Sunday, 12 March 2017

Update 122

is a human yellow fairy boy

I am a little disappointed that the baby is not a ghost!

BOTT is killing me - she is constantly on the phone chatting with someone, mostly one of Red's children who never phone her!  She has 38 best friends now.

I already know that Sunny will be a decent Dad.

Baby inspection over .... time to make the next one


Then he is back to playing with SIXTY-ONE again

Sunny is seriously going to have everyone falling out with him if he doesn't stop scaring them!!


Traits = Clumsy - Eccentric
Favourites = Roots - Frogs Legs - Pink

Look at the state that Jasmine is in when she gets back from work.
She is still singed and stinking - it is no wander she is in a fowl mood and got a demotion!!  Ooops!!

Phoenix is becoming a mature adult.

He is having a mid life crisis

DEEERRRR .... I think he has just realised he is absent minded.

Sunny is tuning up BOTT again

Omri is taking a soak

Sunny is a lot like Bay ... he is everywhere and I can't keep up with him, but he has the added advantage of floating through walls and floors to get places!!

He is now reading the handy skill book, he wants to learn the skill, but he will also need it for work.

Red is teaching SIXTY-ONE to walk

Jasmine disturbs his reading and they start slow dancing ... I'm not sure I like how close these two seem to be getting.

Best friend number 39 in the making!

Pheonix has decided he wants to get married ... but it would help if they were even going steady first.
He couldn't go any further than them becoming girlfriend and boyfriend because she ran off to work.

Sunny makes a start on SIXTY-ONE's potty training

Sunny rolled a wish pretty much straight away for a Military career - which is a pretty strange one with his traits.  I have sat on it for a while but he has not rolled any other career wish.
So he now has a job at the military base.

It is unusual to see Pheonix playing on the console

He is buttering Red up for something ...

He wants to collect some fairy dust.
but he hasn't rolled a wish to use it.

He is now working on his Athletic skill which he needs for work.

Baby bump

FASHION POLICE .... take her away please!!

Phoenix is really letting his mid life crisis get to him, he is rolling some wacky wishes.

Now that Jasmine is back from work he can work on those marriage plans ...
and I'm expecting him to get a knock back when he proposes now that Jasmine has commitment issues.

But she says yes!!

and while she is in a good mood - we go for it and they get married.

(Pout) and he wants to move house!!

I didn't really want Phoenix or Basil to move out - but I know I have to lose at least one of them if they are getting themselves into relationships and having children.

Bye Phoenix (sniff)

Phoenix, Raven and Jasmine are now living in a new house next to the dive bar.

I can see the house from Red's house.

Lime has to entertain herself in other ways now she doesn't have Basil to maul.

Sunny has found the science machine

Hurry up and eat your breakfast Basil ...
we are just about to make some changes to your life!!

Mace keeps phoning Red for a date.

Taking a chance on Marcella ...
Basil calls her over ... so that I can move her in 😀

He is obsessed with his woohoo skill ... as soon as he jumps up a level he is rolling a wish to improve it again.


Traits = Over Emotional - Party Animal - Family Orientated - Genius - Virtuoso
Favourites = Country - Grilled Salmon - Lime
LTW = One Sim Band

I am amused that she has the same LTW as Basil
but I'm a little worried that she shares three traits with Sunny!!

Sunny has got his Bot building up to level 3

He needs to max the skill to make any difference to BOTT's quality ... the practice doesn't do any harm, because it is at least doing one thing ....

BOTT and Sunny are quickly becoming good friends because of it.

All I am saying .... the yellow blob - is supposed to be Sunny!

The house suddenly feels empty again now that Phoenix, Jasmine and Raven have moved out, even though there are still six sims living here.

A future bookworm maybe

Marcella is having to chase Basil around, because he is off in his own world most of the time (music, dancing, science machine and mud baths) and her being in the house has made no difference to him.

Baby chimes coming from the bedroom

So Basil now has that child that he wants on the way!!

Sunny finishes SIXTY-ONE's potty training

and in the living room .. Red's baby is coming

Mace and his children are hanging around outside the hospital.

Catnip has just come out of the hospital .... she is now elderly
(and so should Basil be - but the mud baths have given him an extra 30 odd days over his twin sister)

Oohhhhhhhhhh ... no ghost baby again!
One HUMAN boy


These gnomes seem to be creeping into the house a lot more now.

Awww he is playing with the boat his Dad got out of the arcade machine

Mace is phoning Red again for a date.

I spot Christian over the road .... FINALLY out of his bot suit.

He tries again to learn the handiness skill - this time Jasmine is not here to interupt him.


Traits = Loves the Heat - Easily Impressed
Favourites = Dark Wave - Mushroom Omlette - Sea Foam

his eyes are a strange yellow colour - they are not exactly the same as Sunnys

Sunny starts to teach  SIXTY-TWO to talk

Baby sick

Red finishes SIXTY-TWO's talking, walking and potty training after Sunny went to work

Basil has just come out of the fairy house - complaining about the noisy sim!

You would think he would be used to babies crying by now - the amount he has seen coming through this house since he was born.

Marcella is trying her hand at bot building

Red is painting BOTT's portrait

We get a pop up to say that Maura has passed away.

BOTT ... he can walk already ... wth?!

Baby bump.

Sunny is outside the town hall talking to FIFTY-FOUR

I spot SEVENTEEN who is now elderly

Aniseed doesn't look too upset about his wife passing away!

Sunny is now talking to FIFTY-ONE ... for a ghost he doesn't seem to having any problem making friends with everyone.

Raven is now a child

After a promotion he needs to raise his Athletic skill by THREE levels!!!

SIXTY-ONE is putting himself to bed in the fairy house


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