Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Update 115

TWENTY-THREE is out, watching Pepper sleeping

I am not sure why TWENTY-FIVE is crying ... I can't remember him being over emotional.

These vampire gnomes get everywhere!!

If only Granite could see him now - lol!!

Mace teaches Mars to walk

I really don't know what I am going to do with these two extra's, along with the other two that I already have Josh and fudge.  I think with what is happening with Phoenix and possibly Basil - they will all have to move out straight away when they grow up.

Josh's Martial Arts is now at level 8

Terrance came home from school with FIFTY-SIX

I have spotted on Aniseeds family tree that there is now a third child!!
Another boy called Jake.

Fudge's everyday clothes .... she has gone to school in just pants!!

He is another good looking boy like his brother Thyme.
(He has Bay's hair - Aniseeds eyes and skin)

I can't wait to see what their children are going to look like!!

Oh dear .... Terrance has a classing trait with Red
He can't stand art ... so I guess there is another grandchild that she will never be friends with!!

FIFTY-SEVEN is having his birthday

He gains the Neat trait

FIFTY-SIX drum level is now at level 5

Red teaches Wispa to walk and does her potty training

The twins seem to play on the brick table more than anything else.

Another picture I am sick of watching her paint!!

Phoenix has just maxed his sculpting skill

BOTT is invited to FORTY-FOUR's party

FORTY-EIGHT is also elderly

Affair only had two fairy children (Jay and FORTY-FIVE) all the rest were human so most of his children will not be around for much longer.

THIRTY-FOUR is a mature adult


Christian is cracking me up ... I don't think we are ever going to see him out of his bot suit!!

I sneaked a look at Catnips status ... she has 25 days until she is elderly
Basil who is her twin brother has 52 days ... that just shows how many mud baths he has sneaked to prolong his life!!


FORTY-SEVEN is also now elderly

Someone has been eating pie at the festival ground!!

While we are at the party we get a pop up ... FORTY-FOUR is getting old.
Which means she will pass away tomorrow ...
what a way to spend your last night, having a boring party!!

SIXTY has passed out and is sleeping on the floor.

Josh finally decides that he wants a military career
He is heart farting his boss as soon as he gets the job ... Maura!!

It is gnome kicking day again
(Spooky Day)

It tickles me that only two can skate on that pond at a time

Just walk away you don't want to know what they are about to get up to!!


FIFTY-SEVEN has started to do work outs.

We get the pop up saying that FORTY-FOUR has passed away

FIFTY-SIX is caught trying to prank the computer

I laugh at him instantly sucking up to Basil by doing the laundry!!

Mace has had another promotion ... he is now a League MVP
he only has two more promotions to go to achieve his LTW

FIFTY-FIVE is becoming a young adult

He gained the Handy trait

LTW = Astronaut

Don't look at Jasmine like that Basil .... you are too slow, she is already spoken for!!

I am amused by the first wish he rolls ... he wants to become best friends with Red
Good luck with that one kid!! 

He now has a job at the military base.

Josh is now a ninja ... he has taken his martial arts up to level 9.
At the rate he is going he will have achieved his LTW before he moves out!!

Graduation time for FIFTY-FIVE

Aniseed and his family are there because Thyme is also graduating.

FIFTY-FIVE was Class Valedictorian
AND most likely to be electrocuted ??!!


walk away Basil!!  She is married to your brother remember!!

I really don't know what has happened to EIGHTEEN's hair!!

I don't know how, but Jasmine ended up at Aniseeds house with Thyme

Friendly hugs

We get to see Aniseeds third child finally .... Jake

We get a pop up saying FORTY-THREE has passed away

I had to get some new gym equipment because Josh has decided he wants to be more muscular.

That looks painfull!!


  1. Terrance is a good looking sim!

    Basil is going to be elder in 50+ days...He needs a woman stat or he will never have kids!

    1. he! he! watch this space :)
      next update ...........................