Sunday, 26 March 2017

Update 134

Mmmm Maizie is ringing the doorbell.

It is nice that she has come to visit her Grandson!

Extra is all grown up and heart farting Maizie ...

Then he gets out his toy pet!

That is not how you impress the ladies Extra!!

The baby is coming

Lol!!  I think Ocean is happy!!

SIXTY-SEVEN is a human boy

The Parrot has passed away

Make yourself at home Maizie!!

Kale is playing with his Uncle

and of course BOTT has to make friends with the new visitor.

Basil is now earning $9,538 a day


Traits = Genius - Slob
Favourites = Pop - Vegetarian Roll - Lime

He has Maizie's hair and eye colouring

and off they go to make the next one

It looks like Maizie is staying over

Baby Chimes

Every morning when he wakes up - he is feeling out of sorts and has to take deep breaths to stop himself from being delusional.

Breakfast with Gran

BOTT makes a start on teaching SIXTY-SEVEN how to walk

Ocean teaches him how to talk

Reed is now a patrol officer, so he can now start questioning people

His first victim is Maizie

Kale has got his martial arts to level 7

Basil is sneaking another day.

after his dance with BOTT he gets the report on Maizie writen up.

I completely forgot about the tiberium because the snow has been covering it.
Two of the pieces have grown into large spires worth $37,881 and $37,467

I'm laughing at Basil - that lap top has been broken forever and sat in his inventory - FINALLY he gets round to doing something about it.

Baby bump

I've had to get an arcade game for Kale for work - to improve his works experience, he has to play an arcade game, a console game and use the adventure goggles.

He is now a Quality Assurance Manager - and the car pool comes for him at stupid oclock in the morning when it is still dark.

Lmao ... I think FOURTEEN forgot to bring his body along with him!!
Watching his floating head moving around the house is quite comical!!



Ocean is on potty training duty.

Ocean has finally rolled a work related wish ... he wants a career in politics ... so he now has a job at the town hall and needs to to start learning and improving his Charisma skill


The boys are back from work and they have both had a promotion.
Kale is now a Pixel Pusher

and Reed is now a Lieutenant so he has his own police car

Let's see how long it takes to lose this one ... so far SOMEHOW we have managed to lose three cars - they have just vanished.

The silver car is one they were sent as a celebrity gift.


Kale needs level 4 painting skill for his job ... which is going to be very slow going because he is not artistic.

Basils latest wall mural (I have not seen that one before)

The lizzard has passed away.

That's a new painting for Red
$719 she earned for that one


River is visiting, because Ocean wanted to invite him round.

There is a lot more heart farting going on between Red and River than there was with Ocean!!

River is doing BOTT's job because she is too busy gassing on the phone!

after a mud bath he starts doing something I have never seen him doing before .... playing the drums!!

BOTT spies someone new to make friends with

River you disappoint me!!
He is a food merchant at the festival ground ... in my head he is and should be a doctor


He should have been a fairy not a vampire!!

Reed still needs to work on his logic for his LTW

Extra is having his birthday

Yuk!!  He is getting waxed!!

hairless ... that is better!

He gained the Green Thumb trait
LTW = Creature Robot Cross Breeder

Straight away he gets the job that he needs at the Science Fascility next door

I sent him to the grocery store to buy some plasma fruit for him to eat and to plant.
He bumped into his brother, FIFTY-TWO, on the way home.

The baby is coming

They go off to the hospital and come out with another human boy


Traits = Virtuoso - Perceptive
Favourites = Song Writer - Vegetarian Lobster Thermador - Lime

He has inherited his eye colour from his Grandmother Winter

and if you read the 'Ocean' update you will know why the boy has white skin (cringe)

Ocean teaches SIXTY-EIGHT to talk

SIXTY-SEVEN comes to have a nosey at his new brother

I love the way Extra always drinks his plasma inside rather than going outside ...
I am paranoid about him dying on me again (sun exposure or thirst!)
It is not likely that he will be hit by another Meteor ... I hope!!!

Over night Ocean has gained a new trait = Athletic.
I am not sure how he has managed to social climb in his sleep ... lol
This game baffles me sometimes!!

Now Extra is growing himself a constant supply of plasma fruit

Kale still hasn't learned to get dressed when he is out in the cold!

Extra has now got an umbrella to protect him from the sun

and the minute that Extra is all grown up - BOTT grabs him to start dancing with her.

Extra is graduating

Kyle didn't even both to go to graduation with the rest of the family, he stayed home with SIXTY-SEVEN

He was Class Valedictarian and is most likely to save the world

What is it with the boys lately ... heart farting only other males

I am glad he has the sense to keep using his umbrella

and off he flys home at supersonic speed ....

because he wants to talk to his plants  ... lmao!!


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  1. I know you mentioned that you should give Extra a proper name but I think you should just keep calling him Extra. I'm not sure why but he just wouldn't seem the same with a different name.

    Ocean's second baby may not have his blue skin but man I just love the look of the Starfruit skin. That tot is adorable!!