Monday, 6 March 2017

Update 113

Aniseed is sleeping over.

It is total bedlam with 5 toddlers demanding and screaming the place down.

Josh seems to be addicted to martial arts, he spends a lot of his time down in the basement.

Mace is teaching FIFTY-NINE to talk

Oh don't look at me like that Aniseed!!

Red is teaching SIXTY to talk

FIFTY-SEVEN makes me laugh

look where his hand is, on Red's leg

he is sitting in while Red is teaching SIXTY how to talk

Mace is now teaching FIFTY-NINE to walk

Phoenix seems to have backed off Mace a little, because he has gained a sudden over interest in Jasmine.

BOTT is helping out teaching FIFTY-EIGHT to walk

FIFTY-SIX is cooking his own food

I think Basil has had enough of the house being constantly full of babies and toddlers!!

Mace has a game today and the three boys get in for free.

It makes me want to move Aniseed back in!!

Mace is celebrating winning his first game by drinking one of the drinks Pheonix has made and left on the bar.


I wander why the two boys have passed out ... and FIFTY-SEVEN seems to be lying in a puddle of pee.

The werewolf ghost has scared them all.

Hysterically ALL of the boys have passed out through fear, while the two girls are still toddling about unaffected by the werewolf.

Mace amuses me, he sets about the werewolf with a rolled up newspaper - hitting him on the head.

I would back away now Mace if I was you ... before he bites you and you turn into a werewolf!!

FIFTY-FIVE has to pick himself up off the floor to have his birthday

He gained the Perfectionist trait

Mace is teaching SIXTY to walk

Omri is quietly drinking plasma juice
then he goes off to sleep

Phoenix and Jasmine are stalking each other now

How can she even dance with those flippers on her feet?!

Red teaches FIFTY-EIGHT to talk

Josh has not rolled any work or career related wishes yet, he just seems happy constantly working out and doing martial arts

FIFTY-SEVEN is having his birthday

He gained the workaholic trait

She doesn't even give Mace the chance to get through the front door when he comes back from work, before she pounces on him!!

FIFTY-SEVEN has rolled wishes to learn a few skills ... painting being one of them

Phoenix seems a lot more interested in mixology than Basil does.

He is not mixing as many aweful drinks either

I am surprised to see FIFTY-FIVE painting when he doesn't have the artistic trait

SIXTEEN and Violet (Affairs Mother) are playing together

Pepper sleeps in some strange places!

Mace is teaching Fudge to talk

Jasmine is flirting with Phoenix

I always think watching a teen and adult together looks creepy

Mace is now teaching Fudge to walk

Can you tell the ghosts have been here!

BOTT has had the OH MY GHOST opportunity!!! (happy dance!)
Soooooooo after this batch of children have moved out .....
do I resurrect Lime for Basil or Extra - so he can at least live his life?

You be careful BOTT ... you might make Red jealous!

Red finishes teaching Fudge to walk because BOTT dragged Mace away to slow dance while he was doing it.

FINALLY we get to see Terrance - Aniseed's second son.

He has come home from school with FIFTY-SIX

Josh has got his martial arts to level 5 already
so he has the ability to meditate

FIFTY-NINE has fallen asleep on the floor before anyone put her to bed.

Maura is phoning Mace for a date again!

She is relentless ....

... and he is a drama queen!!


  1. I say resurrect Lime because it seems pretty clear at this point that Jasmine and Phoenix will end up together. Basil doesn't seem interested in anyone else so might as well give him Lime and hope she doesn't dump him once she is alive and well again, lol.

    1. MMmmmm it is the trouble she might cause that I am worried about - she will give everyone hell!!

      Something happens in a few updates time that changes things hee hee - as you will see!!