Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Update 131

FIFTY-FOUR survived the night thankfully!!
He ran off shortly after he woke up saying he had to go to work.

SIXTY-ONE is killing me the ONLY wishes he rolls are animal related ones - mostly to collect a turtle or lizzard etc.

So I decided to let Red have a job (because she kept continuously rolling the wish) and she has been registered as a self employed painter for a while.  She got her ribbon for $25,000 painting sales (even though she has actually earned over £300,000 up to now from painting)

Reed and SIXTY-FOUR are both on A grades
while SIXTY-FIVE, SIXTY-SIX and Melon are on B grades.

SIXTY-SIX builds the first igloo

Melon has decided on his LTW ... he wants to be a Hit Movie Composer

Lol - it didn't take them long to find that igloo

Omri and Lime are out .... but I've noticed the visiting ghosts have stopped coming again - I don't know why.

No guessing where they are going!!

Kale still hasn't decided on a job or career.  He seems to be too busy rolling wishes for his LTW

just like SIXTY-ONE

The boys have had a field trip to the science fascility and are still there way after school has finished.
Reed and Melon sleeping on the cold benches instead of going home?!

Reed is the only one now who hasn't come home ...

He is doing the funniest thing WALKING across the ice to take a photo of Anissa

He nearly fell over a few times

It took him ages

all that just to take a photograph of Anissa who is long gone!!

We are having three birthdays ... they are all becoming adults


She gained the Couch Potato trait
 LTW = Greener Gardens

This is how she looks in CAS ....
she is another duplicate of one of their TCE children .... she is identical to Strawberry all but her colouring


He gained the Night Owl trait
LTW = Perfect Body, Perfect Mind

and Reed
who is still outside the Science Fascility

He gained the Neat trait

LTW = Master of the Arts

We now have two sculpting gnomes

Kale randomly wanted to consign something ...
then I realised that is because of his born salesman trait.

FIFTY-TWO is still the consignment merchant

He bought a martial arts book, but I didn't expect him to sit down and start reading it lol

SIXTY-FOUR has suddenly taken an interest in gardening.

Not even the snow and cold stops fairies from dancing - lol!

arrrr but spotting Lime does stop Basil.

BOTT you can not keep them apart - I tried and it didn't work!!  lol

When he gets elderly I might resurrect her just to live out her elderly life again with him, depending on the room in the house.

I'm not sure why I even took this picture now!

Oh dear!!  SIXTY-ONE's Falcon has passed away

There is no graduation day again which is confusing me!! Only SIXTY-ONE has graduated so far.
So I did a town reset.

I won't know about the graduations today .... but one thing the reset did, it seemed to prod three of the 5 jobless adults into rolling job wishes.

Reed now has a job in Law Enforcement.

SIXTY-FOUR wants a science career

and SIXTY-FIVE wants a music career

but not Kale or SIXTY-ONE ...

While Kale wants to meditate for five hours .....
he doesn't realise what keeps happening behind him in the fairy house. 
Red and Sunny are in and out of there like yo-yo's for woohoo.

Red is trying to take a nap but Sunny has other ideas - lol!

Reed is painting some wacky paintings.
Although I think the one on the right is a still life painting (it looks suspiciously like the flowers and egg that are on the coffee table) ... I have never seen any sim do one of those on free will before.

SIXTY-TWO has a vaccination clinic to run for work.

He vaccinated 16 sims in total ...

TWENTY-ONE does a bit of screaming

Aniseed is now a mature adult

Aniseed you baby!!

SIXTY and FORTY-TWO are both now mature adults

Lol Kale - you need to get dressed before you go out skating!!

Take a good look at that face ... because tonight he is becoming elderly

Red is getting FIFTY-FOUR's ice statue done

I am too engrossed in watching tv, and I didn't realise I hadn't paused my game  ....
I missed Basil ageing up 😖

We need to get rid of that hair!!

That's better!!

The twins are also having their birthday and becoming young adults


He gained the Dramatic trait

LTW = Hit Movie Composer


This is how he looks in CAS

He gained the Dare Devil trait
LTW = Fire fighting Super Hero

Basil doesn't seem to be letting old age faze him!

although he has rolled a wish to buy a walking cane, which he now has

Melon gets a job at the music theatre

 FINALLY WE GET GRADUATION .... but EIGHT children graduating is not even funny!!

SIXTY-TWO ... SIXTY-THREE ... SIXTY-FOUR ... SIXTY-FIVE ... SIXTY-SIX ... Reed, Kale and Melon.

That is a snowman I have never seen before

Kale ... Most likely to have a large family
Reed ... Most Artistic

SIXTY-TWO ... Most likely to get electrocuted
SIXTY-THREE ... Most popular
SIXTY-FOUR ... Most likely to take over the world

SIXTY-FIVE ... Most likely to never leave home
SIXTY-SIX ... Most likely to save the world
Melon ... Most likely to be a sports star

Kale is the idiot in the sleeping bag today

Hello Pheonix

Well that is all of Sunny's children, grown up and graduated.


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  1. I never thought I would see Basil become and elderly!

    Maybe with the reset Rocky will come visit.