Monday, 20 March 2017

Update 129

Note = My graphics card has done an update, and when it does, it always messes with the settings in my game - so the pictures in this update are a little dodgy in some places - especially in CAS - and I got a full moon spring up on me unexpectedly - because I forgot to check that setting.  It takes me a while to get all the settings back to how I like them!!

Kale is teaching the parrot how to talk.

Now he is an adult, Red can get SIXTY-ONE's ice statue done.

She had to have two attempts because the first one crumbled to nothing.

All the times I have watched sims playing table tennis and I have only just realised that there is actually a score board on the table!!!
According to that, Reed is killing SIXTY-FOUR!!

Extra and Christian are sleeping down in the basement.

I have decided when the house empties a little - I am going to use BOTTs Oh My Ghost to bring back Extra seeing as he didn't manage to become an adult.


Yeah we got the goggles back ....
Forrest must have had a guilty conscience, for taking off with them, and he put them down another time when he visited.

SIXTY-THREE is busy working out

This made me laugh

I think I've just found out who keeps getting the wedding cake out ... I'm seeing at least two a day on the sides.

I think SIXTY-SIX must be addicted to cake

SIXTY-ONE is amusing ... he keeps finding animals on the garden and picking them up.
which isn't helping me much, because they are not counting towards his LTW.
I thought I might be able to achieve his LTW before he moved out - but not if he keeps this up.

He has got a bug collection going too ...

Basil is now earning $9,025 a day!!

which makes Sunny's $900 a day look pathetic!

Lol!!  Basil has taken his 8 days to 9 days .... I knew he wouldn't do 12 days without having a mud bath!!

There is a mini protest going on over the road.

Delores and TWENTY-ONE


Reed has decided on his LTW = Master of the arts
(so he will have to max painting and guitar skill)

I'm not sure how but Lime is now back to being Basil's girlfriend on his friends list ... LMAO!!!
They have gotten themselves romantically attached again.

He now has two ghosts abusing him for woohoo!!!
(until they find out about each other!!)

Heaven help him if Lime and Marcella both come out at the same time!!

That little performance just took his woohoo skill to level 5.

Kyle has got his martial arts up to level 4

Sunny has a few days off, so we get the trip to the festival ground done.

Red is fairy frolicking with a cardboard bot


She wanted to collect his DNA.

She is collecting it - but not rolling any wishes to do anything with it!!  Maybe when she is manless and childless at the end of this, she might decide to do something with all this DNA she is collecting!!
She still has that CLONE A SIM wish locked in  ... but she doesn't say who, and I just can't chose!!

(But I have had an idea - when she has done her 100 children - clone all 17 of the Dads - 18 if you count Grim, so we can watch them grow up.  Some of them were really cute babies themselves.)

FIFTY-FIVE is a ghost .... I HOPE only temporarily, because he has just been through the haunted house!!

Sunny is busking and FIFTY-ONE joins him

Terrance is still a food merchant ... and he is still a werewolf.
He also looks like a mature adult, by the creases on his face

(I don't know if werewolves live longer lives like fairies and vampires - the werewolf occult is one that I have rarely played with and I really can't remember.) 


I am a little miffed that her child Quinton, has totally disappeared.  He is stuck on the family tree as a living child (when he should be a teenager at least by now)  and he is not in her house or any other house in town.   His Dad lives in the house where I put Lilly, Lime, Ice and Caramel, and he is not living with his Dad either.

So - does that mean social services have taken him away?

Sunny is having his birthday

Seriously shouldn't ghosts be stuck at their age forever, even the controllable ones.

He is now a mature adult and having a midlife crisis.

Reed is very art driven - he is now jumping on the sculpting table any time that it is free

We have three birthdays


He gained the vegetarian trait

dodgy CAS picture!


This is how he looks in CAS

He gained the Angler trait

is becoming an adult

He gained the Perfectionist trait

LTW = World Renown Surgeon

The picture from the festival ground


HOW does Reed get a writing skill level just by talking to TWENTY-FIVE??!!

It's gnome kicking day again!!
Spooky Day.

The game kindly dropped a Tiberium rock on the garden!!

Its cut into a spire and there are two peices of gem dust like last time.
They are now left to grow.

These two are spookily like two of the kids they have in TCE ... Sulfur and Crimson.

Reed wants to learn the guitar skill ... so he now has one of the extra guitars that we keep being sent.

I spot the cardboard box man over the road

Phoenix and Raven

Jasmine is elderly - already?!

You might have expected to see more of the ghost children .... but quite frankly they are seriously annoying me.  They CONSTANTLY just go around the house scaring everyone, especially each other, and it is not often that I see them doing anything but that!!

If there were heart attacks in this game - the whole family would have died by now - thanks to these three!!

Basil puts his musical instruments down in the silliest of places sometimes.
It is not often we see anyone actually cooking these days either!

Kale is having his birthday

He gained the Family Orientated trait

LTW = Perfect Mind, Perfect Body

Yes Basil, your boy is all grown up already!!
and if you don't want to watch him grow old and die before you do, like Brook did, ... get wishing he was a fairy!!

How cute!!

Basil is now aiming for a level 6 woohoo skill!

THIRTY-TWO has come to visit

but still no Rocky!!  It seems like forever since he visited.


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  1. It's a shame that the garden animals don't count towards the LTW. That has to be annoying!

    I think it would be kinda funny for Marcella and Lime to come out at the same time just so we could see what Basil would do. Who would he choose!

    Yes,Rocky needs to visit.
    ROCKY...can you hear me...come out and visit please!