Friday, 10 March 2017

Update 118

Lime you are no Angel!!

She is heading in Basil's direction ...
after breaking up with her, I imagine that he is probably in trouble!!

MMMmmmmm now I feel guilty!!
They are making me think that I might have made the wrong choice for him.

Lime isn't even being nasty to him - they are talking and laughing like they normally do ... and Basil has not rolled any more Marcella wishes since she left.

Red gets FIFTY-SIX's ice statue done

I think Fudge is probably destined for a career in music
Bass level 5 - Piano level 4 - Guitar level 4 - drums level 2

Josh is making us a fortune from the gem stones he is filling the basement up with

SIXTY is showing off skating backwards

Red randomly wants to improve her bot building skill another level.  Once that is done, she walks away and forgets all about bot building again.

I'm getting a little frustrated with nobody bothering with the bot building - I need someone to max out the skill so that they can upgrade BOTT's quality - which has been stuck on half way since Bay took it there.  The tune ups from under skilled sims is not doing anything for her.

I have to laugh ... Red and exercise just don't mix!!
I'm surprised she let Josh train her!!

I get Basil to collect the mail.
He is looking down hearted because he didn't get a love letter off Marcella, but she sent Mace, Josh, Pheonix and FIFTY-FIVE one!!  Oops!!

Basil just got a love letter off Maura!!

How cute is he massaging her aching shoulders after her work out.
His pink nail varnish (cough)



Omri is out and hunts down Red

While she tries to have a gossip

He is still wanting to seek revenge for her breaking his heart!!

another enemy just made to add to her ever growing collection

I think Basil is also seeking revenge!

Basil = "You two keep waking us all up with your woohooing ... so now it's my turn to wake you up!!"

Basil = "and stop doing it in MY bed!!"

The boys are busy

It is time for the quads birthday


He gained the Loves the Cold trait

LTW = Vocal Legend


She gained the Eco Friendly trait

LTW = Scientific Specialist


He gained the Over Emotional trait

LTW = Superstar Athlete


She gained the Equestrian trait

LTW = The Jockey

So that is now Mace's six countable children all grown up

FIFTY-EIGHT registers himself as a self employed singer

and starts to practice his singing

SIXTY gets a job at the sports stadium

Lime is out - she is being pretty well behaved and for once did not hunt Basil down

I love Omni plants
these two are being fed Limes and Banana's

They are a good way to grow tree fruit during the winter months when the trees are dormant and you don't get any fruit.

Phoenix is painting Red's portrait ... it already doesn't look good!!

I'm laughing at SIXTY's outdoor wear
Like we don't already have enough gnomes in the garden - lol!!

It is graduation day for the quads

EIGHTEEN is now elderly


FOURTEEN is also elderly

We get a pop up to say FORTY-SEVEN has passed away


SIXTY - most likely to be a sports star

FIFTY-NINE most likely to take over the world

FIFTY-EIGHT most likely to never leave home

Fudge - most likely to be a Rock Star.

Josh is the idiot sleeping in the snow today

They just can't help themselves!!
Red and Mace get another public disgrace for public woohoo!!

She now has four ice statues to do before they leave home.



I realised TWENTY-THREE has not had an ice statue done yet
So Red got it done while he was out.

TWENTY-THREE seems to come out rarely these days.

Mars gets into trouble for skipping school - he chose to have the day off.


FIFTY-EIGHT has now replaced the karaoke machine with his microphone and is still constantly singing!

FIFTY-EIGHT got a sing o gram job to do

A cheer up sing o gram for FIFTY-FOUR

The clock is ticking for these two unfortunately!!

I just catch FIFTY-SIX thawing Jasmine out with a hair dryer.
Luckily he spotted it because I hadn't!!

The last one for now ... SIXTY

Lime is out and heads straight for Basil

The break up only dented their friendship ... and they are quickly back up to full friendship bars.

They spent the whole of her time out together and messing about.

Slow dancing

Amorous hugs

and flirting

I have done the wrong thing haven't I ... breaking him up with Lime.

It is that dreaded time that I hate .... its break up and move out time!!

Prolonging the inevitable for a while longer while she makes a start on painting Maces portrait,

Mace gets the honours of breaking Reds heart ....

and she didn't take it too well as usual.

Bye Mace (pout)

FIFTY-FIVE ... FIFTY-SIX ... FIFTY-SEVEN ... FIFTY-EIGHT ... FIFTY-NINE ... SIXTY and Fudge all move out with Mace.

I moved Affairs two remaining children (Jay and FORTY-FIVE) into the leaf house with Christian, Delores, Lacey, Lawana and Elliot.

Which freed up Affairs old house for Mace and his tribe.

There are still five days before Wispa and Mars become adults ... when they will be moving out with Josh.  So she has plenty of time to get over her broken heart before the next baby dad arrives.

Not very good ... but I can see it is Mace, just about!

Josh's Martial Art certificate

The house is suddenly very quiet, even though there are still 8 in the house ... Red, BOTT, Basil, Pheonix, Josh, Mars, Wispa and Jasmine.

Basil is not rolling any Marcella wishes ... so I use his wanting to improve his woohoo skill as the reason for them going on a date, which they had at the dive bar.



I notice the dive bar is filling up with vampire gnomes too

Well improving Basils woohoo level is why this date is happening (lol)

After the woohoo the date kind of went a little flat.
Marcella was too busy stalking TWENTY-SEVEN and TWENTY-EIGHT for photo's and autographs.

Some one has drank too much!  Lol

Basil kind of ignored Marcella for the rest of the night!!

Basil is acting right now like he is not all that interested or bothered about Marcella while he continues to show his interest in Lime!

Basil you are killing me!!


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