Saturday, 4 March 2017

Update 111

FIFTY-FIVE goes home with Thyme after school

I was a little disappointed that Aniseed, and especially their second child is not here for me to see.

We only saw Catnip

The boys play fairy tricks on each other and fall out a little over it

I'm not sure why he was checking their beds for monsters ... but it scared him so much he ran off home.


Traits = Athletic - Friendly
Favourites = Digi Tunes - Spaghetti - Black

I am amused that since his visit here, Thyme is phoning BOTT at least twice a day for a chat.

Extra is out again.
The vampires only seem to drink plasma and sleep when they come out, and Extra always has a shower first.

Lime is here ... she is giving Josh a bit of stick.
This is an example of why I am hesitant about resurrecting Lime ..

Now she is giving EIGHT stick

Hello FOUR

Evil and mean spirited together is not nice ... even Grim has better manners and is nicer.

Basil comes to rescue EIGHT and FOUR from Limes evil tongue

Which makes me wander WHY is she so nice with Basil.
I have never seen her this nice with anyone before

Mace is potty training FIFTY-SIX

While Red is teaching FIFTY-SEVEN how to talk

Mace has another date phone call from Maura ...
does she forget that she is married to Aniseed and shouldn't be dating anyone?

Atlantis is playing the guitar

Baby Chimes coming from the fairy house ... lol

Mace has a new work uniform - he is now at level 4 - Minor League

Red went to the cemetery to get out some graves.


Grape and Lavender Orchid have now passed away.
Their graves are with Preludes and his children

I am laughing at Red ... she is her own worst enemy ...
it is seriously  no wander that most of her kids dislike her!!

She stood there, on free will, for ages sending insulting text to quite a few people .. Affair - FIFTY - FORTY-ONE - EIGHTEEN - THIRTY SIX were just the few I saw

Mace comes in from work ...... and accuses Red of cheating on him

She seriously has not done anything because between Mace going to work and returning - I have been with Red constantly, she spent most of the time alone in the cemetery sending insulting text to everyone!!

I wander if she actually sent Mace an insulting text.

He has actually got a stalker moodlet ... he is creeped out because someone has sent him a secret admirer text (lol)
I wander if that was Red or someone else

Smooth recovery doesn't work on Mace like it did Rocky

and like with Forrest ... she never knows when to give up

Instead of walking away she just makes it worse for herself!!

trying to hug him

when she just needs to let him calm down and run out his betrayed moodlet

she carries on until their friendship nose dives into the red.

Mace is the one to walk away - I thought she was following him for another go, but she went to sleep.

Mace you are an idiot ... she has not actually cheated on you!!

The strangest thing happens then ... the camera swings me to the Dive bar

(The Dive bar is not too far away from the house and I don't understand why it took me there because nobody from the active house is actually there.)

but Jay is on fire!!

and it looks very much like FORTY-SEVEN might have cast the fire spell on him and set him on fire.

Luckily FORTY-SIX puts Jay out

Yes FORTY-FIVE your sister needs arresting or her witches wand confiscating!!

FORTY-THREE is now elderly

and so is FORTY-FOUR

When I get back home ....
Red is having a mud bath and Mace is inside talking to Pheonix

He comes out and starts ripping shreds out of Red again

He is accusing her of cheating again and is now VERY angry!!
(his betrayed moodlet is back to the full two days again)

There are no ghosts here that she could have been messing about with .... I am highly confused!!

Punch up!

Mace I hope you realise you have just beat up a pregnant woman!!

What the hell is wrong with him ...

I can't afford to let them fall out completely ... I need 3 more babies out of him!!

Sick of watching them kicking off ... I leave them to it!

Mace is now cooling down while he paints

Baby bump





I'm amused when Red goes to announce the pregnancy to Mace

It was going okay until he tried to feel the baby bump and she wouldn't let him.

Phoenix is quick to jump on the fact that Mace and Red are fighting.

They stop to chat and Mace starts to get upset

I spot something then ...
Pheonix has the option to TELL ABOUT RED'S OTHER RELATIONSHIP!!
I can only presume it is her romantic attachment to Omri still  (which  I couldn't break because he died on her!!)

Pheonix must be the one who keeps setting Mace off ....
Basil doesn't have the option to grass Red up for still being romantically attached to Omri, and nor does BOTT.

after he has hugged FIFTY-FIVE

Mace has another kick off at Red .... AGAIN he is accusing her of cheating on him!!
(betrayed moodlet rolls back to the full two days again ... gggrrrr)

It is funny how twice I have seen Mace talking to Pheonix before he has started kicking off and accusing her of cheating.

Yeah Phoenix I can see what your game is!!
He bugs Mace again to train him ... he's a snake!!

Phoenix is now, unusually, having a chat with FIFTY ... and I'm starting to get paranoid (lol)

FIFTY is now Maces boss ... Fifty is Omri's child and the first time he accused Red of cheating it was as soon as he came home from work.

I wander if FIFTY and Pheonix between them have been grassing Red up and causing all this trouble ... or is my imagination working over time again!!

Sometimes you need to be a damn detective to understand what is going on with this game!!



  1. I bet it is Pheonix causing all this drama! He has been stalking Mace since he arrived. He probably sent Mace the secret admirer text too, lol.

  2. Lmfao I love phoenix. That is the funniest thing I've ever read. Lol