Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Update 124

Basil is teaching Kale to walk

and away he goes ....

now to max his xylophone skill

SIXTY-ONE is off for his first day at school


This is what he looks like in CAS

Red teaches SIXTY-THREE to talk

Then makes a start on his potty training

Play time

They look so funny together!

Sunny teaches him to walk.

I spot FORTY-FIVE over the road crying.
I am guessing it is because of Christian passing away as they lived in the same house together.

Seriously - there is a toddler in there!!

I'm not surprised that SIXTY-THREE jumped out of the fairy house after they did - lol

Marcella is doing everything but taking care of her little boy, she is leaving Basil to do it all.

That is the trouble when she become best friends with the children - they all bug her first for a bedtime story!!

I guess now she can get to know her Great Grandson, now that he is haunting the house

It's too damn late to be eating plasma fruit now Christian!!!!

Kale is probably thinking Red is his Mother, because she has had a lot more to do with him, and Marcella still has not been near him.

Red makes a start on SIXTY-THREE's potty training

This is what I was worried about, the house rapidly filling up with a tonne of babies with two woohooing couples in the house ...
BABY CHIMES coming from Basil's bed - so they have a second child on the way.

He is a really cute Dad!
I don't remember him paying this much attention to Brook

I'm glad we have no neurotic or coward sims - or they would be scared stiff of all these ghosts!

Red wants to sculpt Kale ...

At least this one will not melt.

Baby bump

I spot Affairs ghost riding down the road on his broomstick.

One of the piles of tiberium has grown from a £26 pile of dust to a $40,710 spire

Hello Atlas - it's been a while!

That boy can crawl through walls, so why can't he get out of his cot?

Basil is pretty much camped out with the toddlers

Marcella was running across the garden to go to work ....

When the baby bump struck

So now she has the next four days off.

He must have a fetish for tummy rubbing, he never stops.

I am happy that Sunny is taking an interest in bot building, I just hope he can max the skill and have time to actually make a difference to BOTT's quality.

Checking on SIXTY-ONE I found him at the festival ground - he has taken himself there after school

Jake is one of the food merchants

and Terrence is also a food merchant

I notice that Terrence has shiney eyes - he is now a werewolf

THIRTY-SEVEN is now a mature adult

Another day Basil has sneaked

He is also back to his street art - he wants to do three wall murals.

What's up Christian ?

Oh yeah I see, lol.
Red seriously doesn't care who is in the room!!

The $22 piece of dust has grown into a spire worth $34,983

The baby is coming

Just as SIXTY-TWO is having his birthday

He gained the Bookworm trait

Red and Sunny are just walking out of the hospital holding a baby each.
Red has SIXTY-FOUR and Sunny has SIXTY-FIVE

SIXTY-FOUR is a human fairy boy
SIXTY-FIVE is another ghost / fairy

but this one is a girl

Two little ghost / fairy hybrids

I told you he has a tummy rubbing fetish!


Traits =  Slob - Genius
Favourites = Classical - Vegetarian Fish and Chips - Irish Green


Traits = Brave - Perceptive
Favourites = Song Writer - Vegetarian Chilli - Lime

This is what she looks like in CAS

Basil's second baby is coming

It is a fairy boy this time

She is pulling that face again!!  Anyone would think she doesn't like children!!


Red is teaching SIXTY-FOUR to talk while Sunny teaches SIXTY-FIVE


Traits = Artistic - Eccentric
Favourites = Country - Tri Top Steak - Seafoam

He has Forrests eyes!!

Three toddlers now being taught to talk

and walk

The Dad's are doing the potty training

and finally they are left to play

Baby chimes coming from the fairy house - Red and Sunny.
So autonomous try for baby is quickly turned off - so Basil and Red can't produce any more!

I am annoyed now - there are no skill books for the children and teens to read again!!
The ghosts have obviously taken them all again!  I always empty every ones inventories before they leave - so it can only be the ghosts.

Oh great!!
We now have an evil mystery gnome in the house.

He will be trashing the place, leaving piles of trash everywhere, knocking over the bin, making puddles and unmaking beds as well as giving sleeping sims nighmares!!  Fun - not!!


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  1. The ghost fairies are just too adorable!

    Basil's kiddos are of course adorable too. All this cuteness going on is almost unbearable, lol.

    Rocky and Jazz haven't come out in forever to visit.. :(