, there isn't really room for Jasmine - so I've moved her into one of the other houses.

It doesn't take Red long to realise there is a new man in the house!!

No talking .... she just flirts with him straight away

He doesn't care because he is hit with the "positively orgasmic" moodlet

They are not talking, she is just continuously flirting with him.

she really is a piece of work!!

Yeah, she does need cooling down!!  lol

Water fight.

TEN disturbs the water fight wanting her Mothers autograph.

I think Mace must be wandering what kind of mad house has he walked into .....

grave, ghosts, ice statues and gnomes!!


and more flirting

every time Mace tries to walk away, she stops him

How quickly they have moved onto amorous hugs and hand holding!!

I have to laugh ....
Elliot (Lacey's boyfriend) phones Red for a date!!!
Of course she said no!

FIFTEEN and Phoenix appear trying to get Maces attention.
Red has finally left Mace alone because she needed the toilet.

Not in this life Mace!!  You are strictly straight!!

Pheonix wants to be good friends with Mace ..... yeah I bet he does!!

High five ... they are rapidly making friends.

While Red is off painting ...

Phoenix is getting way too close to Mace for my liking ... they discover they have something compatible and there is more heart farting!
Pheonix rolling a wish to date Mace kind of killed me!!
Don't think I am helping you with that one Phoenix!!

Red turns up just in time I think

Walk away Pheonix .... he is here to make babies with your Mother, not become your boyfriend!!

Finally they realise they are both Family Orientated

The baby bump is growing

While Red and Phoenix are asleep in the fairy house ...
Mace gets some freedom to be himself.

While I suspect Pheonix might try to move in on Mace soon
Basil is definitely moving in on Maura!!

Basil you are killing me!! 
She is pregnant with your brothers child for berry's sake and what about Lime??!!

Mace always cracks me up the way he grins when he is dancing, which he does most of the time if he is not working out.

Of course fairies love to dance too, so Mace is easy for Phoenix to get close to.

but not for long because Red gets even closer.

Mace has gone totally stupid now ... I am watching his wishes and thankfully they are going in the right direction - towards Red.

notice Phoenix is lurking around Mace again

before I get a chance to act on Mace's wishes, he does it himself

and they are off .....

I spot TWELVE over the road .... she is now elderly, but she is running like a spring chicken!

Baby chimes coming from the bedroom
Mace has smashed it - it took him less than 24hours!!

Aniseed's baby is coming

Aniseed and Maura go off to the hospital.
They come out with one little fairy boy.

Eeerrr excuse me everyone .... there is a baby crying there!!!
They are all too wrapped up in what they are doing

Basil eventually sorts out the baby.
Suddenly I feel like Phoenix is being a little weird and I can't work it out!!

As long as Pheonix leaves Mace alone, he can be as weird as he likes!!


He has Bayleaf's hair ... Red's eyes and Aniseeds skin

Traits = Good and Virtuoso
Favourites = Hip Hop - Salmon - Yellow

I think I should delete the single beds upstairs and just put sleeping bags there instead - lol

I am really starting to worry about these two ....
Maura seems to be spending much more time with Basil than with Aniseed, because he is spending way too much time on the science machine and ignoring his wife unless he wants woohoo!!

They start to flirt with each other ....

I think I might have to move Aniseed, Maura and Thyme out into their own house, before Basil and Maura wreck Aniseed's life!!

Yeah you just smile like a love sick idiot Basil ... Lime is coming in your direction!!

LUCKILY for him, she didn't see anything!!

He kills me!!
One minute he is stalking Maura - the next he is all over Lime like she is the only woman in the world!!

Okay so I got SICK of loading up the game and having the store content missing!!
Sometimes I have to quit and reload quite a few times before it loads without missing content!!
(It basically is all store stuff and worlds.  Lucky Palms and Lunar Lake worlds in particular keep being stupid!)

This is what I opened the file up to this time .... the baking station and pizza oven haven't loaded with this game ... so they will have to stay out!!

I have put something in thier place that should never go missing .... Into The Future EP content ....
The food synthesizer machine.

BOTT has maxed technology skill so she can programme the food synthesizer machine to produce better quality meals.  She takes the food quality up to max.

Aniseed is the one rolling all of Thymes skill wishes, Maura has not rolled any ... I think she is more interested in Basil than her child right now!

Aniseed gets to teach Thyme to walk and talk, as well as doing all of his potty training.

Now that he has his first baby on the way, Mace can get the job that he wants at the sports stadium.

He is working on his athletic skill for work.

 Baby bump

BOTT is now programming some new recipes into the machine.

Red gets Mace's ice statue done

Thyme is already, walking talking and potty trained.
Red has not taken a blind bit of notice of the grandchild that she wanted .... so much for her nurturing trait!!!

After watching Basil and Maura getting all flirty and holding hands .... I decided I had to move Aniseed and his family out of the house before it all turns into a car crash.
(pout!! I'm disappointed)

They have moved in with Catnip, as she is now living alone since her Grandparents have passed away.

Mace finally finds the easel,
it is weird for me watching Mace not being able to paint yet!!

Phoenix, career wise is at Level 10 .... he is a Master of the Brush

Like we don't have enough gnomes out in the garden!!!
We now have chocolate ones in the kitchen!!

Yeah, you eat some chocolate Basil, it might cheer you up!!

He just rolled a wish to hang out with Maura!
I can see he is going to go all miserable and moody on me now Maura has moved out!!


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  1. Basil and Muara are being very bad! It is a good thing you moved her and Aniseed out or I just know she would have cheated with Basil.

    Seeing Mace in the house is definitely weird but it didn't take him long to make a baby with Red. She really can capture any man's heart, lol.