Thursday, 2 March 2017

Update 109

A clay sink is left on the sculpting table .... but I don't know who has actually done it!!
Nobody in the house can name the item which means they haven't sculpted it ... so I THINK this might have something to do with the sculpting gnome.

Who's ever it is .... the basement bathroom is slowly being made of sculpted clay objects

This is where Mace works - the stadium

(this rabbit hole has always made me laugh - realistically it is not big enough to be anything, especially not a sports stadium!!)

Red looks like she might be painting something new

BOTT makes me laugh squealing on the swing

Omri is out ... all he did was sleep

Extra is out too

he just showered and slept like his Dad.

TWENTY-FIVE is having a relaxing soak

Mace is working out for work

One of the paps is on fire outside because of the hot summer sun

Basil appears and puts her out, luckily or we would have been seeing the Grim Reaper again!

The baby is coming

Mace cracked me up
After he had calmed down he stood there the whole time scratching his head.

Mace = "Eerrr ... how long is this going to take only I need to finish my work out!"

FIFTY-FIVE is a red fairy boy

I am beginning to like it when there is only the one baby!

I think the next baby is being planned already - when she has put that one down - lol

Basil gets to take care of feeding his new half brother.
Mace and Red are busy in the bedroom - but there were no baby chimes.

There is a cute little girl stood on the front garden looking for her Daddy!!

I thought ... what the hell!!
I moved Mace's daughter Jasmine in now that there is room .... you never know, when she grows up, Basil or Phoenix might take a shine to her, they have plenty of time left being fairies!

This amused me .... Mace hugging Jasmine as soon as he sees her here.
It is not like they know each other yet (not in this life anyway!)

Red = "Who is the kid?"
Mace = "My daughter, Jasmine."
Red = "You never said you had a daughter!"
Mace = "Like you never said you already have 50 odd kids!!"


Traits = Artistic - Brave
Favourites = Indie - Vegetarian Chilli - Violet

Jasmine is cute playing peek a boo with her new half brother

Lol and I thought we were going to escape a time travel child this time!

A teenage boy follows them out of the time machine


Traits = Adventurous - Vegetarian - Athletic - Heavy Sleeper
Favourites = Indie - Ratatouille = Black

That is three children already and only one of them is countable.


Traits = Neat - Party Animal - Athletic
Favourites - Electronica - Peanut butter and banana sandwhich - Black

BOTT is back on her steamed veg hype ... she must be bored because she is filling the fridge up with it again

The little party animal never stops dancing

Jasmine has already been to school, from the house where she was living ... she has a B school grade.

Josh does not have school until tomorrow ... I presume because he came out of the time machine after midnight.

Josh looks like he is going to take after Mace for working out - he is always doing it.

Mace teaches FIFTY-FIVE to talk

and Red teaches him to walk

BOTT has FINALLY grown 10 outstanding steaks
Delivering them to the Bistro got her 3 Omni plant seeds

Josh grins when he dances like Mace does ... lol

Red finishes FIFTY-FIVE's potty training

So he is now walking, talking and potty trained.

Jasmine seems to be making friends better with Phoenix than Basil.

BOTT is slowly getting back into nanny mode

How sweet ... Red wants to cook Mace's favourite meal ... lol

Josh has found the science machine
(I wander why nobody is getting a maxed science cert)
This machine is helping everyone to max their science skill very quickly, but there are no certs coming in the mail.

Josh is a vegetarian .... so should he be eating that lobster?

BOTT has a new toy to play with .... a trash compactor.
she is upgrading it to unbreakable

for a sim who doesn't have the neat trait - he does a lot of cleaning and tidying

I'm thinking they are taking their time over making the second baby even though there is plenty of woohoo going on

when I finally hear BABY CHIMES coming from the hot tub.

I laugh at BOTT cleaning up the tell tale puddle

Jasmine is keeping her head down and pretending she didn't just see the woohoo going on in the hot tub!!

That will teach you for eating meat ... Mr vegetarian!!
Off he flies to the bathroom to puke!!

BOTT is getting excited because she has just ordered some more Omni plant seeds via the mailbox.

Mace is having a rave in the living room - dancing the smuttle

Lawana comes home from school with Josh

MMMmmm is it normal for Uncle and Neice to heart fart each other?!
Because they just did!!

Josh and Lawana are becoming pretty good friends

Both Josh and Jasmine seem to always be busy doing something

Shocking ... Red is playing with FIFTY-FIVE

Basil is getting a pay rise virtually every day.
He is now earning $7,255 a day!!

I think Josh has leaned his lesson, he is eating vegitarian chilli this time
although he will know about it after - when he gets a hot head

The bar of woohooism has come back from being smelted.
I really don't get what that bar is supposed to do
(other than glow and spit off hearts when someone is woohooing in the room)

I am amused by this wooden sofa seat that Phoenix has sculpted.
It is cute in a wacky sort of way.

We have a baby bump.

(whistles)  I went into to debug to get the training dummy and block breaker (cough)
I have gotten sick of stalking the consignment store waiting for one to come in

Mace needs to learn the Martial Arts skill for work.

This game is stupid sometimes ...
EIGHTEEN phones Mace - they work together at the stadium - EIGHTEEN is his boss
EIGHTEEN is also Basils boss at the music theatre ??!!
How does he get to be in two places at once?

Mace has had a promotion - he is now a Toddler Sports Coach

so he needs to raise his Athletic skill a few levels

We haven't had any ghosts for a few days strangely ... and we only have two tonight



Basil gets to natter with his brother

while FOUR is now squealing the place down.

Still no sign of Forrest or Jazz ... it is seriously beginning to bug me!


  1. I kinda hope that Basil will heart fart for Jasmine once she comes of age. I don't know what she will look like all grown up but Mace is good looking so I think they will make cute babies! (((fingers crossed))) lol

  2. Mace looks like he is made out of clay. Lol I love it. And I love how interesting your game is.