Saturday, 11 March 2017

Update 121

The yellow ghost stood on the front garden is BABY DAD number ELEVEN.
only six Dad's left to go!!

Somebodysangel suggested that a ghost Dad would be fun ... so here he is


I did say I was not going to use Sunny - because he and Red already have eight seven children together in TCE - but I needed a ghost and he is a ghost in story now ... so yeah, I am using him after all!!

The thought of possibly getting ghost fairies is quite exciting, compared to me getting bored because I fear I am going to see duplicate children in this ... but not any more!

And this is what he looks like, for anyone who has not seen him before.

I made him into a yellow ghost on purpose so that he stands out from all the other ghosts wandering around,  (He is a mermaid dehydrated ghost)  It would have been pretty cool if the game had made him a mermaid too because of the ghost I used, but it didn't unfortunately.

Family Orientated - Over Emotional - Party Animal - Virtuoso - Handy

Classical - Pancakes - Red

Surrounded by Family

Sunny heads straight for a hydrotherapy bath.
Red comes out and starts dancing and doesn't seem to have noticed the ghost yet.

Now she has spotted him.

Yeah, no doubt there will be a lot of scaring going on with Sunny being a ghost.

He catches up with her and they start talking

I expected that.

The first wish she rolled was to sculpt him ... so she did

NOW I CAN SEE how and why they had eight children together in my rainbow file, out of the active house all by themselves ....

Her second wish ... to kiss Sunny for the first time!!!

Wish granted!!

Seriously .... move over Mace .... Sunny has been in the house for only a few hours


and the woohoo and baby train is set off again

Sunny is amusing me, at the moment he is all over the place and trying out a lot of different things.

He randomly gives BOTT a tune up ... successfully

Note to self ... empty the mail box before you move people out!!
The game has moved Raven's IF into her inventory and she has made friends with it before I noticed her playing with it.

It must be a ghost thing - lol

Red is slowly making friends with Thyme

It is not gnome kicking day ... but Sunny is kicking the gnomes anyway

I have always found it strange that ghosts still eat.  Controllable ghosts I would have thought would be frozen at the age they passed away.  Sunny is aging just like a normal sim - so I guess he is going to grow old and die again!!

He is now skinny dipping

and Red joins him.

Ha! she has lost her clothes, I'm not sure who took them, but I am just guessing it was Basil, because he normally tends to swipe skinny dippers clothes.

Baby sick

While Sunny sleeps in the bed, Red is sleeping in the fairy house.

Jasmine now has an extra trait from social climbing .... Commitment issues.
(I always just accept the one showing in the box - and unfortunately that is what she got)

I don't know how Raven can sleep - the tv and stereo are on ... Red is having a house party so there is music coming from the fairy house and Basil is playing his guitar right by her crib!!

I gave Sunny a guitar because he wants to learn the guitar skill

I'm very surprised that once the sims in the house have made friends with Sunny, they are not reacting to him like they do to the visiting ghosts.  They are now starting to treat him like a normal sim and his presence isn't interfering with their current interaction.

I thought I might have to add the shooless mod into my game having him in the house - but it doesn't look like I have to!!

BOTT hates losing!!

Marcella phones Pheonix for a date!!
Just adding to my doubt about her - she is not phoning Basil for dates, and he is not rolling any wishes about her either!!

These gnomes are now getting way out of hand - I might have to collect them all up and put them in a chest or Reds inventory.

Such excitement over winning a $2 plastic boat!!

Baby bump

I'm not sure why I took these pics now

Red tells Sunny about the baby bump

Of course he is happy --- his LTW being the same as hers, Surrounded by Family

I think Sunny might get interested in bot building .. he has tuned BOTT up a few times and now he wants to design a trait chip.  Fingers crossed he gets into bot building!!

I think this science machine might be glitched.  Now when they are playing on it, especially those who have maxed science - the bars are not lighting up or doing anything.
To be honest - its good its glitched - so I am not getting any nasty surprises when they pull the handle of doom!!

I think Sunny must have a thing for feeling baby bumps - he is constantly doing it.

Hello Jake!!

He suddenly appears in the garden ... I don't know who has let him in.

Jasmine is having her birthday ... already??!!

She is now a mature adult ... and she is having a mid life crisis!

Disco going on in the living room.

Red is painting Sunny's portrait

Lol, now they are all dancing outside!

Forrest is in the bedroom - he has picked up the goggles

I can't tell what type of adventure he has chose to go on

That's it Forrest you just stick the goggles in your pocket and pinch them!!

Does anyone know how to get into ghosts inventory ... that is where all our books keep going too.

Lime is also out

Lol ... they might be heart farting now - but I can guarantee before Sunny's time is up, they will be having punch ups.

Sunny asks Forrest for his autograph and he refuses to give it to him.

Incompatible traits ... Family Orientated and Dislike Children

I've left Raven with her IF doll - Puzzles.
She isn't actually playing with it all that much.

Phoenix has done all of Raven walking, talking and potty training, with no help from Jasmine.

Jasmine has fried herself playing on the chemistry table


I seriously thought that Jasmine was a gonner - BOTT electrocuting her when she is already singed!!
Thankfully Jasmine lived!!

I swear Jasmine has a death wish today!!
If she catches fire, already being singed she is going to kill herself!!

Phoenix amuses me wanting to paint Raven's portrait

It doesn't look good!!

I bet its quite nice sitting in the indoor green house.

Lol ... Sunny is always creeping up on people and scaring them

Jasmine is caught by a prank left by one of Mace's kids.

Well you do need a wash Jasmine!!

BOTT is now trying her hand at mixology.
She wants the office drone chip ... I presume so she can get a job.

Basil is outside with one of the paps - Naomi

heart farts and flirting

they share compatible traits

Then they make me laugh

They shout at each other through their megaphones

strangeness over ... he comes inside because his Niece needs feeding

The baby is coming

I really hope it is a ghost baby!!

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