Saturday, 25 March 2017

Update 133

Glitch Hell ..........

I was planning to make Ocean another genetic experiment (like Bay and Affair's) - but it has kind of backfired on me with the game being confused over his skin ... but still you should see varied eye and hair colouring.

Ocean is Mango's Grandson, so his parents and Grandmother Maizie  have been put into town so that I can link the whole family together on the family tree.

I could have put Winters parents and Grandparents into town, to make the colour variations even more, however I am using one of her parents as baby Dad 17, so I couldn't.


She is a mature adult and even though she is a vampire in TCE - I de-vamped her for this - she is one sim I don't want running around forever - lol!

Winter and River are off to a good start ... they don't even notice their boy moving out and flying the nest.


Traits = Supernatural Fan - Sailor - Unstable - Family Orientated - Charismatic
Favourites = Island Life - Key lime Pie - Sea Foam
LTW = Jack of All Trades

I'm thinking WTH!!
He walks into the house and drinks plasma juice that has been left on the table!!

You are seriously going to pay for being an idiot later Ocean!!
Drinking plasma is going to make you sick!

We get the pop up .... TWENTY-ONE has passed away.

I get a little nervous when he starts heart farting Kale

and they rapidly start making friends.

only interrupted by Ocean having to run off to the toilet to throw up.
Then he is back to start heart farting and making friends with Reed.

Where is Red ... sleeping in the fairy house and totally oblivious to the new man in the house!

Remember me saying I regretted putting that fish tank in the wall .... well here is where it starts ....

I noticed we have a stupid glitch .... fish out of the fish tank who are randomly swimming out of the water and around the room!!!

and there are bubbles everywhere now creeping around both of the rooms!!
Even after I have removed the fish tank - we have fish and bubbles.

I reset the town and the lot quite a few times, but they are still there.
I try to ignore them hoping they will just go away - but they don't!!

Ocean sleeps the first night in a single bed, not even meeting Red yet.

The stupid glitch is really distracting me because it is getting worse - the deleted fish tank is starting to slowly come back all on it's own ... now we have plants growing out of the wall and a few more fish swimming around the turtle tank

I spent hours messing about as well as doing a lot of swearing, trying to get rid of the damn things but nothing worked ... so I try to ignore it again.

More heart farting going on between the boys!!

I've had a terrible start to Oceans reign and it would just about top it off if he ended up with one of Basils boys instead of Red, because I'm not concentrating on them properly trying to get rid of the fish tank bits!!

Red finally realises there is a new man in the house and she pounces on him.
No heart farts .... this just keeps getting better - NOT!!  lol

Grim Reaper phones her for a date!!

While Red is getting rid of Grim ... Kale pounces on him

Comically I am watching Ocean yo yo between Red and Kale

There is a lot of goofy staring going on between these two.

Kale randomly collects Oceans DNA on free will

back to Red

She starts flirting with him

Then he is back inside after Kale.

Those damn bubbles .... I can't ignore them!!

Kale collects his DNA AGAIN!!

Red and Kale are almost falling over each other trying to get to Ocean ... and all he has done since he arrived is eat sleep shower and chat - he has done absolutely nothing else, especially nothing constructive.

Kale is cracking me up!!

In buts Kale again.

Red goes off to sleep and leaves them alone.
I am watching them, seriously thinking I might need to get a new baby Dad ready, because I think Kale might swipe this one away from Red!!

notice the fish below!

After a little flirting and a stimulus test, they go off to sleep separately.

Basil sort your son out ... he is stalking the new guy!!!

and does Basil care .... No!!

He is too busy pining after Lime again I think - he has rolled that wish again - to see Lime's ghost.

You fairy!!

Finally .... we get some heart farts going on between them.

While Kale is at work Red needs to make the most of it!!

Ocean is unstable, bless him, and he needs to take some deep breaths.

Red has started to roll a certain wish not long after she has been dumped .... she wants to fall in love.
So I use that to get the ball rolling, before Kale does jump in and rock the boat.

and away they go ....

Yes BOTT .... it has started all over again!!

BOTT really dislikes Red ... lol  She is only one of a few sims in the red on her friends list, but Red is right at the bottom completely in the red.

Second time of trying we get BABY CHIMES.

The bubbles are getting out of hand and they are slowly creeping all around the house!!

So irritated I cleared away all the gnomes into one of the chests, because they were also getting on my nerves filling the house up ... so now we are down to just the three ghost gnomes.

And the glitch grows ....

Now the front doors are permanently stuck open and do not close ... I put a new door there and it did exactly the same, as soon as someone walked through them, they stuck open which is allowing the paparazzi to just walk straight into the house.

one sleeping vampire .... who still needs a proper name ... I can't really keep calling him Extra!

I spot Lawana outside over the road.
She is now elderly.

FORTY-FIVE is now a mature adult

Extra is really getting into gardening, even without having the green thumb trait!

It is quite cute ... Ocean keeps getting phone calls from both of his parents and Grandmother.

Ocean is unstable ... and because I haven't been watching him properly ... he has become delusional and his traits have changed temporarily ... he has lost his Family Orientated trait and gained the coward trait.  If I leave him delusional his traits will change permanently. 

With all the ghosts I can not afford to let him keep that coward trait ... or he will spend most of his time running outside and away from the ghosts, and he will be totally useless!!

So he takes a trip to the hospital, where he is admitted for a few hours - to cure his delusional state, which will return his traits back to normal.

We gain a baby bump .... as well as the glitch getting even worse and I have another problem.

Ocean can not come home.  Neither can Kale or Reed - they are all stuck in town and every time I click for them to come home the interaction disappears and they stay where they are.

I am pulling my hair out at this point, after hours of trying to fix it and it not happening.  The only thing I can see is me having to build a new file, because I can't carry on playing this one.  The stupid part about it all - the game is not freezing or lagging - it is running smoothly and over watch is clearing away 40 cars at most every night - it is just the stupid things stopping me from playing properly.

Annoyed I copy the file (so I've got a double back up) and go into the new file .... I start picking up the graves and ice statues and taking down portraits and photo, when I notice the bubbles and air swimming fish have gone.   Ocean, Kale and Reed all walk through the door and come home at the same time and the front door closes behind them.

That's a new one on me - coping the file fixed all the glitches!! 

Drama over ... so now we can carry on, and I can stop waffling!!

Kale and Ocean are now best mates!!

Kale has the "Fall in Love" wish locked in - so I guess should start working on that and get him a love life of his own, because I can see this baby Dad ending in a car crash.

BOTT has got her bot skill to level 4

Extra wants to improve his street art and gardening skills.

He goes to buy that tomato that he wants ... lol
He also bought other things that he can plant to help him with his gardening

He tells Aniseed, what looks like a dramtic story

I find it quite amusing watching a vampire gardening ... you wouldn't imagine it would be a thing that they would do.  At least I won't have to worry about him being out in the sun too much with this indoor garden.

Well that didn't take long .... we have two spring gnomes in the garden already!!

I spot Delores ... she is now elderly

It looks like Ocean has a tummy rubbing fetish too.

He is seriously amusing me - since he arrived he has done nothing constructive to help him gain any skills.  He only has level 2 woohoo skill and nothing else.

Ocean rolls a wish that confused me at first  - he wants to snuggle Ramiro and I see a blue baby.
When I look at the family tree I see he has a new baby brother!!!

And in Sim 3 style - when he gets to his parents house, the baby is lying outside on the grass unattended, and there is nobody home!!

Eventually Winter turns up.

Ocean = "Have you lost something Mother??"

He is showing signs that he might be a good Dad.

Finally I see Ocean do something other than eat, sleep, chatting and woohoo!!
Although he is still only chatting to someone online ... THIRTY-SEVEN.

His Dad, River comes in.

Bay is here visiting

Reed has had a promotion and is now a Traffic Cop

SIXTY-ONE is now the consignment merchant

Finally he has got himself a job ... unlike Ocean who is yet to roll any job wishes.


  1. Thank goodness the glitch was fixed!

    River and Mazie didn't waste any time making Ocean a sibling, lol.

  2. I mean River and Winter...not Mazie, lmao, oh god that would be too funny!