Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Update 130

SIXTY-ONE peed himself!

Oh dear!!  Kale is balling his eyes out because the hedgehog has passed away!
He didn't cry this much when his Mother died!!

These wild animals hardly last five minutes!!

Sod off SIXTY-FIVE ... he is already upset enough!!

Now SIXTY-ONE is having a cry.

The death of his hedgehog has got him rolling wishes to collect more wild animals.

He comes back home with a snake, a lizard and a turtle.

This takes his animal count up to nine - just 11 to go.

Kale is working on his logic for his LTW

Melon has finally realised he has the virtuoso trait

Reed is now hogging all the easels.

SIXTY-FIVE has taken his science skill up to level 5

The magician gnome is taking a sauna!!

For a minute I thought that was Basil ... but it's not, it is Kale.

Basil is having a blast ... dancing the smuttle.

And here comes trouble!!
Marcella attacks Basil, accusing him of cheating!

That's a little like the pot calling the kettle black - does she forget about Mace?!

It gets that bad, they start having a punch up!!

I bet she regrets starting that fight now!!

Basil starts having a go at her, and I can just imagine what he is saying

Basil = "Don't think I don't know about those three bunches of flowers you got off Mace!!  Now who's been cheating - not just me!!"

She is mad, she jumps on him again and they have another punch up

She lost that one too!!

It looks like Kale has gained his mud bath fetish from Basil!!!
That is third one he has had in a row - getting out then getting straight back in!

THIRTY-THREE is here visiting

and Basil is back up to 6 days before he is elderly.

I wander if he actually realises what he is doing and isn't doing it on purpose?

SIXTY-TWO gets a job at the hospital.
Kale and SIXTY-ONE have rolled no job or career wishes still.

I put a few of these futuristic pet things out .... to see if they help with every ones low technology skill, which has them pulling out bad quality food from the synthesizer machine.

I might have guessed SIXTY-ONE would be the first one to find them.

He feeds it a nanite then puts it in his pocket.

Sunny hasn't come home after work - he is still outside the town hall busking.

BOTT is invited to FORTY-TWO's party

She gets a party invite virtually every day - but it is rare that I send her to them - they are boringly always the same thing.

FORTY-ONE and Paprika


Josh and FORTY-ONE

He seems to have lost his fairy wings.
Even though he is still showing as a fairy and I saw him playing with his magic.

BOTT amused me by starting to play the bass and that is what she spent the rest of the night doing.


TWENTY-EIGHT turned up to the party very late

Sunny is now asleep outside the town hall!!

I'm amused when Forrest waves at Red

all they do is chat

Red wants his DNA ... but he wouldn't let her have it!!

It has started snowing

I'm actually pretty shocked when I look at Red's athletic skill ... she has managed to get it up to level 5 somehow?!

Reed keeps making us clay chairs.

SIXTY-SIX has started to help out with looking after the animals

I see TWENTY-EIGHT riding a horse down the road

That machine is definitely glitched ... it does nothing but increase their science skill.

BOTT is attending another party .... Wispa's.

Their cat has fleas!


I'm swung back home ......

SIXTY-THREE is having his birthday and becoming an adult

This is how he looks in CAS

He gained the Diva trait
LTW = Superstar Athlete

Red gets SIXTY-TWO's ice statue done

That is three now that need to graduate ... SIXTY-TWO and Kale still have not graduated - I'm not sure why.

Oops I forgot BOTT was out at a party!!

Wispa is now a mature adult .... and she also has fleas!!

I just hope that BOTT can not catch them!!  The whole house is riddled with fleas!!

The last three of Rocky's kids .... THIRTY-FOUR - THIRTY-SIX and Anissa

The scares are getting so annoying ... I want to turn them all into real sims!!
Sunny is the only one not annoying me with it.

Stir crazy red went to the cemetery to get graves out before the snow gets too bad.
There were only two to get out.

Amusingly most of Maces children are hanging out in the cemetery.

Mace's grave

and Jakes grave, sits in front of Maura's

You would never guess that these were her children, the way they all just totally blank her!!!

She plays chattering teeth on FIFTY-EIGHT

Like he doesn't dislike her enough ... now she has just made it worse

FIFTY-SIX is the only one who acknowledges that she is there.

I've noticed something about the ghosts .... they are not affected by the cold.

SIXTY-THREE has got an extra trait for social climbing = Genius

He is working out a lot, but he is still stick thin!

another chair coming up!!
Reed seriously never stops he is continuously painting and sculpting.

SIXTY-FOUR ... SIXTY-FIVE ... SIXTY-SIX, Reed and Melon go to prom.

Reed was prom king, SIXTY-FIVE was prom queen and none of them got themselves a romantic interest.

I spot FIFTY-THREE who is stood on the garden smoking quite badly.

I get BOTT to invite him in ... the last thing I want is him disintegrating on the garden!!

Now I am very nervous about having him in the house.  Vampires do tend to die on me!!

He goes for a sleep.

FIFTY-THREE comes to visit, but she isn't here long, she wanders off up the road.

Extra wakes his big brother up

Then they both go to sleep in the bags.

and Basils 3 days become 4 days after another mud bath.

I swear he is trying to live forever!!



  1. Kale just want's to live a long life too like his dad.

    Well I guess if Lime and Marcella came out at the same time now he would definitely choose Lime since Marcella attacked him, lol.

  2. Let basil live his life as long as he wants. I'm not ready for him to go. Lol!!!